Couple Yoga: Benefits and Poses to Strengthen Your Relationship


People today are on the right track when they choose to define physical fitness as a priority in their lives. But as we exercise and get in shape, we slowly realize that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than mere cardio and weight training. The spiritual side is often neglected in the beast workouts, and mental fitness often suffers the consequences of that. Choosing yoga makes sure that due attention is paid to all aspects of our existence – the mind, body and soul. Couple yoga is only one facet of this phenomenon that has its origins in ancient India, but the world is still coming to terms with how necessary yoga is for our daily lives.

The western part of the world has taken some time waking up to the benefits of yoga, which are particularly appropriate for couples looking for a means through which to establish their relationship and communicate better. The epistemological root of the world ‘yoga’ lies in the Sanskrit ‘yuj’ which means ‘to attach, harness and join’. If you are looking to unite with your partner and explore the many sides of your relationship, trying out couple yoga may be extremely beneficial for you. Even if you are not a fantastic about your fitness, the attempt at easy couple yoga poses are is bound to help you and who you are with.

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Poses to try with Your Partner
How Couple Yoga Benefits your Relationship

Partner Yoga: Benefits and Poses to Get You Started

Poses to try with Your Partner

Here are some of the easy couple yoga poses to start with, if you are thinking about branching out to yoga in activities that you do together –


Back-to-Back and Breathing

Sitting back to back with your partner, cross-legged and faced away from another and breathe in sync. This is one of the easiest couple yoga poses that you can begin with, if you are starting out on this journey.

Back-to-Back and Breathing


The center pose

Another simple pose to start with, for this one you need to face your partner, place your hands on each other’s knees and breathe in sync.

Waist Twist

Hold the center pose with your partner and hold on to each other’s hands. Make sure you twist your waist in the opposite direction from your partner using your hold on each other to deepen the stretch. Change sides and adjust your breathing accordingly.

Yoga Seesaw

Sit back to back with your partner and stretch your legs out in front of you. Then lean forward while your partner reclines on your back and shift positions so that you do the same with your partner to play a sort of yoga seesaw with them.

Bend Sideways in Sync

Stretch your legs and make sure that your partner does to, sitting across from you in a way that your feet touch. Hold each others hands from wrist-to-forearm on one side and bend sideways and raise the other on top of your head to really feel the stretch.


Make the Letter ‘A’

The idea is to forge the letter ‘A’ with your body and your partner’s. Sit straight across from each other and raise your feet from the pelvic region to join your partner’s which should also be in the similar position, meeting foot-to-foot to form an inverted ‘V’, and hold your partner’s hands to make the slash through the ‘A’.

Make a Table

Stand across your partner in a standing position at a shoulder-width distance from them. You must both stretch upward and then bend forward toward your partner till you are parallel with the ground while keeping your legs straight. Hold your partner’s hand in order to make a table-shaped structure with your bodies.

Make a Heart

Face away from your partner and clasp your partner’s hand while arching backward, puffing your chest up in a half-heart structure. This way you and your partner can come together to form a full heart.

How Couple Yoga Benefits your Relationship

As a Trust-Building Exercise

Trust is the most important component in a relationship. Through the various exercises that you will need to do with your partner in couple yoga, you will find that the trust comes easier and has the power to sustain itself against great odds.

Facilitates Easy Communication

As anyone in a relationship may tell you, communication can be the deciding factor regarding whether or not a relationship is successful. The easy couple yoga poses on a daily basis is going to help you come up with a shorthand in communication with your partner, which will no doubt bleed into the other aspects of your life.


Easier Intimacy

The sensual aspect of couple yoga is undeniable, a characteristic that you will come to appreciate soon enough, as you feel the easy intimacy grow.

Easy Synchronization

The ability to function in sync is also an important factor in a relationship, which can be greatly developed through the benefits of couple yoga.


Not only does partner yoga help with a variety of couple yoga benefits, even the relatively easy couple yoga poses can provide a window into the experience of the rest of your life. Couple yoga is the next step in a serious, sincere relationship. Make sure you and your partner sign up for a class so that you can avoid any major crisis in your equation with one another.