Hominy: A Nutrient-Rich Addition to Your Diet for Improved Health


Simply put, hominy is corn and/or maize kernels soaked in a lime-water solution, or rye, depending on which side of history you belong to. There is a chemical process that takes place in this setup. The kernels’ hulls loosen up and the corn starts swelling and softening. This is called nixtamalization. The soft dough, masa, in fact, is a result of this same process. You’d find masa in corn tortillas and many other corn-based products in various cultures worldwide.

Nutritional Composition Of Hominy

One of the best things about hominy is its low-fat content. Just a cup has close to 119 calories 4.1 grams of fiber, and 1.5 grams of fat. It does have 24 grams of carbs but these other elements more than makeup for it.


7 Amazing Health benefits of Hominy

With these things in mind, let us see why we should even consume hominy in the first place.


Hominy is gluten-free, making it a fantastic choice for those on the lookout for such options in their diet. Canned hominy is naturally free from gluten. As we now know, hominy is rich in carbs, making it a good energy source. It is also suitable for those with celiac diseases.

Vitamin B

Hominy is very rich in vitamin b. But why is that? Well, the bioavailability of the vitamin is promoted through its treatment in an alkaline solution. Post nixtamalization, a more readily bound form of the vitamin is obtained by the body. Vitamin b, of course, has several benefits, from preventing diseases caused by a lack of nutrients to helping energy production and red blood cell creation in the human body.


Not Too Many Calories

Hominy doesn’t skimp on the amount of nutrition that it provides, but that doesn’t mean that it has a lot of calories to account for the same. As we now know, one cup has around 119-120 calories. In addition, it also has substantial fiber that keeps the stomach full for significant periods of time.

Not Too Much Sugar

We know a lot of food nutrients and other elements that are there in one cup of hominy. But what about sugar, that great bane of nutrition? Turns out this is no reason for worry, for one cup of hominy, has only 3 grams of sugar. Sugar in excess has an undeniably adverse impact on our health, and so much of our modern diet of junk food, beverages, and other foods have sugar. This makes hominy a healthy alternative, and its lack of sugar also means one could lower their chances of suffering obesity and diabetes.

Fiber Content

We have a daily requirement for any and all healthy nutrients and other elements, which includes fiber. The nutritional value of hominy skyrockets when we know that one cup has a whopping 4 grams of fiber. If combined with another fiber-heavy dish such as Mexican posole, we are on our way to having a legitimate superfood. Fiber has too many health benefits, some of which are controlling appetite, regulating digestive health and blood sugar levels, and managing weight.

Hardly Any Fat

Sedentary lifestyles amid covid-19 have led to a more urgent need to stay in shape, remain active and healthy, and lose weight. In such a situation, hominy is perfect. Its high carb and low-fat content make it very suitable for those who are looking to shed some pounds.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Along with other nutrients, hominy is an excellent source of omega-6 fatty acids. These acids can lower the chances of heart disease and ‘bad’ cholesterol, i.e., LDL cholesterol, increase the levels of ‘good cholesterol’ (HDL), and lower the possibility of cancer.

Where Do You Find Hominy In The Grocery Store?

Hominy is mostly found in the canned form anyway. So, grocery stores are a good bet to get it, specifically in the section for canned vegetables. Hominy can be formed from white or yellow corn, so that isn’t an issue. Apart from being canned, they also have dried hominy. In that case, soaking it overnight, after washing and rinsing, should be good enough to rehydrate it.


How To Prepare Hominy?

The easiest way to have the food is to take out some canned hominy from a can. Then heat it up on the gas, add some salt and pepper along with some butter, and voila! You have a perfect, easy-to-make specimen.

You can try out other ways as well, as hominy is quite a versatile dish. Soups and stews can benefit from it, as it takes in the flavor of the dish it is in. Mexican dishes, stir-fries, casseroles, are all great places to start with.

How Often Should It Be Eaten?

There isn’t really a hard and fast rule when it comes to eating hominy. While most food is bad in excess, hominy’s several health benefits outweigh the risks. So, while a healthy amount of a single cup can be had, we shouldn’t overeat as well, due to the high carb content.