Home Remedies For Infant Crying While Urinating


A baby has usually two modes of communication with its parents and others- laughing and crying. Of course, they make immeasurable sounds before they learn to speak in the mother tongue. However, to communicate any need or discomfort babies resort to crying. In particular, when they are hungry or feeling any physical pain or discomfort, crying is the means infants resort to. However, when crying is accompanied by some essential physiological functions you should not overlook it as just a part of growing up. Infants crying while urinating may actually be suffering from urinary tract infection. 

Few home remedies for baby crying while passing urine include giving blueberry or cranberry juice, introducing probiotic like yogurt, giving food with high Vitamin C, etc. 

Finding the cause of baby crying while urinating

baby crying while peeingAs it is, babies cannot speak of the condition which is making them cry- the causes may be numerous. If the child cries only occasionally while urinating-there may not be an underlying ailment. However, you should be vigilant and watch out for the signs of an infection or underlying condition. You should check the following aspects:

  • Check the color of the urine passed by the kid. If it has unusually dark color, there can be an infection.
  • If the urine has a strong smell, that may also hint at UTI.
  • Check if the baby has developed diaper rash. The urine may be normal, but when it touches the inflamed areas on buttocks and genitals, that may cause skin itching, making the kid cry.
  • Check if the baby is getting afflicted by fever, fatigue or irritability.

The remedies for UTI and baby crying during urination

If the baby is indeed afflicted with a urinary tract infection, the pediatrician may offer antibiotics. The dosage and duration may vary and after completing the course, the pediatrician may check the quality of urine and the infant as well.

However, you may prevent such infections from occurring in the first place with some preventive approaches and also resort to proven home remedies to eradicate the infection leading to discomfort during urination.

You should practice these measures to evade contracting infection in the baby’s urinary tract:

  • Ensure the baby is wiped properly, more so around the genitals after urinating or passing stool. Wiping should be done with sterilized and clean clothes. Do not use unclean or unwashed clothes for wiping the infant.
  • Ensure that the diaper is cleaned and replaced at regular interval. Contaminated diapers can be the cause behind the infection. If your baby is not comfortable wearing a diaper or it is leading to skin rash, replace it with another type.
  • Ensure the garments worn by the infant are cleaned and washed with disinfectant solutions.

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Home remedies to treat UTI in infants

Opt for these tried and tested home remedies to help your baby cope with UTI better. While medication can be continued as per direction of the pediatrician, these remedies will only help expedite the elimination of bacteria which led to the infection.

  • Berry juice- It is good to give your kid blueberry or cranberry juice. Ensure you make the juice at home without using sugar or sweetener for the best outcome. These juices are said to be effective in eliminating bacteria leading to infection from the bladder.
  • Pineapple juice- Pineapple tastes delicious and this fruit is laden with a compound called bromelain. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties and can help in reducing UTI symptoms. If the child is young enough for swallowing slices of the fruit, make juice without adding sugar.
  • Yogurt– Giving unflavored yogurt can also be beneficial for treating the infection. Probiotics tend to work well in eradicating harmful bacteria in intestine and body.
  • Overall fluid intake –Giving your baby more fluid including water can be quite effective in flushing out the bacteria from the body which will also mitigate the pain during urination, say the doctors. Do not force the kid to intake more fluid though. Refrain from giving him or her any caffeinated beverage though. It can actually irritate the urinary tract. When the infant gets more fluid in the body, he or she should urinate more-thereby flushing out the source of infection.
  • Vitamin C – You can give the child vitamin C based foods, including citrus fruit juices to stave off the infection and resultant pain during urination.

A baby crying without reason is an indication that she or he is sick. If your child does not cease to cry despite being petted and cajoled, book an appointment with your pediatrician. There could be something more serious behind your child crying when she or he is urinating, and it is best not ignored.