Decode your Baby’s Cancer Horoscope: Know her Personality, Relations, fun facts


Date range: 21st June to 22nd July

Greatest overall compatibility: Taurus and Capricorn

Favourite colours: White

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Ruler: Moon


Day: Thursday & Monday

Lucky Numbers: 20, 2, 3, 15

Things to Know About Your Baby’s Cancer Horoscope

Cancer traits

  • Strengths: Loyal, Emotional, Persuasive, Tenacious, Sympathetic & Highly Imaginative
  • Weaknesses: Insecure, Suspicious, Moody, Manipulative, Pessimistic
  • Likes: Helping loved ones, Art, Relaxing near or in water, home-based hobbies & a good meal with friends
  • Dislikes: Revealing of personal life, strangers & any criticism of Mom

Cancer is considered to be one of the most challenging zodiac signs you would probably get to know as it is deeply instinctive and maudlin. This sign is very sensitive and emotional and it cares deeply for their family and their home. Cancer is very sympathetic and easily attached to the people and keeps them really close. Also, those born with Sun sign in Cancer are initially very loyal and are able to empathize with people’s suffering and pain.

The cancer sign basically belongs to the element of water just like other signs like Pisces and Scorpio. As per the emotion and their heart they can have hard time in dealing with the world around them. This sign is being ruled by the Moon and the phase of the lunar cycle is initially deepened by their internal mysteries and hence creates transitory emotional patterns which are beyond their control. For children it might be tough because they don’t have enough defensive and coping mechanisms for the outer world and have to be taken care initially. They are fact to help others in order to avoid conflict.

Cancer Horoscope

Cancer: Love and Sex:

As you know cancer is one of the most emotional signs and considered to be most important thing in their relationships. These signs are caring and gentle and will also show their sensibility to the entire world without even thinking that others might get hurt. For their partners they mainly choose them who is actually able to understand them thoroughly through non verbal, shared daily routine and silent contact and their affection don’t really last long with the partners that are flaky or unreliable. This sign is considered to be very dedicated sign and is basically ready to make many of the unhealthy compromises only in order to keep their images of a family good going and could select partners who are selfish and abusive. This makes them secure and cleanup the field of relationships and friendships that will eventually become hurtful and obsolete. They are basically in love with children, parenthood, traditional values and marriage.


Cancer friends and family

Friends: So, when it actually comes to friendship, cancer people will initially gladly attach with the social connections but they are initially sensitive and not approved by their closest surrounding and is actually filled with respect for people and can communicate easily they will see all of the contacts through the emotional prism rather than simple status. The major thing they enjoy is socializing at home.

Family: Cancer is considered to be the sign of family and all of the individuals care about the family more and about their home rather than any other zodiac sign out there. Cancer sign is basically sentimental and they initially tend to preserve their family memories in order to keep their memories intact for many years. So, when their personal lives are totally fulfilled they initially make them wonderful.

Cancer money and career

When any task need to be done then a cancer will probably roll up their sleeves and finish it successfully without any delays and if they are left alone at the work then they will generally perform better when surrounded by the others and they are generally very loyal to their employer and are initially focused on the work they have assigned. Though, they will have great careers such as housekeepers, decorators, gardeners, nurses and politicians. For People who have cancer signs had great importance for the security and money and also stand for the real reason as they work as much as they do. It is basically their goal to invest and save and also watch their investments keep on growing resources daily.

How to attract the cancer man

So, a cancer man is basically very conservative but make sure that making an effort is initially important but sometimes fails to do so before he realizes it. His partner need to always make the first move in order to let him feel that he is the one leading the way. This person is considered to be a complex individual and is also very sensitive, overly protective only for his loved ones and is also very shy at the same time. If he is interested in women then only he will consciously search for the ideal mother and wife in that particular women he falls for.

As a cancer man is initially an emotional person and he basically loves taking care of their loved ones. He wants to feel protective and important at the same time and thus needs to receive a lot attention. He is however generous and also very creative partner.

How to attract the cancer woman

People who have cancer as a sign can be initially quite complicated and deep inside they are very loving and conservative people at the same time. A cancer woman is basically emotional and vulnerable and is not quick to fall in love. Once she starts trusting someone she will be initially very loyal and passionate at the same time. You need to be extremely proactive and need to make first move in order to seduce her. This woman believes in love and the partner needs to be extremely romantic partner and should believe in love as well. Apart from her cautious nature a cancer women is actually erotic and show her true personality and emotions that expressed through incredible sex life. So, in order to have an everlasting relationship with the woman you need to be respectful, honest and faithful because she doesn’t easily forget betrayal and at the same time becomes unpredictable and very rigid when they are hurt.

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