Health Benefits of Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil for Babies


Sweet marjoram can be used for flavoring all types of meals, but the crucial oil made from this herb is used medicinally. It has quite a few fascinating uses. This is one essential oil which should belong in everyone’s essential oil collection.The flowering tops of the marjoram plant are steam distilled to produce Sweet Marjoram Oil. Marjoram Oil is significantly known for its ability to have a positive effect on one’s nervous system and the calming effect it provides if inhaled or applied on the body.

Sweet Marjoram Oil works as an Analgesic as it helps in alleviating pain related to fever, cold, toothache, inflammation etc. It also has Antiseptic properties which prevent wounds, internal as well as external, from being infected and developing tetanus. It helps in easing different types of spasms such as respiratory spasms, muscular spasms etc. Marjoram Oil also kills bacteria and prevents food poisoning, malaria, typhoid, and other bacterial infections. Gas problems, stomachache, pain, upset stomach can all be treated by this Oil. The sweet marjoram essential oilwhich has so many extraordinary uses is crafted from the herb Origanum Majorana.

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is generally safe to use on Babies, but it should be used appropriately. However, if the baby is suffering from any medical condition, it would be best to clear the use of this oil by the doctor. The oil can cause hyper-sensitivity and allergies if not used appropriately. Too frequent application of the oil can also be harmful. Therefore, it is suggested that before using the oil on your baby, put a drop of sweet marjoram oil on his/her skin in an inconspicuous area and wait a few hours to test for sensitivity.

Here are 11 amazing health benefits of Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil for babies –

Health Benefits of Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil for Babies

Reduce Inflammation

Babies generally suffer from some or the other allergy which causes inflammation on different parts of their body. By rubbing the half and half sweet marjoram/carrier oil blend into any inflamed areas on your baby’s body you can quickly reduce the inflammation and discomfort. For an even more effective blend, 1 drop of chamomile and turmeric can also be added to it. Aromatherapy using this essential Oil can also help calm the baby of any discomfort. This Essential Oil is incredibly effective when the vapors are inhaled.

Prevent and Heal Stomach Ulcers

Marjoram Essential Oil can be used to prevent and heal stomach ulcers. Bile production is increased due to the application of this essential oil. The increased bile production prevents the formation of ulcers.


Sweet Marjoram

Improve Circulatory Health

It is important to take care of the circulatory system of a new born baby. Using Marjoram essential oil in aromatherapy can help in improving the circulatory system of a baby. As, Marjoram Oil is a natural Vasodilator, it is extremely useful in this aspect. One can benefit just by inhaling the vapors of the oil.

Prevent Bacterial Infection

Babies are prone to catch bacterial infections from cuts, sores and wounds. The Marjoram essential oil can directly be rubbed on the spots of injury to prevent bacterial infections. Marjoram Oil is extensively known for its anti-bacterial properties. The sore area should be covered by a bandage so that the oil can be used to its full potential.

Warm the Body

Common cold is one problem which makes a baby very uncomfortable. Warming the body is Marjoram Oil’s most amazing use. The oil reduced any inflammation in the body and considerably increases blood circulation. This results in warming of the body. If the baby has cold hands or feet, the oil should directly be massaged on those areas.

Prevent Viral Infection

With your baby touching every possible thing around him/her and constantly putting the same hand in their mouth, the chances of catching an infection are high. Therefore, to prevent Viral infections, Marjoram essential oil should be rubbed on the baby’s hands every night. It will not only treat the viral infection but also prevent it from happening in the future. This is a practice that can be followed regularly, as Marjoram oil is generally good for an infant. It can also be used to kill the viruses on the surfaces and in the air of your house.

Clear Mucus from Airways

Aromatherapy using Sweet Marjoram essential oil can be useful in clearing the mucus from the baby’s sinuses and bronchial airways. This will calm the irritation and soothe the baby. Making the baby drink water throughout the day is an important step to follow. The water will help thin the mucus, which will ultimately make it easy to be cleared.


Promote Healing

Using the sweet marjoram essential oil blend or practicing aromatherapy of marjoram oil promotes healing of any skin condition. All over healing is promoted by its antiseptic properties.

Relief from Constipation

Infants and toddlers suffer from constipation from time to time. Sweet Marjoram essential oil’s aromatherapy can relieve constipation considerably. As babies cannot be given harsh medicines to treat these problems, massaging the essential oil on the baby’s abdomen can give the baby instant relief. It relaxes the muscles of the stomach and intestine and promotes natural bowel movement.

Treat Fungal Infections

Marjoram essential oil is famously known for its fungicidal properties. By rubbing the essential oil on your baby’s skin, you can treat the fungal infections. Athlete’s foot can also be treated by rubbing the oil on the feet. Air-borne fungal spores can be killed by diffusing the essential oil in the air.

Improve Digestion

Sweet Marjoram essential oil aromatherapy can stimulate the digestive process naturally. The oil can also be massaged on the abdomen of the baby for faster effects. Marjoram oil encourages the production of digestive juices, which help in improving digestion. This can easily treat the stomach problems suffered by newborn babies.

Care should be taken that the baby is not allergic or sensitive to this Oil. In the case of any extreme allergies, a doctor should be consulted. Even though Marjoram Oil is very beneficial, it may not suit everyone. So, it is important to keep yours and your baby’s safety in mind.