11 Essential Oils to Protect Your Child’s Hair and Skin


Essential oils are naturally scented compounds present in plants. By cold pressing or steam distillation they are extracted from herbs. They do go on to retain all the healing powers of the parent herb. In fact it is 70 times more powerful than normal herbs.

Though the tag given to them is oil, they are liquid in nature and do not give an oily feeling at all. Safe, extremely powerful, rich in essence devoid of side effects can be used to describe them.

Let us now analyse some essential oils to protect your child’s hair and skin.

11 Essential Oils for Child’s Hair and Skin

essential oil for hair and skin

Lavender oil

Made from lavender flowers, this essential oil is an admirable bug repellent. Your baby is protected from the bites of insects, bugs or moths. The aroma of the oil has a soothing effect on your nerves and relieves exhaustion and stress. Lavender oil also induces sleep in kids.

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Eucalyptus oil

This essential oil present in skin ointments and creams provides timely relief from joint and muscle pain. With the help of eucalyptus oil common health conditions like whooping, asthma etc. are treated. In kids it leaves a powerful impact as an immune stimulant and powerful decongestant.

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Lemon oil

Lemon oil is known for its antiseptic, detoxing, antibacterial and sleep inducing benefits. Skin disorders and stomach problems are treated with lemon oil in kids. As an air freshener lemon oil could be used in the room of your kids. Being a rich source of vitamin C it boasts the immune system of your kids and the calming nature of this essential keeps stress and anxiety at bay.

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Tea tree oil

Popular for its infection fighting mechanisms this oil is extracted from the leaves of trees. A drop of this essential oil could be added to your kids bathing water to provide relief from bronical congestion or cough. For cough it tops the list as far as essential oils is concerned. Being blessed with healing properties it works best on cuts, bug bites or burns.

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Thieves’ oil

If you rub this oil on the bottom of your kid’s feet it helps them to recover faster and peps up their immune system. This essential oil could be diluted with carrier oil and to the teething gums of kids can be applied.

Peppermint oil

It is an essential oil which can treat skin infections in kids. With this oil indigestion, allergic rashes, headache, cough is kept at bay. If your kid is above 3 years, you can safely use this oil. In case of babies, discuss with your paediatrician before applying the oil

Blue Tansy oil

A popular European herb Tansy is empowered with antibacterial, sedative, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Use of this oil provides timely relief from digestive and respiratory disorders. This oil promotes better skin health and dandruff or an itchy or dry skin is kept in check.

Cyprus oil

Being profane with antiseptic properties, you can safely apply it on the wounds or cuts of your kids. This essential oil peps up your respiratory system and removes symptoms of asthma in kids. In fact the astringent property protects your kids from hair fall as well.

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Cedar wood

This essential oil is found in the tropical and cold regions.  Because of the powerful antiseptic property you can apply this essential oil to your wounds and cuts. It works its magic as a health tonic whereby overall health of your little one improves. Skin disorders like acne or oily skin can be treated with this oil.



They are citrus fruits and the oil extracted from them is highly beneficial. It peps up the immune system of your little ones and enables proper functioning of circulatory, cardiovascular and nervous system. Some of the common conditions cured with this essential oil are constipation and skin disorders


This essential oil protects kids from infection and improves functioning of the immune system. It provides a pleasing appearance to your kids by removing stretch marks, blisters, rashes and pimples. Kids suffering from respiratory or congestive problems can use this oil safely.

Precautions while using essential oil 

To conclude, essential oils are important for your kids, but an oral feeding of the oil is a strict no. Consult your physician if you plan to do so. When you are purchasing essential oils from an online store or a pharmacy, opt for branded products. This is to be accompanied by a bottle dispenser.

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Considering the benefits of essential oils are you planning to use them for your little one!



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