Health Benefits of Mustard for Children


Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds for KidsMustard seeds, a well known ingredient in the Indian households, are known for various health benefits. Mustard helps children from muscle discomforts, ringworm, contact dermatitis and any sort of respiratory disorders. Mustard seeds have also known for its cancer prevention ability along with the prowess to cure diabetes and also act as a great detoxifier of the body. Mustard is also known for its therapeutic effects on the nervous and cardiac health of your child and ensures healthy skin and hair. The magnesium content in mustard often helps in the functioning of blood vessels of your child thereby increasing his/her metabolism.

Health Benefits of Mustard

This multi talented botanical is available in different forms and it has tremendous potential to help your child enjoy a healthy and energetic life.

Improves Digestion: Considering the range of new food your child is being exposed to, on a regular basis, his/her gastrointestinal health should be a major concern. Mustard has anti-oxidants which can essentially help your child get rid of the unnecessary fat accumulated in the digestive channel and improve his/her metabolism.

Improves respiratory health: Mustard seeds have proven their worth in healing common cold and sinus. As your child is often exposed to a massive level of air pollution it is more likely that his/her respiratory health might be at risk. The amount of selenium and magnesium present in mustard provides the anti-inflammatory support and it will help your child to recover even from asthma.

Relieves from Muscle Pain: In the early development phase of your child he/she might suffer regularly from severe growing pain or other forms of muscle pain caused by excessive stress. Mustard seed powder has the potential to soak in all the pain and ensures proper circulation of blood.

Therapeutic Value: Mustard seeds are known to have immense therapeutic values. Starting from contact dermatitis and migraine, mustard seeds are known to cure various forms of diseases for children. Also more importantly mustard is now proven to be a great cancer prevention resource. As it is a seed belonging to the Brassica family it is rich in healthy nutrients like in the form of glucosinolates, which helps in the process of preventing various forms of cancer, for your child, in the form of bladder cancer, colon cancer and also cervical cancer for that matter. The saying is that prevention is better than cure and mustard seeds exactly do the needful to ensure that your child’s vital organs are safe from the claws of the deadly cancer. The glucosinolates, found in mustard, breaks into isothiocyanatesand recent research suggests that these enzymes present in mustard significantly hinders the formation and growth of the cancer cells.


Ensures Healthy Heart: As your child is already exposed to various pollutants and junk foods, it could very well be that his/her heart is at risk. Mustard has the potential to reduce cardiac arrhythmia and it also decreases the ventricular enlargement and also the chest pain linked to the disorder.The presence of omega-3 fatty acids makes it an ideal choice to be introduced to your child.

Cures Worms: Mustard seeds have classic anti-bacterial properties and it will certainly help your child if he/she is suffering from worms. The anti-bacterial properties ensure that your child’s guts are clean as it can be thereby guaranteeing a healthy metabolism.

Stimulates Growth of Hair: If your toddler is still suffering from a thin hair line, then mustard might be the answer. Mustard contains essential minerals which help in the growth of strong teeth, hair and nails of your child. There are many occasions where you will see that despite normal growth the child’s nails and hair growth are stagnant. This is mostly because our normal diets lack the essential minerals which trigger the growth of nails, hairs and teeth.

Improves Skin Quality: It is not only that you need to feed your child mustard but applying mustard paste or mustard oil on your child’s skin can actually help in getting the glow and most importantly the nourishment which the external pollutants take away.

Mustard is definitely known for its multiple therapeutic qualities and is known to have no or limited side effects on children. However, before offering mustard as a food or as a paste/oil to your child, it is important that you consult the pediatrician as sometimes the taste and texture of mustard (specially when introduced first time) can cause certain discomfort to your child and for that reason it is important to understand the process of introducing this botanical magic to your little one.