11 Amazing Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil


Health benefits of grapefruit essential oil  are boosts immunity, helps detoxificate, weight loss, combats acne and pimples, lifts mood, antibacterial agent, taste enhancer, helps in digestion, enriches hair and natural deodorant.

Grapefruit essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oil, obtained from the rind of the fruit. The aroma of the oil is extremely fresh and clear, making it an extremely suitable choice for use. Grapefruit oil abounds in numerous benefits including weight loss, immunity booster etc. Highly used in aromatherapy due to its potency to invigorate and detoxify is essential oil is considered valuable owing to its varied benefits.

Top 11 Health Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil



Boosts immunity

The grapefruit essential oil supplies the body with various antioxidants specifically vitamin c. Mixing any other types of antioxidants in the oil is known to energize the body and enhance the immune system considerably. It helps the body combat against free radicals and assists in safeguarding the body parts that might be prone to disease. Regular application/usage of the oil ensures the well being and fitness of the body and increases immunity against infections.

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Helps detoxificate

Toxins accumulated in the body over a period of time add to health issues and problems. Consumption grapefruit essential oil helps the body get rid of such harmful substances and also helps in improving the functioning of lymphatic system by stimulating its performance. The oil acts as a diuretic as well and clears the blood of all impurities.

Weight loss

Grapefruit essential oil is known for suppressing excess hunger and thus successfully helps in weight reduction; the oil is popular for increasing the rate of metabolism just like the fruit, resulting in burning of fat and weight loss. Smelling the oil alone can do wonders for the task, as inhaling the oil works on the hypothalamus; the oil also has other properties that contribute to weight loss.

Combats acne and pimples

Dead skin cells and excessive dandruff resulting from blocked hair follicles promote acne and pimple growth. Grapefruit essential oil helps reduce the skin break outs by clearing the hair follicles of any extra oil or bacteria. The oil has cleansing and disinfecting properties that can help rejuvenate the skin when added to face wash and cleansers.

Lifts mood

The mood swings of any person play a huge role in drastically changing/disturbing mental and emotional health of people. The oil acts as an energizer and boosts the mood of people to help increase focus and also relieves mental exhaustion and headaches. The oil makes you more alert and attentive thus helping in performing other activities as well. It is good for alleviating stress.

Antibacterial agent

The essential oil is suppose to have certain antimicrobial properties that help eliminate various harmful bacteria’s and parasites that might cause illness, infections and numerous other health issues. Clinical research is proof that grapefruit oil is capable of combating bacterial strains that can cause food- borne health problems like salmonella and e coli. The essential oil is a potent protection against a number of skin infections and also fights bacteria that might result in fungal infections.

Taste enhancer

The citrus essence of the oil obtained from the citrus grapefruit makes for an amazing flavor booster, by adding a little citrus touch to various light drinks and smoothies. The oil can be added to meals, salads and other recipes as per taste and liking. The addition of the essential oil enriches the flavor by adding zest and also helps curb excessive food cravings.


Helps in digestion

Grapefruit essential oil can easily be consumed by diluting in water, the oil is known to increase blood flow through the bladder, kidney, liver and intestines. The oil helps regulate better metabolism thus, helping the body in maintaining good digestion.

Enriches hair

Being and extremely potent antibacterial/ antimicrobial product the grapefruit essential oil is known for its many beneficial effects on the hair. The oil works by vitalizing and cleaning the scalp. Add small amounts of oil to the shampoo/conditioner while washing your hair for an effortless and hassle free application and use grapefruit oil to get oil free, smooth and shiny hair. Grow strong and healthy hair by using grapefruit essential oil.

Natural deodorant

The grapefruit oil has a fresh citrus essence that can act as a natural deodorant. Our body sweats in an attempt to maintain the body temperature and the process of sweating is considered normal but when the sweat gives off an offensive/foul smell, it leads to humiliation. The grapefruit essential oil is a natural remedy to get rid of this smell for good. The oil reduces the production of sweat from sweat glands and thereby helps reduce excess perspiration and acs as antimicrobial agent. The deodorant is effective in odor and sweat control.

Soothes menstrual pain

Popularly known as Period cramps, the menstrual cramps are associated with a continuous pinching and severe pain in the lower abdomen, caused due to menstruation every month. Women face the pain due to excessive contraction of the muscle lining of uterus. Application of grapefruit essential oil by massaging it onto the abdomen helps stimulate better blood circulation, leading to relief from the pain.

Though the grapefruit essential oil is famed for its many applications, the oil is extremely concentrated and should be used after dilution with other oils like almond, coconut etc. The oil should not be consumed unless advised by a physician. It is recommended to visit a doctor without delay if any reactions occur. Nevertheless, the oil has some remarkable health benefits that can be the answer to many of your everyday problems when used the right way.

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