Week 31 Of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week By Week


At 31 weeks pregnant, all the five senses of your baby are fully developed! The foetus is probably crowding your internal system so much that you might even star facing difficulties in climbing the stairs regularly. The baby is now the size of a coconut, weighing about 3.3 pounds and approximately 16.2 inches long.

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31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Losing your breath

As the 31 week foetus is now rapidly growing, it is beginning to occupy more space, congesting your digestive and respiratory organs. Due to this, you tend to lose your breath quite often and fail to walk even a mile without panting. Make sure that you drink water to keep the internal organs hydrated so that dehydration doesn’t add to the pre-existing discomfort.

Increased Braxton Hicks contractions:

As you move further towards the your delivery date, your body practises the child-birth mechanics even more. Alas, more cramps! Braxton Hicks contractions are the cramps that you experience in your abdominal muscles as the baby prepares to pop out soon. At this stage, however, these contractions increase in frequency. If you feel unnatural and persistent pain, contact your gynaecologist immediately.

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Dry and brittle nails

As every part of your body now stretches to accommodate the growing baby, you are likely to experience dry nails too. Nails turn brittle when they lose too much moisture. Keep your nails short to avoid breakage as much possible. Use an organic cuticle oil to keep them moisturised.


Leaky breasts

Yes, at 31 weeks pregnant, you are already lactating! However, there are further developments going on inside your mammary glands to get them perfectly ready for the baby. There may be some spillage due to extra production of lactose. This is the body’s way of ridding the unnecessary excess. There is no need to panic.

Increased backaches

As the baby continues to press against your spine, hips, and tailbone, you experience increased backaches. Constipation also plays a major role here. If you are constipated and bloated, the excess gas that is formed, takes up more space inside your body. This increases lower back pains.

More frequent urination

Again, the baby is pressing everything! At 31 weeks pregnant, you cannot help but visit the loo every hour! However, don’t reduce your water intake. Pee all you want, but keep yourself well hydrated.

31 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 31 weeks pregnant, you cannot help but ask for assistance while putting on your shoes as you cannot bend much. By now, a woman with normal BMI will have gained 21 to 27 pounds by now. If you’re carrying twins, you should gain about 27 to 42 pounds. You might start waddling soon! During this period, the 31 week foetus is expected to gain a couple of pounds, before moving on to the next stage.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

The 31 week foetus is now developing the finer parts of its brain and the nervous system. The irises have already formed and can even react to light! Along with this, all the five senses are working to help the baby move around and find its comfort zone inside the womb. In a 3D ultrasound you can see that the baby is now in a head-downwards position. You can also see that the baby is sucking its thumb, blinking its tiny eyes, smiling, laughing, and frowning at times! You can request the OB specialist to record a video of this and take it home. However, women who are at a risk of gestational diabetes or other major complications are called for the 31 weeks ultrasound. If you are out of this ambit, you might not have an ultrasound this week, but you may have one in the coming week(s).

Dos and Don’ts During Week 31 of Pregnancy

Dos –

Eat at regular intervals: At 31 weeks pregnant, you must be craving food almost al the time. Don’t worry, this is not going to result in overeating, if you maintain a regular schedule of food intake. Remember to eat nutritious foods and snack on healthy fruits from time to time, at intervals of every two hours. This schedule will nourish the 31 week foetus evenly and help it grow well.


Make a list of questions to be asked during your ante-natal visit: Now as you are mainly sitting and are confined to the limit of your house, try to get most of the reading and paper-related work done. The first thing to get thinking about is the ante-natal visit. Make a list of important questions that you might want to ask the doctor. Don’t shy away from asking anything, no matter how silly it may sound to you.

Kegel exercises: By the 31st week of pregnancy, most women give up on Kegels. Try to continue doing these exercises alongside your regular walking and stretching activities. Kegels help tone the abdominal muscles and get them ready for delivery. They also keep the muscles firm so that they can support the growing baby.

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Read more about pregnancy and childbirth: As already said, try to focus more on desk work. Read more about the mechanics of delivery, the methods of healthy childcare, nutritious baby food, and how to care for yourself during pregnancy. This will help you gather knowledge and use it wisely when required.

Don’ts –

Reduce your water intake: No matter how many times you have to get up and visit the washroom, don’t reduce your water intake. Wear adult diapers in case of leakage. Water keeps your digestive system and bowel moving, and keeps the baby healthy. At 31 weeks pregnant, it is important to keep your excretory system functioning properly.

Panic at every abdominal pain that crops up: It is vital to keep your cool when it comes to cramps and sudden muscle pulls. Cramps can occur due to minor aberrations like a sudden stretch or the baby’s constant kicking inside the walls of the womb. Stress and sudden pangs of panic can lead to anxiety attacks, which is not good for the 31 week foetus.


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Stay alone for long hours: At 31 weeks pregnant, you experience physical discomfort, stress, and fear of the upcoming new life. Don’t stay alone for long because you might start to over think situations that might otherwise be relaxed. Interact more with your partner and figure out things that you both can do to enjoy the present moment.

While you’re almost there, keep in mind that you still have some more time to bear with. Having noted that, you’re free to enjoy all you want!