Week 12 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week by Week


When 12 weeks pregnant, you must be wondering how big your baby is. The 12 week foetus is now about the size of a plum, of 2.1 inches length and 0.49 ounces weight. Your baby bump keeps increasing rapidly at this stage. One mild relief is that your hormones are gradually tamed by the time you are 3 months pregnant, and they grow accustomed to the new development in the body. You can expect fewer pregnancy symptoms from now on.

Week 12 of Pregnancy

Twelve Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Sudden pangs of hunger

While 3 months pregnant, it is likely that you might experience sudden cravings for certain foods. Even the smell of some foods might turn you on and make you grab them at first sight. Studies suggest that these hunger outbursts are common in about 84% of pregnant women during this phase. Although there is no concrete explanation behind this occurrence, doctors believe that food cravings are related to some dietary deficiencies, which are vital for the growth of the 12 week foetus.

Sensitive gums

About 50% of pregnant women have tender and swollen gums that bleed while brushing or flossing. This is a gum infection that is caused by hormonal changes in the body, which makes the gums more sensitive to contracting bacterial disease. This infection is called “Pregnancy Gingivitis”.

week 12

Spurt in vaginal discharge

Increased vaginal discharge is actually a healthy symptom when you are 12 weeks pregnant. White discharge protects your vagina from infections. If the discharge is greenish, yellowish, or brownish, consult your doctor as it can be a sign of infection or pre-term labour.


Hormonal changes, drop in blood sugar level, dehydration, and lack of proper sleep result in frequent headaches while three months pregnant. Although some of this cannot be helped, you can ask your doctor for medicines and diet charts to help you cope with this pain.


Gradual decrease in morning sickness

The flip side of being 12 weeks pregnant is that there is a gradual diminishing of nausea in the morning. Your hormones are now more accustomed to the change inside your body. In fact, the major change in your body’s constitution had already occurred in the 10th week of pregnancy.


However, hormonal changes do not stop! During this phase, your blood pressure may fall, resulting in spells of dizziness. Keep snacking on healthy foods to keep this symptom of recurring too often.

Pregnant Belly:

By this time, you have a significantly larger and rounder belly! Make sure you keep all those maternity clothes handy as you might not fit into most of your old clothes by now! This is the approximate time pregnant women start spreading the news at their workplaces and elsewhere. With a 12 week foetus that is well formed inside your belly, it is hard to miss that bump!

Pregnancy Ultrasound

The 12 week ultrasound that you go through shows you that the foetus is now maturing with all the organs and tissues developing in the right places. By the end of this week the baby will have all its body parts, including the genitals. The baby is now ready to view the interiors of your uterus and create all the mischief that it wants! Be ready with food for satisfying the little one’s demands!

The ultrasound screen shows that the baby has developed reflexes by now. If the stomach is mildly poked, there is a slight movement of the foetus. Sex of the child is, however, not revealed at this stage. A prenatal check-up during this stage involves checking for infectious bacteria within the mother’s body, which might affect both. A “nuchal translucency test” might be performed to check if there is any abnormality in the foetus, most commonly Down’s syndrome.

Dos and Don’ts During Week 12 of Pregnancy:

Given below are some tips for taking care of your mind and body during this time, and giving birth to a healthy baby at a later stage.


Dos –

Exercise regularly: Make sure that you remain active throughout this period of 3 months pregnant by making a schedule for regular exercise. Your activities can include walking, swimming, performing Pilates, stretching, and practising asanas (yoga).

Nourish yourself with the “big 5 ingredients”: The big 5 ingredients that you must stack up on are calcium, iron, zinc, fibre, and folate. To absorb these nutrients, include eggs, yoghurt, oranges, apples, lentils, beans, nuts, and maize in your everyday diet.

Attend classes on new motherhood: If you are wondering how to spend your time when you are 12 weeks pregnant, attending classes for new mothers is the best way! Search for a clinic in your area, which offers comprehensive courses on the journey of becoming mothers. There is a lot that you can learn from the trainers and the other women who are expecting. Exchanging ideas of dealing with pregnancy symptoms might help you in the long run.

Don’ts –         

Stay in polluted spaces: Pollution is a major issue already. Try your best to stay away from outdoors and polluted places like factories, mines, and industrial production areas. Keep your house clean and fresh all the time, so that there is minimal chance of inhaling toxic air. Atmospheric toxins from industrial waste interfere with the hormones and development process of your baby.

Eat too many packaged foods: Steer clear of packed foods and beverages. Eat freshly cooked food at home and take in lots of vitamins and proteins for the baby’s growth. Packaged foods come with preservatives that contain chemicals, which may harm the foetus.

Stay without eating for more than 3 hours: Don’t forget to eat! Otherwise you might be starving your baby. Make sure that you feed the 12 week foetus on a regular basis. Since this is the period of growth and development of the body, the baby needs constant nutrition. Keep eating light and healthy foods every couple of hours, to maintain a good balance of nutrients within your body.


Pregnancy can be a tough challenge as well as a lovely period in your life. Embrace whatever comes in your way and keep moving ahead by simply following the regulations and keeping the 12 month foetus inside you, safe.