11 Benefits of Elder (Coneflower) Herb for Children


Elderberry or Elder Herb is also known as ‘Sambucus’. Around 5 to 30 different varieties of Elderberry are found in the form of shrubs and small trees. Commonly found varieties of the herb are Southern Elder herb, American Elder herb, Blue Elderberry herb, Chinese Elder herb, Elder or Black Elder herb, Madeira Elder, Canary Islands Elder, Peruvian Elder, Florida Elder, Velvet Elder. The herb has feathery leaves and its flowers are of cream and white colour. The Elder herb has been used for centuries as an ingredient in drinks, wine, desserts, and juices. This herb provides natural remedies to various problems and has a very long history of medicinal herb.

This herb is of great medicinal value and throughout the history, all its parts have been used including the berries, leaves, flowers, and even the bark. The Elderberry herb or Coneflower herb has been used for a number of ailments too. The Elderberry herb contains Amino Acids, Alkaloids, Tinnis, Carotenoids, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Cane Sugar, Invertin, Betulin, Free Fatty Acids, and Potassium Nitrate which help in dealing with different types of problems and diseases.

The herb is one of the top anti-viral herbs in the world. To get the best of this herb, it should be used within 48 hours of symptoms of the diseases mentioned below. The herb not only helps in treating the problem/disease but also doesn’t let the symptoms develop properly. Early consumption can save your child from unnecessary pain and discomfort. This herb is a powerhouse of medicinal uses.

How to use Elderberry herb?

  • The leaves if this herb can be put in tea, coffee or any other type of drink. The leaves can also be boiled with water alone and consumed in the morning before breakfast.
  • A juice can be made from the berries of the herb and consumed once or twice a day depending upon the need of the person.
  • The Elderberry herb is also present in various products available in the market. It can be in the form of a syrup, ointment, lotion or a spray.
  • A paste can also be made from the berries and leaves of the herb to apply directly to the skin.

11 Must Know Benefits of Elderberry

benefits of elder herb

Here is a list of 11 health benefits of Elderberry or Coneflower Herb for children –

Common Cold

Elderberry herb has been used to treat common cold for a long time. The best way to treat cold with this herb is to consume juice or pulp made from the Elderberries. The juice of this herb is an effective remedy to treat the symptoms of common cold and influenza.


Digestive Problems

The Elderberry herb helps while dealing with constipation and other digestive problems like acidity, gas, and indigestion. The herb is an effective laxative and can be taken in place of any other medicine for constipation. The herb also helps in digestion of fats and fibre.

Common Respiratory Problems

Common respiratory problems can easily be cured by this herb. Even diseases like Asthma can be cured by regular consumption and use of this herb. Even though evidence on the use of elder herb alone for bronchitis is lacking, many people have shared their experiences on how they have used this herb with other ingredients to cure bronchitis.

Effective Eye Wash

This herb can effectively treat common eye problems. The herb contains Vitamin A, which is a well-known compound for maintaining the better health of your eyes. Problems of eye vision can also be solved by using this herb. An eye-wash can be made by using the leaves and flowers of the herb. It should be used once a day in the morning, right after waking up.

Treat Allergies

The flowers of the Elder herb have been used to treat allergies for several centuries. The flowers provide a herbal and effective remedy to seasonal as well as chronic allergies. The herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and therefore, can effectively provide a remedy for allergies by reducing the swelling, inflammation and redness.

Bone Health

The Elder herb is a godsend gift if your child has recently fractured a bone. The herb helps immensely in strengthening the bones and the minerals present in the herb can alleviate the pain. In this case, the herb can be used directly on the affected area in the form of a paste or can be consumed orally through any form of drink.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Pain Relief

The Elderberry flowers have anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of various Vitamins and Minerals. Therefore, the flowers of the herb have been known to reduce inflammation, swelling, redness, itchiness, irritation, and pain.


Boost the Immune System

The Elder herb is an excellent immune system booster. The herb contains a compound known as Anthocyanidins. This compound is known to help defend the immune system by attacking the free radicals in the body. The Elderberry herb is the most effective way to increase the immunity of your child’s body.


Children catch diseases very easily and therefore suffer from fever frequently. Fever is a symptom of various diseases and can be painful and uncomfortable. The flowers of the Elder herb are famous for bringing down high fever. The flowers contain diaphoretics which have a strong cooling activity.

Spots and Markings and other skin problems

The Elderberry herb can be found in various cosmetic and beauty products these days. The herb contains a compound known as bio-flavonoids which can be used for getting a healthy skin. The herb also contains anti-oxidants as well as high amounts of Vitamin A which help in clearing spots and markings on the skin. Chronic skin diseases can also be cured by the Elderberry herb. A paste made up of the berries and the leaves of the herb should be applied directly to the skin for best results.


With the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of the Elder herb, the herb helps in dealing with congestion. It helps clear nasal passages which become inflamed due to cold and flu. The herb is also a natural remedy to treat a sinus infection.

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