21 Effective Foods for a Sick Child


A sick child is often fussy, and will refuse to eat anything given to them. However, it is when they are sick that they need to eat well to gain the strength to fight an infection. And, this is exactly why we have put together a list of 21 foods that you can feed your child when he or she is sick. With a little ingenuity, you can make your child lap it up in a few minutes.

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21 Effective Foods for a Sick Child

Wondering what to give to your sick child? Yes, that’s a big question. Feeding a sick child is a daunting task. You need to know his aptitude and understand what his body is capable of absorbing. Children often suffer from fever, cough and cold, diarrhea, vomiting and other ailments. It is necessary to give effective food to your child at this time for comfort and curing the ailments. Not all regular diets are suitable for kids. Check out these eleven foods that you can give to your child when he is sick.

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Ginger has a number of healing capabilities. If your child is suffering from flu, you can couple up drinks with bits of ginger and feed him. It will cure a sore throat and gastric problems, it any. Ginger is also beneficial in soothing nausea.


Eggs are good for sick children for two reasons. Firstly, they provide lots of proteins to the body. They repair the body and replenish the lost nutrients. The protein in egg can be digested easily. You can provide egg curry or boiled eggs to your child in the meals.



Another effective food for sick children, yoghurt is a good source of proteins. They also infuse the body with the necessary probiotics to maintain good health. You can either feed yoghurt to your child with breakfast, or give it to him in the evening along with other meals.

Swiss Chard

When children suffer from headaches, swiss chard works out well. They contain high amounts of magnesium. It has a calming effect on the nerves and helps to soothe them down. Swiss chard prevents children from becoming overexcited. Sunflower seeds, bananas and sweet potatoes also perform a similar function.


Honey is known for its abilities to soothe sore throat. During flu or other throat infections, feed your child with honey. It will form a coating in the throat and keep off irritation. You can either drip a teaspoon of honey in the drinks or feed honey separately to the child on a scheduled basis.


Popsicles are beneficial for hydrating the body. During fever or diarrhoea, a lot of water drains out of the body. You need to replenish this with various fluids. Popsicles are tasty and easily consumed by the children. You can freeze these with fruits and feed it to your child.

Boiled Rice

Boiled food is good for children in case of stomach disturbances. You need to give boiled rice or boiled potatoes, as they do not disturb the stomach. These add bulk to your stool and minimizes the pressure on the digestive system by getting absorbed easily in the body. They also provide a certain amount of fluid to the body.

Paediatric Electrolytes

In case your child is vomiting, you need to provide paediatric electrolytes to him. These are sports drinks, and helps in promoting absorption due to their electrolyte content. However, do not provide sugary juices to your child to increase the fluid content in the body.



Toasts and crackers are good for children during vomiting. These can either be unsalted or slightly salted. These bland foods are easily digested and stabilize their system. You need to provide your child with foods that do not exert extra pressure on the stomach.

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During diarrhoea, you can provide bananas to your child. The pectin content in bananas helps to normalize the bowel movements. Moreover, bananas contain potassium, which are beneficial for your child during diarrhoea. You can feed the bananas along with breakfast or individually.

Chicken Soups

Chicken soups are good for sick children as they contain cysteine, an amino acid that helps to get rid of mucus. During cough and cold, the mucus may accumulate in the lungs. It is difficult to eliminate thin mucous from the body. Chicken soup helps to get rid of this mucous. It also adds strength and energy to the body. Children suffering from throat inflammation are also comforted on consuming chicken soup.


Citrus fruits like oranges are necessary for children suffering from various ailments. They contain Vitamin C and antioxidants. Oranges help to cure the children fast, adds strength to their immune system and infuses the body with various minerals. You can prepare orange juices for your child or let them consume the whole food.  Even when your kids remain fit, make sure that they consume oranges on a daily basis to maintain the sturdiness of their defence system.


Carrots are one of the best foods for children during illnesses. Particularly, when they suffer from upset stomach or diarrhoea, you need to feed them with light meals and soups. This helps the food to be easily digested by the body. They do not pressurize the digestive system and help to heal the body. Carrots can be served as soup, as they are tasty and light. During fever, children grow repulsive towards various foods. Carrots can make the difference, as they are easily digestible, tasty and loved by kids.


Unflavoured Pancakes

At times, your kids suffer from vomiting due to indigestion or other ailments. The body needs healthy yet simple foods at this time. Pancakes can be the ideal choice during these circumstances. These are light and easily absorbed by the body. However, do not give flavoured pancakes to your children during vomiting. The flavouring and colouring agents can further aggravate irritation in their systems. Plain pancakes may taste a bit odd, but these can help their systems get stabilized.


When your child suffers from constipation, raisins can help them ease up the bowel movements. Most of the kids suffer from constipation during the early years. It is necessary for them to consume high-fibre containing foods that help them to clear the bowel at regular intervals. Raisins are sweet and children love to have them with different preparations. You will have no problem in feeding them to your kids. Either soak the raisins and give them to your child, or use them as toppings on various foods, like oatmeal.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate may prove to be effective for a sore throat in children. They need a warm fluid to soothe the throats. Liquified chocolates is sure tocomfort a sore throat. You can prepare chocolate shakes for your child and let them lap it up. Make sure that the preparation remains warm when it is consumed. It will help the child to get some relief. Chocolate will have no or little effect if the child consumes it at normal temperature.

Raspberry Juice

If your child is fond of fruit juices, you have a good remedy for comforting him during fever. Raspberry juice helps the system to heal from fever, so you may provide the kids with a glass of this juice every day. In severe conditions, have a word with your doctor before increasing the quantity of raspberry juice. It has a healing effect on the child, reducing the level of discomfiture to a large extent.


This is another reliable food for babies to treat constipation. Their digestive system craves for more fibre-based foods. You may consult with a dietician and include prunes in the diet chart of your child. These help the children to clear off their wastes every day. Constipation is often painful and in severe cases, results in bleeding. You should include prunes either with breakfast or other meals for your child.


Milk, popularly known as a ‘complete food’, comes beneficial, especially when your child is weak due to sickness. Milk contains good amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. They get energy from milk, besides boosting the child’s immunity to fight diseases. You may provide your child with fat-free milk, if recommended so by the doctor, as pure milk may not suit your child during illness. It keeps their bodies healthy and helps to recover from the ailments quickly. Additionally, if needed, you can learn how to thicken milk to ensure it is easier for your child to swallow, particularly if they have difficulty swallowing due to illness or other health issues.



Cereals are high in protein content. Prepare meals containing various cereals and pulses for your child. It will help them to form a strong defence mechanism against the diseases. These foods contain good amounts of protein, which help the body to recover after illness. Particularly, if the child is suffering from fever or stomach disorder, you need to provide cereals and pulses to him.


Children suffering from frequent headaches need food containing anti-inflammatory properties. Salmon is a good option for these situations. They help the kids to remain free from headaches. The anti-inflammatory nature of salmon reduces the pain during headaches, easing up the level of comfort for your child.

With these, we round up the list of foods for children suffering from various ailments. Get advice from a doctor and dish out easily digestible meals for your child. These foods will provide him with energy, fight the sickness and pacify the overall healing period to bring him back to health. A healthy diet chart, consisting of all these foods, helps in minimizing the frequency of sickness in the child. In case these foods fail to produce positive results, consult with the doctors. These are not substitutes for medicines, but help medicines to perform their duties.