11 Effective Remedies for Treating Sore Nipples While Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is a bond creating experience for the new mommy and her baby. But while there is a beautiful side of it, there is a dark side of it too. Just when your baby begins to nurse, you are going to hurt due to sore nipples. Sore nipples although an inevitable condition is a nightmare for many women. The more the baby nurses, the more sore the nipples get for the mother.

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Effective Remedies for Treating Sore Nipples During Breastfeeding

Sore and cracked nipples make breastfeeding a painful experience for women. Most doctors prescribe safe topical creams to treat painful nipples. However, there are several effective remedies at home for treating and preventing sore nipples during breastfeeding.

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1} Breast milk

The best remedy to treat sore and cracked nipples is breast milk itself. Breast milk is rich in anti-bodies that promote quick healing of painful nipples. All you need to do is squeeze your own milk from both the breast and dip your nipples in it. Allow the nipples to dry before putting back your clothes. Repeat as many as times you wish until the nipples heal.Sore Nipples

2} Cold Compress

Cold compress helps relieve any sort of pain and seals wounds. Take a clean hand towel and wrap 4-5 ice cubes in it to make a cold compress. Gently rub the cold compress on the sore nipples. Ensure that you place cold compress only after feeding your baby. Doing it before can reduce the temperature of breast milk which can give a cold to the baby.


3} Tea bags

If you have the habit of storing used tea bags, then this remedy will come to use. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants that help heal cracked nipples. Clean used tea bags and keep them dry. Mildly heat them up in an oven and place it on your cracked sore nipples for about 20 minutes. Repeat as many as times required as it is completely safe for both you and your baby.

4} Salt Water

Salt water is an excellent remedy for fatigue and pain. Likewise, salt water helps relieve soreness and pain in nipples. Take about 4 tablespoons of water in a small bowl and add about 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Dip a cotton ball in salt water and apply it on cracked nipples. Leave on the solution for about 20-30 minutes and clean it using a water dipped cotton ball.

5} Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an age old remedy used to heal cuts and wounds. Aloe Vera can also be used to treat and cure cracked sore nipples. Apply Aloe Vera gel on sore nipples after feeding and allow it to stay on until the next feed. Before you feed, rinse the area with cold water. Repeat this process around 3 to 4 times in a day.

6} Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds not just heal sore nipples but also increase the production of breast milk in the body. Boil about 5 tablespoons of fennel seeds in ½ litre of water and strain the solution. Drink this water the whole day.

7} Whiskey

It is hard to imagine that whiskey can help treat sore nipples, but this is an excellent remedy to treat cracked nipples. Dip cotton balls in whiskey and apply on the affected area of the nipples. Allow to stay on for about 30-40 minutes and rinse with water to remove traces of alcohol. Repeat this process at least 3 to 4 times a day.

8} Vitamin C

Vitamin C is extremely helpful in easing pain of sore nipples. It also promotes quick healing to help reduce soreness. Include Vitamin C rich foods like lemon and oranges in your regular diet.


9} Blow dryer

This may amaze you, but blow dryer helps to a great extent in curing sore nipples. Set the blow dryer to cool mode and apply the air on sore nipples. This miraculously helps in reducing pain and decreasing soreness of nipples.

10} Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps treat and prevent cracking and bleeding of nipples. Take Vitamin E capsule and break it using a safety pin. Rub the gel on the nipples and leave on for about 45 minutes and rinse with cold water. Ensure that you apply vitamin E gel only after feeding.

11} Hot water

Hot water is an age old treatment to alleviate pain and it does the same for the pain caused due to sore nipples. Dip a cotton towel in hot water and squeeze out excess water. Place the hot towel on your sore nipples. Perform this process before feeding time.

Most people have the misconception that breastfeeding is normally painful and ignore the problem of sore nipples. But it is not the case. Sore nipples is a condition that must be immediately attended to. If the above tips haven’t helped in treating your sore nipples, then it is best to reach out to a breastfeeding expert. Pain free breastfeeding is a more joyful experience.