11 Tips to Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe


In the fast growing techno-savvy world where each errand needs the assistance of mobile screens and internet it becomes a humongous task to take care of one’s eyes. Even kids are seen to be wearing glasses and complaining about weak eyes. It is a proven fact that one in every three children suffer from eye defects. This increasing statistics compels one to think about the need to understand and integrate in our life style certain measures to prevent further damage. Doctors seldom warn young parents as well who have prior medical history for extra precaution since the child becomes extremely prone to follow the same path as the parent due to hereditary factor or genes. Some of the most crucial tips for healthy eyes are;

Child’s Eyes: 11 Ways to Keep Child’s Eyes Safe

Tips to Keep Your Child's Eyes Safe

Regular check-up

Getting regular check-up is an essential measure for every individual even if he has no complains. A thorough test not only ensures healthy eyes but is also a judicial way of detecting and eradicating any disease from the very beginning. Many hospitals offer free eye check-ups along with educational camps to spread awareness regarding the safety precautions and daily health dietary tips for strong eyes.

Distance maintenance

Working parents are unable to supervise their children round the clock and the lack of proper monitoring leads to the adoption of unhealthy habits. Television is the prime source of entertainment for kids but the same poses as a threat to healthy eyes. Doctors suggest that children should keep a minimum distance of 5 feet between the screen and the kids. It is always advisable to sit and watch the screen on a levelled platform instead of lying down.

Time bound screen exposure

The exposure of kids to any form of screen should be limited and time bound be it i pads for educational games or mobiles for fun. Parents should encourage the kids to rather indulge more in outdoor activities which will not only improve the children physically but also improve the overall body.

Proper lubrication

Due to the increasing environmental pollution there has been a rapid increase in the number of patients complaining about dry eyes and itching. Doctors suggest to use proper lubricating eye drops to prevent the same in young children. Systane and tears natural is a common example of such lubricants with no side effects. A usage of these drops thrice a day will keep the eyes moist even if exposed to high heat or prolonged screen usage. Since education is also linked to screens, parents should administer this medicine after consultation by doctors.


Healthy diet

It is important for parents to understand the role of vitamins and minerals in our daily life. We may not think that our diet is a major contributing factor towards our lifestyle but studies and researches claim otherwise. Vitamin a is a leading agent for healthy eyes and correct vision. Children are reluctant to eat there veggies during lunch but the same veggies like carrot and spinach can be mixed into shakes for assured consumption. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of vitamin necessary for the eyes.

Big screen

It is an accepted fact that life today cannot do away with the use of gadgets or internet but every doctor suggests that the children if needs to use them must opt for a big screen device. This reduces the amount of exertion on the eyes. Parents should primarily make sure that the gadgets they buy for their young one has antiglare lens technology that prevents harmful screen rays from damaging the eyes. For example if there is any work that can be carried out on both laptop and mobile, it should be self- explanatory that the child uses laptops over mobiles.


While studying the eyes are undergoing constant exhaustion which makes them need the assistance offered by proper lighting. It is essential for parents to see that the lights they install fall directly over the books and is not scattered. If the child is not able to read properly or does the same in dim lighting, there is a huge chance that he suffers from incorrect vision. The brightness of the screen should be moderate on phones and laptops. It is absolutely mandatory that no gadgets should be used by kids when the lights are off or in a dark room.

Wear protective eye wear

Parents must ensure that their kids wear protective aviators or sunglasses that prevent the harmful uv rays from damaging the cornea. Since kids are still in their developing stage direct sunlight will pose as a threat to the retina as well. If the child wears vision glasses they must have a photo chromatic layer that acts as sunglasses when the child is in the sun.

Proper rest

If the children are using the screen extensively, the national eye care institute suggests that they must follow the 20-20- 20 rule to provide rest to the eyes. After every 20 minutes of screen exposure ask your child look at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds before continuing his work. This activity ensures rest to the eyes and reduces strain directly dealing with exhaustion.

Eye exercises

Many doctors prescribe eye exercises to kids so that their vision remains strong and they do not face any difficulty in the future. There are a number of exercises that one can teach their children like looking at the dot. Rotating the eyes 360 and a bare feet walk in the green grass. All these small steps not only ensure eye health but prevent an chance of damaging.


Maintain proper hygiene

Our eyes are the most valuable gift from God and its protection lies in our hands. Parents must teach their kids proper hygiene to be kept in mind while dealing with the eyes. Some of the common ones are;

  • Don’t rub your eyes.
  • Wash your hand before touching the eyes.
  • Wash your eyes at least thrice a day.
  • Use good company vision glasses to avoid incorrect lens.

Thus we see how it is important for each individual to maintain proper eye care to ensure healthy lifestyle.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!