18 Best Christmas Tree Crafts Toddlers Can Easily Make


Christmas brings in lot of fun and joy for everyone, especially for kids. They all try to be good mannered, decorate their Christmas tree in the best possible way so that Santa would be impressed and shower them with gifts. Perhaps, kids will have the best time building their crafts during Christmas. And what more can we ask for, a kid dedicating good amount of time for preparing Christmas tree at home.

Well, here are some Do It Yourself Christmas tree ideas for kids at home.

18 DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Papercut Christmas Tree:

This can be easily made with a bunch of color papers. All you need to do is cut a green color paper in a triangle shape and then cut out the zig-zags to give a pattern of a Christmas tree. and then you can stick some goodies and stars on it to make a simple yet beautiful Christmas tree.

paper christmas tree

Thread roll Christmas Tree:

This is another creative Christmas tree that you can think of. It is a little time consuming process, but it is worth the effort. All you need are few things. A cone shaped cardboard, a plastic sheet, a roll of medium thick thread (preferably green in color) and some glue. On the cardboard cone staple the plastic sheet tightly. Now, apply glue on the outside of the cone and carefully roll the thread all over the cone and leave it for about 2 days in a dry place. As the glue dries up, it sticks the threads together and it does not stick to the plastic sheet. Now, after 2 days of thorough drying, you can easily remove the thread cone. Carefully stick some glittering stickers on this thread cone and your Christmas tree is ready.

thread roll christmas tree


LED Rope Christmas Tree:

Alternatively, you could also make a rope Christmas tree with LED Ropes. Wrap the LED Rope in a spiral around a Cone or by taking the help of an adult, wrap this around a metal wire that is stable enough.

LED rope christmas tree

Lego Christmas Tree:

This is another easy way to make your Christmas tree using your good old Lego blocks. If you happen to have green colored blocks, then it is very easy to make to it.

lego christmas tree

Pattern Paper Christmas Tree:

You could buy some patterned paper for this Christmas tree. Make cone shapes out these patterned papers and build your own Christmas trees, several of them. You could decorate them with Styrofoam balls, stars, glitter stickers, etc and many more decorative things that you can think of.

paper pattern christmas tree


Ribbon Christmas Tree Hangings:

This is another fun way for building your own Christmas tree. You’d need several long ribbons. Make sure that you collect as many patterns or designs of ribbons as you can for this Christmas tree. Make them as shown in the picture.

Ribbon Christmas Trees

Paper Straw Christmas Tree:

For this Christmas tree, you’d need paper straws in different colors and patterns. Once, you get them, take approximate measurements and cut them into sizes as shown in the picture and by inserting some beads in between, make your own Christmas tree.

paper straw christmas tree

Green Button Christmas Tree:

For this Christmas tree, you’d need a whole bunch of green colored buttons and different colored beads. Make a large paper cone or cardboard cone, paste those green buttons on the cone so that there is no visible gaps between them. Cover up the whole paper with the buttons. After you’re done with this, stick those different colored beads on the buttons carefully. And your Green Button Christmas tree is done.

Wrapping paper roll Christmas Tree:

For this Christmas tree, you’d need different colored and patterned gift wrapping papers. Collect as many colors or patterns as you can. Remember, you’d not need the whole roll. Take only as much as you can roll and cover a cardboard tube. Now, taking random colors, roll them on to cardboard tubes in increasing sizes and your Gift Wrap Christmas Tree is ready.


wrapping paper roll christmas tree

Twig Christmas Tree:

This is another simple Christmas Tree idea that you can build at home using available twigs. Collect as many twigs and dried tree branches as you can. With the help of an adult, cut these twigs and branched into sizes shown in the picture. By using a strong thread intertwine the twigs and you have a Twig Christmas Tree.

twig christmas tree

Hand Print Christmas Tree:

This Hand Printed Christmas tree is for those young ones who just started out with making crafts. It is very easy way to make your own Christmas tree.  Take a large piece of paper and taking different sized hand prints make this Christmas tree.

handprint christmas tree

Paper Craft Christmas Tree:

For this Christmas tree, you’d need a large sheet of color paper, a green colored thick thread, some glue and whole lot of beads, buttons and other decorative items as many as you can find. Draw a Christmas tree shape on the sheet and stick the thread right where you’ve drawn the Christmas tree pattern. Make sure that the thread firmly sticks to the sheet. Now we move on to the interior of the Christmas tree. Take all the beads, buttons and those decorative items and start pasting them on the sheet of paper. Your Paper craft Christmas tree is ready.


Felt Cloth Christmas Tree:

This is another simple way of making a Christmas tree from felt cloth. Take a green colored felt cloth and cut it in triangle shapes, as shown in the figure. Now sew to the base (another felt cloth of brown color). You can stick some decorative beads or buttons or glitter stickers on the Christmas tree to make more attractive.

Christmas Tree Using Cards, Ribbons and Fabric:

Another decorative item that you can easily make at home is this one. All you need are several different patterns of ribbons, fabric and wrapping paper strips. By using one design or several designs of these ribbons and wrapping paper strips, make your Christmas trees, several of them, as shown in the picture.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree:

The best thing about pine cones is that they are almost shaped like Christmas tree and can help save time your time of making one. If you happen to find pine cones, taken them, clean them and paint them in green color to make your Christmas tree. You could also stick some beads, glitter stickers, ribbons and glitter paper pieces as decoration.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Another Paper Craft Christmas Tree:

This is yet another paper craft Christmas tree that is easy to make. All you need are green color sheet of paper, some glue, a hole punching machine, a bamboo twig or a cardboard strip. Fold the paper breadth wise in zig zag manner and right at the center make a hole using the punching machine. Now, cut the paper in triangle shape and run the twig or cardboard strip through the hole and your Christmas tree is ready.

Old magazine Christmas Tree:

This is another Christmas tree that you can build using old magazines and newspapers lying at home. All you need to do is to take the pages and fold each of the papers into long triangles and place them next to each other in a circular manner. At the base, attach the bunch of paper rolls as support and decorate them with beaded strings, glitter stickers, stars, buttons and make it attractive.

Tree Branch Christmas Tree:

For this Christmas tree, you’d need a branch off of Christmas tree. Get this branch and put it in a small pot or vase. You can decorate the vase with different colors and also the Christmas tree with various decorative items that you can think of.


tree branch christmas treeHappy Christmas..!!!