7 Best Conventional Toys for Children with Autism


Some conventional toys have been designed to make learning easy for autistic children. Lets have a deeper look at them:

7 Best Conventional Toys for Children with Autism
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  • Abacus

Abacus is a simple device which has board and wires with colourful beads on it. This simple instrument invented by the Chinese, some thousands of years ago is still used in many schools during the early years to teach simple math. This can be a very good gift to an autistic child who faces learning difficulties in math.

  • Puzzle games

There are numerous puzzle games for kids available these days. These puzzle games stimulate and promote visual perception and it improves the knowledge in autistic kids about how various things are shaped. Once, they get the hang of it, they wouldn’t leave it.

kaleidoscope for children with autism
kaleidoscope for autistic kids
  • Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope is another simple yet very powerful visual stimulator for kids, particularly autistic kids. Kids love to play with a kaleidoscope and how the reflections can make new objects appear, is one of the fascinating feature. Kids just love kaleidoscope.

  • Shape Sorting or Sensory Stimulating Gears

These are also simple yet, effective games that are useful to autistic kids. With shape sorting game, they get to know the shape of things and place them in the board where they belong. Sensory stimulating gears include a bunch of gears which can be arranged in different shapes and sizes.

  • Lego Building Blocks

Lego’s Building Blocks are very famous in both regular as well as autistic children. Most people born in 70s, 80s and 90s are familiar with Lego’s Building Blocks. These building blocks are so versatile that anyone could play with them and create little but wonderful structures. They can essentially teach simple things to autistic children such as dimensions and colours and inspire to do more. As we all know, with the given instructions, one can make simple structures and still, use their imagination to make complex designs and structures.

Lego for children with Autism
Lego for children with Autism
  • Lego Toys and Action Figures

Lego toys are also very popular. Lego comes up with new toys based on popular movie and cartoon characters and makes it a collector’s item. With such toys and building blocks in hand, Lego is quite an interesting way to make your autistic child learn some basic things very easily.

  • Toy cars

Toy cars are other favourites among kids, especially boys. After all cars are boys’ toys. For autistic children, toy cars are very useful because, while playing with these cars, their motor skills, eye to hand coordination, would improve and then, their senses regarding special dimensions and taking turns will also improve. Some of the very famous toy cars are from Hot Wheels and Chevron.

These are some of the new age toys and tools available for not just for autistic kids, but they are also helpful for regular kids as well.