To Vax or not?


Should you vaccinate your new baby? Or, should you not. While most doctors opine that you must, there are a group of experts who think otherwise. Read on to know whether you should or should not vax.

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To Vax or not?

Vaccination is a controversial issue in various medial quarters. Most of the modern kids receive vaccines to prevent certain diseases. Vaccination may be defined as the introduction of certain pathogens in the body of an individual. It is a weak version of the disease and cannot harm the body. The body grows immunity against the disease and prevents it from infecting the person in large scale in the future. Till date, vaccination has saved more lives than any other medical treatment, or surgeries. Well, you should know the pros and cons of vaccination before concluding about its incorporation. Read on to get a clearer idea.


Protection against diseases

During childhood, kids are prone to a number of diseases. They suffer regularly from fever. Through vaccination, diseases like polio, mumps and measles can be prevented. It has proven to be successful in eliminating these diseases to a large extent. When the body develops its defence mechanism against these diseases naturally, they cannot affect the children.

To eradicate diseases

Large-scale vaccination can eradicate harmful diseases altogether. In many countries, diseases have been wiped off due to vaccination. Small-pox and polio now hardly occur in children. It is a great boost to the entire health of mankind, as viruses and other microbes keep on disturbing the immunity level of the body. Vaccination can do away with the problem and make the diseases extinct.

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Vaccination saves money

Healthcare is an expensive affair, both for the researcher and patients. When the diseases disrupt the normal functioning of the body, treatments cost a lot. Moreover, medicines need to be taken on a recurring basis in case the diseases affect the system permanently. The researchers also have to spend their time finding remedies of harmful diseases. With vaccination, both the patients and researchers can cut down the costs.

Vaccination is safe

Vaccines are tested by the food and drug testing authorities of every country. They are safe for use, as a large section of people think that vaccines might actually cause the disease rather than preventing it. Moreover, they are cost-effective and benefits the overall health of the individual. Vaccines are being constantly upgraded to combat new threats to the body. A number of diseases that used to affect children at tender ages and even later in their lives can now be prevented. Evidently, vaccination is a necessity to maintain good health.



Chances of catching the disease

One of the negative aspects of vaccination is that the pre-existing internal condition of the baby is not taken into account. In case the mother used intravenous drugs, the child is prone to danger. It is not possible to know the health history of each and every mother with the available infrastructure. Therefore, newborn children are susceptible to diseases when they are vaccinated. In fact, they can catch the infection when the pathogens enter their bodies through vaccination.

Inability to eradicate diseases

Another section of people thinks that it is not possible to completely eradiate all the diseases. Vaccines may replace a particular disease with another. It may harm the internal functioning of the body later in the life. The diseases that are being injected into the body may mess up with the system and cause other complexities within the body.

Compulsion to get vaccinated

In certain cases, vaccination is made compulsory. These are watched over by the authorities to ensure that no child is left out. Many people are against this view. They are of the opinion that vaccination should be made optional and it should not interfere with the personal choice of parents, whether to vaccinate their kids or not.


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Importance of natural immunity

Natural immunity is believed to be more effective and powerful that artificial vaccination. When the diseases affect the body in reality, they leave a much stronger immunity than vaccination. For instance, a certain section of people state that actual chicken pox leaves a longer immunity than vaccination.

Analysing all these pros and cons, it seems that the benefits of vaccination are more powerful than the cons. The proven benefits of vaccination are unquestionable. It has already eradicated several diseases from the world. Evidently, vaccination is a necessity. The cons of vaccination can be neutralized by more careful implementation of this mechanism. It is beneficial for the overall health standard of humanity.