11 Dangerous Effects of Smoking on Children


Harmful Effects of Smoking on Children

Smoking definitely has certain adverse effects on the health of children, considering the tenderness of their organs. If you have children at home, you should take necessary measures to keep them away from this smoke. Most of the time, children are affected by second hand smoking. The effects of second hand smoke are as adverse as direct smoking. Therefore, you should know the impact of smoking on the health of your child. Here are eleven dangerous effects of smoking on children that you should know.

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Children who are exposed to smoke are likely to suffer from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This is also known as cot death. Kids who are exposed to smoke are twice as likely to have this syndrome than the ones who live in clean environments.


Second-hand smoke makes the children prone to different ailments of the lungs, like bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchiolitis. The impact may be so serious, that they may get these lung diseases in the first two years of their lives. Make sure that you smoke away from the children.


Children are susceptible to asthma, if they are exposed to smoke during the early years. They experience asthma attacks much earlier in their lives. These children need prolonged medication to treat asthma later in their lives. When they grow up, they develop permanent asthma problems and need frequent medical attention.

Short breath

It has been found that the children who are exposed to smoke during the early years are unable to breathe deeply. The capacity of their lungs suffers a blow. They become tired too fast and are unable to breathe deeply even when they become adults.


Ear infections

If you smoke near your child, he becomes susceptible to ear infections. The kids may develop meningococcal disease, which may cause mental disability, loss of hearing and even death under serious conditions.

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One of the most dangerous effects of smoke on children is that they develop cancer at an early age. At times, they turn out to be non-curable. The children become prone to leukaemia, lymphomas and brain cancer when they are affected by the smoke for a considerable time during their early years. When these children grow up, they may get cancer in their lungs, breast or other parts of the body.

Susceptibility to cold

When the children are exposed to smoke during their tender years, they become more susceptible to cold. They catch colds during the seasonal changes and cold months, which remain as a persistent problem for the remaining part of their life.Take necessary care to keep your child safe from smoke.


Children who have smokers around them cough a lot. The smoke of cigarettes contains soot that gets into their system. For fist-hand smokers, the impact is much more. In case the children pick the habit of smoking, they cough a lot. At times, they suffer from dry coughs and drops of blood accompany the mucous.

Throat irritations

Throat irritation is one of the most common problems for children who are exposed to smoke. They may not be smoking directly, but the second-hand smoke is harmful enough to trouble their throat. Often, children smoke without the knowledge of their parents. In these cases, they get infections in their throats, along with irritations.


Bad breath

Children who take up smoking get a bad breath early in their lives. This has a negative impact as they grow up and socialize. It becomes difficult for them to get their breath refreshed later in their lives. Make sure that your child does not build the habit of smoking.

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Hoarseness of voice

Children develop a hoarse voice when they get the habit of smoking. During adolescence, the voice develops and if they start smoking before this age, the voice becomes hoarse. It becomes difficult to get a normal voice later in the course of life.

You can realize the harmful effects of smoking on the health of your child. If you are a smoker, take care to keep your child away when you smoke. You may have the cigarettes privately in your own chamber, away from the child. Keep an eye on the child and make sure that he does not develop the habit of smoking.