11 Health Benefits of Water Chestnuts in Your Baby’s Diet


Water Chestnuts, usually called as Paniphal/ Singhara in India is a Chinese vegetable. It is commonly found in Chinese households and is becoming popular in India now-a-days. It belongs to a water plant family known as sedge. More than half of the plant is submerged in water and only leaves float on the surface. The water chestnut is found under the leaves when it is matured. The seed has a crunchy texture and a mild flavor. It can be cooked or eaten raw. In spite of being a seasonal vegetable it is available in canned form throughout the year. The chestnuts do not lose their crunchiness when they are cooked or canned, this is an additional benefit of water chestnuts.

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Benefits of Water Chestnuts in Baby’s diet

The water chestnuts have a lot of benefits and it is widely used in Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines. They are highly nutritious and low in calories. The chestnuts yield from water has high quantities of potassium, zinc, B vitamins and Vitamin E. In India the chestnuts are available in deep green or red or a mixture of both the colors. In India these vegetables are often found near street vendors.

Water Chestnuts can be given to babies in mashed form or porridge. It increases the fetal development and reduces hypertension for pregnant ladies. In the same way they are very beneficial for babies too.

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Here are the 11 benefits of Water Chestnuts on babies


1} Provokes Healthy Lifestyle

Water Chestnuts are high in nutrients and low in fat. Approx. 0.1 grams of fat is present in half cup of water chestnuts. Every mother wants to provide healthy food for their babies and this is a definite choice for any mother. Babies will also acquire for a healthy lifestyle at a small age.

2} Best natural cure for Jaundice

Most new born care attacked by Jaundice. Chestnuts are the best diet advised for babies suffering from jaundice. It can be consumed in the form of juice or eaten raw.It has detoxifying properties and helps effectively remove toxins from the body. It also maintains the thyroid gland functioning as it has minerals such as iodine and manganese. So mothers are generally advised to add chestnuts in daily diet of their babies.

3} Strengthens stomach

As chestnuts are rich in flavonoid anti-oxidants, they possess anti-oxidant properties. They are also rich in polyphenols which contains anti-bacterial, antiviral, anticancer properties.  These properties help in strengthening the babies stomach and spleen. It is also effective in treating urinary tract disorders.

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4} Cures Indigestion

The chestnuts help in curing indigestion. It is a natural remedy for problems related to the stomach. It also helps to reduce the problem of bad appetite in children.

Water Chestnuts


5} Instant Cough Reliever

Cough is the very annoying disease for adults and babies suffering from cough is no less than a nightmare. Chestnut powder helps in relieving cough.  It works like magic and relieves the cough instantly. Give them chestnut powder by mixing it in water or juice. This mixturewill relieve them from that nightmare.

6} Best Coolant

The summer heat is a major problem for adults as well as kids, but it is very irritating for babies and they suffer a lot. Water Chestnuts are the perfect remedy and acts as instant coolant. They cool the body and keep the heat away.

7} Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

Water Chestnuts help in hair growth of the baby. Taking care of hair at the small age can help babies to have luscious and nourished hair in the longer run. Chestnuts have zinc, potassium, Vitamins B&C which help in the growth of healthy hair in babies.

8} Prevents Indigestion

Indigestion is a big problem for babies at a certain age and Chestnuts is the best cure for that. Regular consumption of chestnuts makes it easy for the babies digest food.

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9} Purifies Blood

Water chestnut helps in purifying the blood and is a natural blood purifier. Purifying your baby’s blood from their childhood makes them more immune and healthy.


10} Proper Muscle and Neural Functioning

Water Chestnuts help in proper muscle and neural functioning. The potassium provided by water chestnuts is very high and it will help in muscle and neural functioning.

11} Regulates Water Retention

Due to the high presence of potassium and less presence of sodium, Water chestnuts help in regulation of water retention.

So for all the parents out there, these are the benefits of Water Chestnuts. Start adding it into the diet of your babies so that they avail all the benefits and be strong as well as healthy. In this generation it is useful to be immune and healthy and these water chestnuts are going to help in both. So cultivate the habit of eating chestnuts to your babies and help them to grow healthy.

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