11 Benefits of Eating Ragi during Pregnancy


Ragi, a popular cereal cultivated mainly in the African and Asian countries, has tremendous health benefits for pregnant women. It is consumed in the form of porridge and is often recommended by doctors. Well, ragi is not only beneficial during pregnancy, but also has certain health benefits for mothers who have just given birth to the baby. You should integrate ragi during pregnancy first trimester in your diet chart during pregnancy.  Here are eleven health benefits of ragi that you should know.

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Health Benefits of Ragi during Pregnancy

High calcium content

Ragi contains high amounts of calcium. This is necessary for the development of bones and teeth in the child. The foetus receives nutrition from the mother, so you must have adequate calcium in your system. The calcium makes the bones, teeth and nails strong in the baby as he grows up.

High fibre content

The high amount of fibre present inRagi prevents constipation and problems related to bowel movement. As the foetus grows in size, it creates pressure in the intestinal region. The high content of fibre in ragi enables the bowel to pass easily and prevents constipation.

Contains natural fat

During pregnancy, it is necessary to keep a check on the food containing fat. It leads to issues like heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. Ragi contains natural fat, which is beneficial to the health and does not lead to excess weight.

Vitamin C

Ragi contains substantial amounts of Vitamin C, which absorbed iron from the body to cure anaemia. Pregnant mothers should have enough red blood cells, the foetus gets blood from the body of the mother. The Vitamin C present in ragi prevents anaemia and helps to give birth to a healthy child.


Releases stress

During pregnancy, most of the women suffer from stress. It is a psychological issue and often leads to depression. Ragi contains amino acids, which is effective in releasing stress. You should have Ragi during pregnancy first trimester to stay free from stress.

Helps to deal with insomnia

Many pregnant women find it difficult to sleep at night. You can get a good sleep if you consume ragi. The amino acids present in it is a tryptophan and helps to deal with insomnia. Pregnant mothers can deal with sleeplessness by incorporating ragi in the diet plan.

Reduces the chances of gestational diabetes

During pregnancy, the chances of getting gestational diabetes are high. Ragi contains polyphenol, which reduces the chances of gestational diabetes during this time. It is for this reason that doctors recommend it during this time.


Improved breastfeeding

After the child is born, the mother needs to produce milk for breast feeding. Ragi boosts up the milk production process. It contains iron, calcium and amino acids. If you care planning to breastfeed the child exclusively, you should have this food during pregnancy.

Gluten-free food

Certain women are prone to allergy and stick to gluten-free diets. Ragi is free from gluten and is completely safe to be consumed during pregnancy. If you have allergic problem, you should keep away from foods that cause irritation. Gluten-free foods keep the foetus safe.


Controls cholesterol level

You need to keep a watch on the cholesterol level in your body during pregnancy. It leads to hypertension and prevents you from experiencing normal labour. Ragi contains Methionine and Lecithin, which are effective in controlling the cholesterol level in the body.

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Supplies protein to the body

Protein is required in good quantities during pregnancy. It helps the foetus to develop and mature. For vegetarians, ragi is one of the most important foods, as they supply the body with proteins.  If you decide not to consume meat during pregnancy, you may try out ragi.

Source of mineral

Ragi is an excellent source of minerals. These are necessary in larger amounts during pregnancy, as the foetus receives food from the mother. You should plan out a diet chart containing ragi during pregnancy first trimester, in consultation with your doctor, including the necessary quantities of ragi.

Ragi brings a wide range of benefits to your body, enabling it to function in the right way during pregnancy. It keeps away various complications from the body and increases the milk production after the child is born. It also provides the necessary nutrition and minerals to the body, including high amounts of proteins and natural fats. No wonder, ragi is one of the most beneficial foods women during pregnancy.