How to Clean Baby Tongue?


Taking care of the baby is utmost thing every parent wishes to provide. Taking care of his hygiene to his health parent do not neglect any of the unusual habits and signs. Keeping the baby healthy , providing all possible nutrition food is considered as basic requirement by the parents. But along with this nutritional stuff it is important to maintain oral or dental hygiene in the babies. Reportedly parents have asked about “How to clean baby tongue”.

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how to clean baby tongue

Yes , it is important for babies to maintain a proper hygiene of the mouth no matter they have teeth within or not. It is required to prepare them for daily routine. So cleaning of gums and tongue is required. Even though it seems it’s easy to clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner but as noted most of the babies do cry a lot when the task is being performed and make it complicated. So parents usually prefer it doing when the baby is in good happy mood or basically laughing. In first 2 years basic oral hygiene techniques are performed to keep the baby’s mouth healthy and fresh.

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A Guide to Clean Baby’s Tongue


Why you Need to Clean your Baby’s Tongue?

If parents don’t take care of their baby’s oral health then they might face difficulties in maintaining overall health. Chances and risk of developing bacterial and germ infections and disease increases if the tongue is not cleaned on a daily basis.

The basic reason why it is recommended to clean tongue is because cleaning helps in removal of unnecessary food particles, decreasing bacterial accumulation and decrease bad odour. Daily two times cleaning of tongue along with flossing and brushing is more effective and beneficial and compared to only brushing alone. It is important to make your child do brushing and flossing to make it is as a good oral habit of daily.

How to Clean a Baby’s Tongue?

Following steps are required to clean the baby’s tongue:

Baby Younger than 1 year of Age

  • It is important to ensure your hands are clean before cleaning the tongue of the baby . Luke warm water is to be prepared in a bowl.
  • Small piece of gauze is to be wrapped around the finger and then moisten in the bowl with lukewarm water. Even baby tongue cleaner can also be employed as this is designed finger cloth and available at most of the medical stores.
  • Though there are various ways performed by parents to clean the tongue but the easiest one is to hold and cradle the baby in one arm and clean the mouth with the other hand. This way allows baby to feel a sense of security as well as affection.
  • Place your finger over the lips to open the mouth.
  • Immediately , put your gauze wrapped finger inside his mouth on his tongue and gently rub over it in circular motion.
  • After doing this move your finger towards cheek and massage the teeth, gums gently.
  • If not easily removed then gum cleaners is to be used. Fluoridated items are to be avoided as baby could ingest it.
  • If the parents are not able to clean it themselves , it is advised to consult a doctor.
  • This procedure is to be performed at least once a day especially after feeding the baby.
  • Soft bristled , moistened toothbrushes are to be used for infants.

Children Between 1 to 5 Years Old

Children between 1 to 5 years of age cannot properly take care of their oral health. Regular gentle brushing of teeth along with tongue cleaning twice daily.


More Tips to Clean a Baby’s Tongue

  • In place of gauze, soft cotton cloth could be dip in lukewarm water and then used to clean .
  • In some baby’s the tongue particles are strictly stuck. In this case, rubbing the tongue with toothpaste on cloth is recommended.
  • Rinsing of mouth properly is necessary and toothpaste remnant could be swallowed and which may cause irritation.
  • Some babies do not open mouth easily in such cases, visit to child specialist is recommended.
  • Glycerine can be used as an alternative to clean the baby’s tongue.

Precautions You Should Take

  • Regular dental visits are to be done once the appearance of 1st tooth has started.
  • Complete overall oral examination is advised in infants


Oral hygiene is important but starting it too early is not right. Cleaning the tongue is an important part of keeping the oral health perfect. Simply having baby with beautiful smile and happy mood all is what parent wishes to see.


Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!