9 Common Health Concerns For Girls And Young Women


Some common health concerns are eating disorders, anemia, irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal odors, anxiety, breast cancer, obesity, STDs, and Type 2 diabetes.

Health is a concept that includes both physical and mental aspects. Women and girls ought to be pretty careful with their health, as a little bit of ignorance can give birth to big health problems. It is quite easy to deal with health concerns by reaching out to medical help as early as possible. Moreover, an optimistic environment helps the mind to soothe rather than creating anxiety and gear!

The people born in the late 1900s and those born at the end of the twentieth century certainly have a different approach to health. When we talk about young women, the millennials, and GenZ one can easily make out that their approach to problems related to mental health and concerns for physical health is completely different. Due to the drastic change in lifestyle and food habits, women and young girls worldwide are at serious risk of ample health concerns. Here are 9 common health concerns for girls and young women.

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9 Common Health Concerns For Girls And Young Women

Eating Disorders

The advent of new media and a fabricated body image of the female gender has led to an increase in eating disorders. Young women and girls these days are going through a lot of anxiety disorders. Many experience stress eating, in which due to extra stress they resort to eating huge amounts of food.

Some fall prey to anorexia nervosa, in this young girls starve themselves to become thin This is a result of fabricated images of girls in the modern world that forces them to become ultra-thin. Young women and girls also fall prey to bulimia nervosa which is an eating disorder that makes women binge eat food. Then later on the food are puked out so that they remain thin! Women need to be careful that no false and unrealistic body image is formed in their minds which later on might hamper their health.


Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Women and young girls worldwide face irregular periods, which is a growing concern due to the change in eating habits, lifestyle, and diet. Usually, there can be many reasons for irregular periods, and sometimes the reason can be serious and might need urgent medical help. Young girls and women often fall prey to anxiety and prolonged negative thoughts when their periods don’t come on time. However, irregular periods might be due to undereating, overeating, over-exercise, and hormonal imbalance.

It is advised to check with a medical expert or your family doctor, about the irregular menstrual cycle. This health condition may be a sign of something concerning, or chronic. Although it is not necessary that every time irregular menstrual cycle is a serious concern, it is often due to hormonal imbalances. If you are experiencing irregular periods there is an urgent need of managing your dietary intakes and health. Irregular periods are also affected by illness, weight change, stress, and even lifestyle.

Vaginal Odours

The vagina is an important part of the body, and it usually is quite sensitive to the rest of the organs. Younger women and girls experience foul odors from the vagina which is a growing cause of concern. These odors might be a sign of an infection or a serious health condition. Other causes might be poor hygiene or any tampon that is left inside the vagina for a longer time.

The situation in the affected part can worsen if there is the application of any cosmetics or ointments. It is recommended to consult with your doctor before using anything on the affected part. Usually, there are signs like itching, burning sensation, discharges, or irritation along with the odors. It is recommended to avoid vaginal deodorants or any lotions that you might be using for a long time as it might contribute to the problem. It is advised you visit your doctor with your menstrual cycle and consult necessary medical supervision.


Anxiety is the standard reaction of almost every human being to a difficult, unknown, or strange situation. But, if this starts happening often and for a long period then it is a thing to be concerned for! When there is fear and worry, and this becomes difficult to control, then you must seek medical help, and consult a therapist or counselor.

There are many forms of anxiety. When you have a prolonged fear of worry about everything that comes under generalized anxiety disorder. When there are sudden strong feelings of fear then it is a panic attack. Fear of particular things and situation can also lead to phobias and disorders that have anxiety as the prime cause. When any women or young women go through an accident, stressful event she might suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Young girls and young women worldwide also suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). A person suffering from OCD has intrusive thoughts, stressful thoughts and compulsive, and repetitive behavior. There are chances that these are due to a family history of mental health or previous incidents in life. It is advised to seek medical help to increase optimism in life.


Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common growing health concerns these days. Millions of women suffer from breast cancer worldwide every year. Breast cancer is not always serious and dangerous. One of the good things about this medical condition is that if identified early, one can easily get rid of it. It is among the world’s most prevalent cancer.

It usually begins in the lining of the milk ducts, and it can spread in the other parts of the body that might lead to the hampering of other organs. Breast cancer can be identified at an early stage. One just needs to watch out for lumps in the breast which can be found by examining the bosom. If you notice lumps or unusual symptoms don’t panic and get it checked by a doctor. It is the most aggressive cancer occurring in the female population. It is usually present in the female body in the developed nations due to their extended lifespans. When a woman is affected with breast cancer, there is the formation of lumps in the breasts. It is really important to get it checked by a care provider so that any threat or harm can be cured before it starts affecting the whole body and makes the situation worse.


Millions of teens and young women are overweight all around the globe. Being overweight can certainly give an invitation to a lot of serious and chronic health conditions. Obesity can make younger women a target to irregular periods and polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes infertility, excess of hair growth, baldness, and acne.

Obesity is not always chronic or serious, one can certainly control it by initiating a discussion with your doctor. One can also consult professional medical help, and also take up yoga, and different exercises so that the body can be back on track. Being overweight can be very problematic, so it is important to take help as early as possible otherwise there are chances that you might be suffering from more health problems. Eating habits, binging on junk, or even stress eating can be a big factor for being overweight. It is also important that you start being particular about your diet and lifestyle to avoid such grave conditions. Additionally, keep yourself active so that you don’t fall prey to a sedentary lifestyle which is a major cause of obesity.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases are one of the most common diseases that can affect young women and girls. It can affect a lot of females and can have serious effects on their health conditions. Young girls must start discussing the precautions and effects of STD. People and usually young people often ignore contraceptives and birth control measures and get affected by STDs. It is important to create awareness among young women to increase the use of contraceptives and birth control measures for being safe, and healthy.

Parents should talk to their kids about STDs so that they are aware of the problems and don’t hesitate to reach out for help. It is important to understand the effect toll that STDs can have on your body. Thus, one should always take contraceptives and birth control measures to avoid STDs. Sexually active women and young girls are at high risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Sexually Transmitted Diseases can lead to brutal diseases like cervical cancer and medical conditions such as infertility.


Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic condition and a metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to process blood sugar (glucose) effectively. It usually affects young women. In this diabetes, the body either is unable to produce insulin or resists insulin. It is treatable by a medical health expert and also accompanies the medical diagnosis. However, it can last for up to two to three years or sometimes lifelong hence chronic.

Symptoms such as frequent urination, increased thirst, fatigue, blurred vision, and hunger are commonly found in Type 2 Diabetes patients. Around 8.5 percent of people worldwide have type 2 diabetes according to World Health Organization. Young women are the ones who are increasingly becoming prey to this disease and are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Sometimes there are unique symptoms which include yeast infections in the uterus, UTIs, thrush, and vaginal dryness. A proper diet is a solution to Type 2 Diabetes, however, exercise, meditation, and insulin therapy are also some common treatments that can help in curing it. If you see the symptoms reach out to your doctor.


Anemia is a condition in which the blood cells start losing the red blood cells, there is a lack of red blood cells. It also happens when there are dysfunctional blood cells in the body. As a response to fewer blood cells in the body, the flow of oxygen is reduced to the other body organs. Many symptoms occur with anemia, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, skin pallor, lightheadedness, sometimes fast heartbeat, and dizziness. Treatment usually includes iron supplements and vitamin B for the vitamin deficiency in the body and the blood cells. It is important to identify the disease and reach out for medical help.

There are millions of cases of anemia every year all around the world. Women and young girls usually feel stressed and anxious when they are diagnosed with Anaemia. That is why it is important to spread the word, that this disease is not a serious concern in the majority of women. One should follow a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and stay happy. However, it can be treated by doctors, health experts, and some medications, and is curable. One doesn’t need to be anxious and worried about the treatment.


The female body is quite vulnerable to diseases and is often prey to many health conditions and chronic diseases. Thus it is advised that one should be very careful and alert for health. Even the slightest change in bodily functions or any unusual symptoms must be treated as an alarm. It is advised that one takes these common health concerns very seriously.

It is advised to young women and girls that they should visit their doctor or therapist frequently, and indulge in conducting full-body check-ups regularly. This approach can help in identifying any developing diseases that might hamper the body later. Make sure you take care of your body, and health and reach out for medical help. A healthy body and mind can beat negativity and health complications like a magic wand. One should eat a proper diet and make sure it is balanced. An active lifestyle and an optimist approach can help deal with these common health concerns.




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