17 Amazing Health Benefits of Carrot Juice For Your Family


Carrots juice helps to reduce diabetes and fight cancer, boosts metabolism and immunity, rich in vitamin a, improves brain health and cognitive function, beneficial for pregnant women, excellent and natural source of antioxidants.

Carrots are very versatile veggies that can be consumed in a number of ways. They are excellent sources of important vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. This is where carrot juice can help. Here are 19 health benefits of carrots:

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17 Health Benefits of Carrot Juice
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Should I Drink Carrot Juice for Weight Loss?

17 Surprising Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Aid Treatment for Diabetes

The carotenoids in carrot juice help reduce insulin obstruction and thus can help regulate the blood sugar. These antioxidants also help regulate the glucose and insulin being metabolized by the body. The fiber in carrots regulates blood sugar levels. It also has the essential vitamins and minerals present in it that collectively work to prevent diabetes.


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Helps Fight Cancer

After the process of digestion, some of the waste particles remain behind in our body, which are known as free radicals that tend to damage cells. Eating antioxidant-rich foods helps in fighting against these free radicals and thereby preventing the possibilities of the development of cancerous cells.

Boosts Metabolism

Carrot juice can also increase bile secretion, which increases metabolism. This means that the rate at which food is broken down is higher, thus speeding up digestion.

Boosts Immunity

The antiseptic and antibacterial features of the nutrients contained in carrot juice will help improve your immune system. This type of juice is a great source of vitamin C which is essential for the proper activity of white blood cells – one of the vital elements of the human immune system. This essential vitamin can also relieve the symptoms and reduce the severity of a cold.


Rich in Vitamin A, which Helps Improve Eyesight

Red-orange colored foods (such as carrots, pumpkins and watermelons) contain a pigment known as beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A when eaten. This then helps in maintaining good eyesight. The main symptoms of vitamin A deficiency are vision loss or night blindness, so it is important to consume Vitamin A-rich foods constantly.

Improves Brain Health and Improves Cognitive Function

The beta-carotene in the juice boosts cognition and cuts down the risk of age-related brain problems. One reason is its ability to fight oxidative stress that damages brain cells. Carrot juice can help prevent debilitating brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and can boost your memory and reduce and prevent cognitive decline.


Beneficial for Pregnant Women

Carrot juice is rich in various nutrients that are required for a healthy pregnancy. Expecting women are advised to drink carrot juice or eat carrots because it reduces the risk of miscarriage and fetal infections. Carrot juice is also a diuretic, so it will help reduce the bloating which women experience during their period or pregnancy. Also, it is known to improve the quality of breast milk, so your baby will be healthier besides.

Boosts and Nourishes Skin and Hair Health

The beta-carotene in the juice possesses healing properties. It scavenges free radicals protects the skin’s tissues and keeps the skin soft and supple. The compound also has photoprotective properties. The vitamins in carrot juice will help make your hair thicker, shinier and stronger, plus they will stimulate hair growth. Vitamins C and E also will help prevent premature graying of your hair.

Improves Digestive Health

A significant amount of dietary fiber in carrots will ensure that your digestive system functions properly. It helps improve the production of bile and promotes better digestion of the nutrients which are then absorbed in the body. It also helps keep your peristaltic motion regular (aka your bowel movement), so you can say goodbye to constipation after you start drinking carrot juice. This will also help protect you from colon cancer, ulcers, digestive disorders and other serious diseases of the stomach and the colon.

Protects the Liver

Carrot consumption can lessen bile and fat stores in the liver. Liver disease and intestinal disorders are sometimes caused by deficiencies of elements in which carrot juice is rich in. Furthermore, the solvent fiber properties in carrots cleanse the liver and colon by encouraging waste removal. It helps the body eliminate uric acid, so it is recommended for those with rheumatism, arthritis, gout.

Excellent and Natural Source of Antioxidants

The carotenoids in carrots are potent antioxidants which help your body defend itself from serious temporary and chronic illnesses caused by viruses, harmful bacteria and free radical damage.  Carrot juice is an excellent source of various antioxidants including beta-carotene, vitamin C, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin and many others.

Improves Oral Health

Carrot is recommended for the strengthening and maintenance of the structure of the teeth. When this crunchy vegetable is eaten, it rubs off plaque and food particles and thus keeps the teeth and gums clean. Carrots also stimulate the production of alkaline saliva, preventing its acidity and thus it prevents cavities, halitosis, and other oral health issues.


Lowers Blood Pressure and Promotes Heart Health

Carrot juice is an excellent source of potassium which helps relax the tension in the arteries and other blood vessels, you will ensure that your blood is circulating properly. This will help boost the functioning of all organs and reduce the stress on the heart and cardiovascular system. The coumarin in carrots also helps lower blood pressure. This means that you will be better protected from heart attacks, atherosclerosis and strokes.

It Detoxes the Body

Not only will the plentiful amounts of vitamin A in your carrot juice help improve the absorption of nutrients by your digestive system, but it also promotes the cleaning of the liver from accumulated bile and fat. In addition to this, the fiber in carrots helps facilitate waste elimination and cleanses the colon. The potent cleansing properties of carrots can help relieve acne and other conditions which are induced by the increased toxicity in the blood.

Slows Down Ageing

The beta-carotene and other powerful antioxidants in carrot juice will help fight and reverse the cell damage and thus slow down the aging process of your body.

How to Make Carrot Juice

  • Preparing carrot juice is super easy and fast. You need one to two medium-sized carrots.
  • Wash and chop the carrots and add them to a blender
  • Add a cup of filtered water
  • You can add a few more chopped veggies of your choice
  • Blend on medium speed until all the ingredients are blended
  • You can strain the juice into a new container
  • You can store the pulp (fibre) in the refrigerator and use it in your other meal preparation.

What Happens If I Drink a Lot of Carrot Juice?

While carrot juice has health benefits, it’s important to drink in moderation. Juices contain little to no fiber, therefore they do not satiate the appetite much and add no bulk to the colon. Also, an excessive intake of beta-carotene can potentially change the coloring of your skin. It’s this vitamin that gives carrot its orange color. If you eat or drink too many carrots or carrot juice, your skin may temporarily develop a slightly yellowish or orange tint. Some studies prove that carrots in high amounts can be unsafe for young children. That is why it is important to feed the young only small amounts of carrot.


Should I Drink Carrot Juice for Weight Loss?

Carrot juice improves metabolism, which can help you drop weight faster. Carrot juice usually aids in increasing the metabolism in our bodies since it is rich in the vitamin B complex. This usually helps in breaking down fat, glucose and proteins for better absorption and removal.



17 Amazing Health Benefits Of Carrot Juice

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