51 Best Hobbies for Teens


It is always good to have some fun and excitement in your life by adding a little twist to your daily routine. But how can one do that? Well, the answer is simple! All you have got to do is add some activities in your life that are fun, creative and exciting at the same time. In teenage years, we want to do so much yet end up with doing almost nothing productive because we are so confused with what we should actually do. In this article, we will be discussing 51 hobbies for teenagers:

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Top 15 Best Hobbies for Teens

hobbies for teens


Learning a Foreign Language

There are so many foreign languages that a teenager can learn, be it French, Spanish, German, Japanese and the list goes on. Learning a foreign language also provides insights into the country’s history and its culture.

Playing Musical Instruments

If your teen is fascinated by music or musical instruments like drums, violin or guitar, he/she can learn to play the same.

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Begin a YouTube Channel

You can start your own show or a video blog. You can use the channel to talk about your city, any passionate subjects or something that interests you.


Canvas, portraits, modern art or just simple paintings. You have so many options in this one. You can just choose your area of interest and start painting.

Learn some Disney Hairstyles

I have seen most teens admiring the hairstyles of Disney princesses. Try to learn them if you admire their hairstyles.

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Join the Cheerleader’s Squad

You can give a shot to get into the cheerleader’s group. After all, who doesn’t love those tiny skirts, pom poms and above all, the killer dance moves?


Do you find interest in cutting, styling or just randomly playing with hair? Of course, I mean who doesn’t? well, you can choose this as your hobby.



You would firstly have to take beginner classes and then gradually move to surfing in the deeper areas of the sea. Always make sure you are under professional supervision.

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Fun yet exciting! You can begin with smaller trips and then go out for longer trails somewhere outside the busy city.

Make Pen Pals

It is through your pen pals that you get to learn so much about a new city, culture, tradition and its people.


I am someone who can be in the water all day long. If you are someone like me, this one’s for you!


I remember I was the one who was more interested in being in front of the camera. But if you are someone who enjoys staying behind the camera and capturing moments, this one’s for you.


Learn Makeup

You can become a pro in it by learning airbrush makeup, high definition contouring and so much more.


This is amongst the coolest hobbies you as a teen can try. You need to be good at voice modulations, should be able to move your fingers really fast and have a sense of humour.


Give yourself a chance to do something for the betterment of the society. You can choose something that gives you the utmost satisfaction, for instance, teaching underprivileged children, regulating the traffic or saving and planting more trees.


Oh, this one never goes in vain. You do not ever have to rely on somebody else for minor repairs in your clothes if you once learn it.

Story Telling

You can learn storytelling and narrate your stories by adding a little suspense, thrill or fun elements to make it a little more exciting.

Learn Calligraphy

This is something you can learn if your interest lies in writing.


Design Memes

I am a big meme lover and I am sure you must be too! why not design your own memes?

Nail Art

Choose vibrant colours, designs and patterns to paint your nails. Once you become a pro, set up your own mini nail bar.

Belly Dancing

Is there anything more attractive than this? And in fact, you also get to burn those calories up.


You can have your own garden in the backyard. You can plant flowers, ornamental plants or even vegetables.


This one’s my favourite. You can paint the street walls in different patterns and colours and then, leave your mark with your signature style. Only do this where you are allowed to.

Join a Club

A sports club, club for animal rights or a community club, you can join any of your interest.



You can begin with it in some local park, a street or any suitable place of your choice.

Mini Library

You can begin with your own mini library at any location you feel would be accessible to you, may be, your backyard?

Make Ice Cream

You can experiment with some existing flavours or even come up with your own variants.

Candle Making

You can come up with your own collection of some amazing candles and can in fact, even sell them to earn some money.


It is very much like modern art. All you need is a canvas, sharpies, crayons, ink pens and sketch pens and there you go.


This is one of the most interesting indoor sports. Practice and may be, you could be the next bowling champion.


Design Website

We all need a website in this age. And in fact, if you got the skills, you can also make some extra income.

Party Planning

This can be your money-making hobby if you love organising parties, brunches and birthday parties.


You can sketch almost anything like portraits, monuments etc. you just need pencil and erasers and go for it.

Dirt Biking

This one is fun, adventurous and also helps strengthening your body.

Play Online Games

If you are 24/7 in front of the screen, go for this as your hobby.


This can be done at times when you just want to do some repairs or even when you want to make fancy things.


Journal Writing

You can journalise your daily experiences of your life in a fancy notebook.


But people say you need a melodious voice for that? Well, NO! you can go for pop, jazz, rap, blues and in fact so much more.


Skating builds muscles and releases endorphins at the same time. I know this can be a little challenging but it is also fun at the same time.


I have an undying love for sweets and I have been dying to learn baking cakes, cupcakes, pastries and actually everything.

Aerial Dancing

All in could say is swing, fly and just dance like a bird.

DIY Projects

I wonder if there is something that could be more helpful than this. Watch some online videos or take help of your mom.



Pottery is a calming experience. You can create some new shapes and designs.

Jewellery Designs

Begin with repairing some old jewellery at home. You can also take classes from a designer and begin with smaller tools and supplies.


You can design your own sweaters pretty easily if you know knitting.

Stand-Up Comedy

You can begin with writing comedy acts and perform in front of a smaller audience to gain experience and confidence.


You would love cooking multi-cuisine dishes if you enjoy eating. Well, do you want to be a chef?



It is very important to connect with the nature. And hiking is a great physical exercise as well.


Yoga will keep you mentally and physically fit.


If you wish to run a marathon some day in the future, start with it now.


You can go with your family and friends and Camp under the open sky.


Now that you have got so many options, you no longer need to be confused. All you need to know where your interest lies and just, begin with it.