Can a Chiropractor Help with Reflux in Infants?


Chiropractic can help with infant reflux by removing nervous system interference and facilitating the body’s ability to function at its highest level. The Chiropractic doesn’t cure diseases but it is common to see the baby symptoms decrease.

Acid reflux occurs in children due to a number of reasons, ranging from the wrong position during sleeping to the lack of proper meals. During acid reflux, food in the digestive system of the child moves in a backward direction. The milk and other foods mix with the acid in the stomach and comes back through the alimentary canal to the throat. In these cases, you can seek a chiropractor help with infant reflux. You would look for a fast remedy to comfort the child. Many parents opt for this option as it helps to cure the baby in a short time.

In kids, chances of acid reflux are more as their sphincter muscles are not fully developed during this time. It is responsible for holding back the food in the stomach, not allowing it to move in the wrong direction. It is located at the end of the food pipe. Overeating may cause acid reflux in kids, as the food tends to come out of their digestive systems. You may find that milk in small amounts is coming out of the baby’s mouth, after you have fed him. This process is known as posseting. This often happens when your baby burps.

When can a child suffer from acid reflux?

Most of the time, the acid reflux occurs in babies aged under one year. The sphincter muscles need time to grow stronger. Almost 50% of the babies suffer from acid reflux for the first three months after birth. The problem may continue till the child is one-year-old. By the age of ten months, most of the babies get rid of acid reflux. Only 5% of the kids suffer from this problem by the age of ten months.

Why does acid reflux take place in kids?

Apart from the weak sphincters present in children, a few other factors may lead to acid reflux. These include:

  • Vertebral misalignment: The alignment of the vertebrae of the baby may not be normal, leading to acid reflux.
  • Allergic gastroenteritis: Certain foods may turn out to be allergenic for kids. For instance, the protein present in a cow’s milk often causes acid reflux. The system of the kids cannot adapt to these foods.
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): This is a severe stage of acid reflux in kids. The acid content in the digestive system increases to potentially high level. It can damage the esophagus.
  • Eosinophilic esophagitis: This is a painful condition, where eosinophils accumulates near the lining of the esophagus and injures
  • Obstruction: At times, the blockade in the food pipe or the space between the stomach and small intestine may result in acid reflux.

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Can a Chiropractor Help with Infant Reflux?

In some cases, acid reflux is caused in the children due to wrong alignment of the vertebrae. In these cases, the alignment has to be corrected. The professionals help your child to get the right alignment and eliminate the problem. You should seek professional medical advice for chiropractor infant reflux. When the expert re-aligns vertebrae, the upper valve of the baby’s stomach will come under better control. The function of the nerves come under proper control when the re-alignment process is complete. The professionals will also provide necessary treatment if the child suffers from gas-related problems, leading to reflux.

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How to detect acid reflux in kids?

The symptoms of acid reflux in kids are as follows:

  • You may find that the child is feeling uncomfortable when you feed him. He may arch away, refuse to eat or cry.
  • Even if the child does not have a cold, he may cough a lot.
  • Abnormal weight gain or loss is another symptom of acid reflux in kids

When you opt for chiropractor for reflux in infants, the baby gradually cures as the treatment is effective and helps him to recover in the upcoming months. The vertebrae and neck of the child may get misaligned during birth due to the following reasons:

  • C-section delivery.
  • Uses of forceps for extracting the baby.
  • Delivery of the child through vacuum extraction
  • Pushing out of the baby over an extended period of time.

 Seek professional help from the chiropractor for curing your child if the cause of acid reflux is amisalignment of the vertebrae.