15 Best Foods that Relieve Infant Constipation


Kids below five years are prone to constipation. Although doctors prescribe medicines to clear up the bowel, it is necessary to start the process right at home. You should provide them with the right kind of food, that relieves them from constipation. In fact, you can prevent infant constipation by maintaining a well-balanced diet with substantial quantities of fiber. Here are fifteen best foods that can relieve your infant from constipation.

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15 Best Foods that Relieve Infant Constipation


Prunes are enriched with potassium, Vitamin A, and fiber. It also contains sorbitol, which helps to tackle constipation. It has a laxative effect on the body in a natural manner, which helps to counter the effects of constipation.


Broccoli is one of the most recommended foods for children suffering from constipation. It contains good amounts of fibre, which eases up the bowel movements. Make sure you provide it to your child in the form of curry during lunch.


Pears are rich in fibre. In fact, a single pear can provide you with around 5.5 grams of fibre. Apart from this, it is one of the most effective natural laxatives for the body. You should provide pears to your child on a regular basis.

Flax seeds

Flaxseeds contain large amounts of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. These have a neutralizing effect on the other foods that cause constipation in children. The best option is to provide these to your kids in the raw form for consumption.



You should provide raw carrots to your child if he is suffering from constipation. Carrot juice is also an effective remedy for constipation in infants. However, try not to feed the kids cooked carrot, as they do not have any fibre content.


Peaches are one of the healthiest fruits for children. They help to keep off constipation, as the fibre content is high in the fruit. Especially, the skin of peaches contains large quantities of fibre. You should provide these to your kids regularly to fight off constipation.


Figs are rich in fibre and act as one of the best foods for infant constipation relief. They soften the stool in your kids and help them to clear the bowel without experiencing pain. Figs are often recommended by doctors for kids.

Infant Constipation


Pineapples help children to stay free from constipation in two ways. Firstly, they regulate the process of digestion, thereby reducing the chance of constipation. Moreover, they are rich in fibre, that help them to clear the bowel regularly.


Raspberries are important for your kids as they provide them with infant constipation relief. They contain large amounts of fibre, in fact, half cup of raspberries contains around 4 grams of fibre. Apart from this, raspberries also strengthen the immune system in the kids.



Avocados are mostly grown in tropical countries. It contains ahigh amount of fibre. If you cut a full-sized avocado into four quarters, each quarter will weigh around 57 grams and provide 2.3 grams of fibre to your child.


When you look out for a regular food to fight infant constipation, opt for lentils. These are rich in fibre and you can make it a regular part of the meals for your kids. A one-fourth cup of lentils provides your child with around 4 grams of fibre.

Wheat bran

Wheat bran is effective in keeping your child free from constipation, besides increasing the amount of metabolic activities for the kids. One-fourth cup of wheat bran contains around 6 grams of fibre. Make sure to include it in the diet chart of your kids.


One of the best laxatives for kids, papaya is rich in fiber and Vitamin A. It is one of the most effective foods for fighting constipation in infants. Papaya can be served in cooked form along with lunch, or in the ripe, yellow-orange form.

Brown rice

While some kids find it difficult to consume regular rice due to constipation problems, you may provide them with brown rice. They contain a high amount of fiber and it is effective in keeping the bowel movements normal.

Green peas

Green peas provide the body with a lot of fiber. Your child can get around 4.4 grams of fiber from a half cup of cooked peas. It helps them to keep the bowel movements normal.


Consult with your doctor before providing these foods to your child. Certain foods may not suit particular children. Choose the right food for your kids to keep the free from constipation.

Bael Fruit

Ripe Bael fruit is regarded as best of all laxatives. It cleans and tones up the intestines. This should be taken in the form of sherbet, which is prepared from the pulp of the ripe fruit.

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