7 Surprising Health Benefits of Calimyrna Figs


Calimyrna figs help to prevent cancer, reduces blood pressure levels, fights anemia and low memory power, promote healthy skin, strengthens bone health and helps to fight diabetes.

The fruit originally belongs to Turkey, but it came to be known as Calimyrna Figs after it was introduced in California. These fruits are now found in various regions across the world and are known by different names like brown turkey fig, LSU gold fig, byadi fig, kadota fig, and many others. The nut flavored fruit is delicate, green-colored when ripe and when it is dried, it turns to a somewhat golden color. People across the world use it in their dishes to make the health benefits of Calimyrna Figs, the cherry on top.

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If you want to enjoy this wonderful fruit and its benefits, we suggest you pick up those fresh figs from your tree and get them to your table! These Calimyrna Figs may be simply known for the taste, but are you aware of the health benefits the fruit has to offer? If not, this blog will guide you through the exclusive and barely known qualities of the fruit. Here are seven health benefits of Calimyrna Figs:


7 Amazing Health Benefits of Calimyrna Figs

Helps Prevent Cancer

Calimyrna Figs consist of polyphenolic compounds like benzaldehyde, often used in the treatment of cancer patients. But isn’t prevention better than cure? Exactly why you should include these fruits in your diet. The cancer-preventing fruit is even more beneficial for women, as women are prone to be affected by breast cancer.

Reduces Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure is very common these days, but are medicines always good to take? Why not try some natural remedy this time! Calimyrna Figs reduce cholesterol, the most common cause behind high blood pressure, which in turn also reduces the chances of having a stroke or cardiac arrest.

A Tough Fight for Anemia and Low Memory Power

Do you feel like you are lacking behind others when it comes to remembering things? Weakness could be caused by anemia too, and if this is the case with you, get yourself some fresh Calimyrna Figs. The iron content in the fruit helps produce hemoglobin effectively and thus helps cure anemia.

Calimyrna for Healthy Skin

The inflammatory properties of Calimyrna act as a potential skincare ingredient. Add it to your mask, or add a few Calimyrna Figs to your diet, and see what wonders it can do to your skin! From curing skin diseases to preventing acne, or other skin rashes, there is no stone that remains unturned.

Strengthens Bone Health

Calimyrna Figs are rich in calcium and are thus, helpful in improving bone health, and also prevent osteoporosis. Women tend to lose bone density after a certain age, so it can be really helpful in keeping your bones healthy. Also, if your kid is allergic to milk or milk-based products, it’s time you give them some Calimyrna Figs.

Helps Fight Diabetes

If you or someone from your family is suffering from diabetes, give them some Calimyrna Figs with their regular medicines. You shall be amazed to see the drastic results this fruit can bring about! High blood sugar levels are effectively brought to neutral levels, and Calimyrna itself acts as a substitute for insulin.


Say “NO” to Insomnia

Insomnia among youngsters is an exponentially increasing issue. Insomnia could also be caused by minute depression. If this is the case, don’t you think it’s more feasible to have some yummy Calimyrna, rather than those conventional strong medicines? Tryptophan content in Calimyrna Figs fights any sleep-related problem.

Can It Be Taken During Pregnancy?

Dry figs are also available in packaged form these days. The high calcium, potassium, antioxidants, iron and zinc-rich Calimyrna Figs are helpful during pregnancy as well. The nutrients help promote the healthy growth of the baby inside the mother’s body and ensures that the baby doesn’t suffer any deficiency during the gestation period. The high fiber content and nutrition for the baby is just as good as mother’s milk.

Can We Give It to Kids?

Calimyrna Figs are a great health supplement for kids due to its high vitamin and mineral content. Kids tend to spend more energy and play outdoors, so preventing them from those diseases by providing a strong immunity with Calimyrna Fig is indeed a good choice. It also helps cure fever and constipation, so rather than giving your child strong medicines the next time he/she falls sick, feed your child some healthy Calimyrna Figs because these will help fight any kind of germs. It is also good for kids with low hemoglobin count.


Side Effects of Calimyrna Figs

Though Calimyrna Figs are full of health benefits and nutritional properties, there is also a flip side to this coin. The leaves are usually safe when consumed in limited amounts, but high dosage can have negative impacts on the digestive system. The leaves, when applied to the skin, can also cause the skin to become UV sensitive, making your skin extremely sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Simple Recipes with Calimyrna Figs

Calimyrna Figs are best when consumed fresh. The sweet honey-like, nut flavored fruit can be used as an active ingredient in many recipes as well.

Deserts can include the fruit to add a nutty flavor to it, or it may also be used as an ingredient in stuffings to add a subtle sweet flavor, after having soaked in a little warm water.


Calimyrna Figs, which has its roots and name from California, is a subtle, sweet, nut flavored fruit that can be added to several dishes to make them taste even better! But the benefits of Calimyrna Figs are not just confined to making dishes tasty, rather, it is a potential healthcare component as well.


Fresh Calimyrna Figs are the best for you but worry not if you can’t find them. Any supermarket these days has to offer dried Calimyrna, which can serve all your nutrition requirements. From preventing cancer to increasing immunity, it reduces anemia, insomnia, and what not! But before you get your hands on this healthy fruit, remember there exist certain disadvantages too. Keep in mind the precautions to follow, and enjoy the tasty Calimyrna Figs!