17 Astonishing Benefits of Boron for Teens


As you may know, there is a strong correlation between healthy and strong gums, teeth and the rest of the body. In one crucial way, how you feed your body is the main energy source it obtains in developing strong bones and teeth.

Naturally, boron might be a nutrient of which you have not heard much and considered but is effective towards preventing tooth decaying organically. But, who does not wish to have healthy joints and bones for the rest of his/her life? Well, have you considered improved balance in hormones and better absorption of nutrients?

This sounds ideal and all of these benefits plus more are easily derived from the boron mineral.

Despite its lack of attention, boron is important to our bodies has it aids and supports normal and crucial functions in the body. In fact, boron is known to decrease oxidative stress and inflammation levels in the body. Moreover, these are the two things of which anyone who deems to be health conscious should think.

According to research, there are numerous benefits available for boron.

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Boron’s role in your body

Boron plays out important and various roles in our bodies. Especially to certain functions such as metabolism and other types of functions which are involved in sustaining homeostasis. Even so, you might be even shocked to hear that the sex hormones are even connected to gingivitis. Moreover, these hormones can even change the balance of oral microbiome and directly affects the immune system.

To further support this, this one of the few motives on why it is important for women to place importance on their bleeding gums during the pregnancy time. As mentioned, your body requires boron to develop and sustain an equal balance of sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen. Despite this, even if you end up taking too much of boron, you can eventually throw these problems off. For boron, you can be assured that having too much of this mineral is definitely a good thing.

Regarding boron playing its role, another crucial play it carries out is on how it supports the body in absorbing magnesium much better. Magnesium is definitely an element which is crucial for hundreds to thousands of functions performing in the body. Thankfully, these two minerals are a good blend and aid in making you feel the best in terms of health. Moreover, boron impacts on how the body also makes use of phosphorous and calcium.

But, this is just only few benefits to start with; there are other benefits of boron which are useful to the human body.

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17 Health Benefits of Boron for Teens



Increase the process of wound healing

Boron is useful in increasing the process of healing the wounds much quicker. A study research shows that in 1990, which is still known today, that boric acid treatment of 3 percent being applied on deep wounds can reduce the healing time by two-thirds. Therefore, we witness how boron supports wounds through actions that are specific on the enzymes which are common in animal tissues – elastase, alkaline phosphatase, and collagenase. Just as how boron triggers the osteoblasts found in the bones, it triggers even the fibroblasts found in tissues and skin.

Improves the health of gums and teeth

Boron enables to make the teeth and gums stay healthy by decreasing inflammation and hence improve tissue and bone repair. Moreover, there is an intriguing study where which was released in 2013 which notified that boron aids in tooth building cells in a way where it is even considered to be useful in the engineering of bones and teeth. However, this is still a long journey from turning into a reality however it is still an impressive pathway nevertheless. Furthermore, a dose of boron being taken in can lead to the prevention of gum diseases.

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Prevention of vitamin D deficiency

Firstly, you should know by now that vitamin D is important for your overall health. Boron helps in preventing vitamin D deficiency by elevating the biological half-life of vitamin D levels found in the body. This means that it aids in increasing the amount of time vitamin D continues to stay within the body in a healthy form.

Decreases inflammation

Boron is useful in decreasing particular inflammatory markers which are known as cytokines – or to be specific, ‘hs-CRP and TNF-α’. Two of these cytokines are known to be linked with insulin resistance, obesity, lung cancer, depression, breast cancer, heart disease, and many more.

In addition, due to its role in decreasing inflammation levels and modulating cells of joints and bones, boron is being known as a natural treatment which is effective for curing osteoarthritis.


Balance of hormones

We did mention about hormones slightly but knowing the influence of boron on our hormones is definitely worth being looked on deeply. Boron is equally crucial to both men and women. There are even research studies which show on how boron supplements than to elevate the levels of testosterone and estradiol.

Because of this solely, you may stumble upon recommendations found in many health forums regarding suggestions on boron supplementation. These recommendations pinpoint the evidence on how boron does increase testosterone levels. Despite this, they do often fail in mentioning that boron elevates estrogen levels, wherein this is not so great for a majority of men. Personally, we feel that this nutrient can be obtained from food thus can avoid supplementation unless you are under the guidance of a doctor.

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Boosts bone health

Compared to all of the functions in the body of which boron plays an impact, it is popular for its role in the bones and joints. Boron generates the activity of mineralization which is even known as ‘osteoblasts’. Osteoblasts are basically a cell type where it leads to the generation of new material in order to rebuild bones. Furthermore, boron operates these cells activates these cells through modulating gene expression.

Improves Estrogen production

Boron enhances levels of estrogen which is proven in older women (post-menopausal) as well as healthy men. Estrogen is useful in the body as it helps to sustain mental functions and healthy bones.

Prevents post-menopausal osteoporosis

Boron helps in improving levels of estrogen found in postmenopausal women, thus decreases symptoms derived from menopause such as mood swings and hot flashes. Moreover, this reduces the dangers of fungal infections like candida albicans. And even enhances cognitive performances and brain functions.


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Treats cancer

Radiation therapy contains particles such as neutrons which react with boron in order to exterminate tumour cells without causing harm to normal living cells.  Capture therapy for boron neutron is researched as a form of treatment for neck and head cancer (recurrent) as well as Glioblastoma Multiforme. This is also known as BNCT.

Proper cell membrane function

It has been tested that the most important role for boron found in plants (which can involve a combination between calcium and boron) is found at the levels of the cell membrane that modulate signalling events. Even so, 90 samples o plant findings haven even led to the assumption where the boron could even play out as a cellular signal which blends different transcription factors. Therefore, this can have an impact on the expression on a few genes. Moreover, all these hypotheses could alter and influence organogenesis, cell differentiation, and embryogenesis.

Shields against ‘Oxidative Stress’

Oxidative stress interprets the imbalance found between the making of free radicals and the capability of the body to remove its dangerous effects. To put it simply, your body creates a lot of free radicals which cannot be removed quickly. However, boron decreases the free radicals since it boosts the immunity system of the body.

Helps with kidney stones

Kidney stone formation and size depends largely on urinary calcium excretion. Boron decreases the excretion levels thus leads to fewer stones.

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Treats and withstands yeast infections using boric acid

This acid exterminates and impedes the production of bacteria- harmful bacteria such as yeast.

Aids in metabolizing insulin

Boron supports the body in metabolizing insulin which decreases the amount of insulin needed to sustain levels of plasma glucose.

Assists metabolic processes

Boron aids in speeding up this process like wound healing and bone growth (as mentioned)

Improves brain function

Boron seems to prove support for eye-hand coordination, both short and long-term memory and manual agility.

Decreases osteoarthritis

Boron is able to manage inflammation which is being linked with the bone mineral density which leads to dangerous osteoarthritis.

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Boron or Boric acid is assumed to be safe when used on the vagina for 6 month periods. However, it can lead to a burning sensation.

Apart from this, boron is known to be unsafe for adults and children when being consumed in large doses. Boron in huge quantities can lead to poisoning. Signs of being poisoned which involve tremors, weakness, depression, convulsions, headaches, irritability, vomiting, diarrhoea as well as skin peeling and inflammation.

Ideal food sources which contain boron

Instead of opting for consuming supplementation, you can eat foods which are enriched in boron. These can include:

  • Brazil nuts
  • Bananas
  • Almonds
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans


Boron is an amazing mineral which the body needs especially for teenagers (both men and women) these days and should be included in the diet.  However, consuming a lot of Boron can be dangerous and poisonous.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!