21 Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband During The Lockdown


The novel coronavirus Pandemic has made the whole world fall prey to infections, life-threatening medicines, and lockdown. People are frustrated, sad, and mentally disturbed by the fact that they have to stay at home for long, and the virus is here to stay. The virus has forced the whole world to stay at home and celebrating Birthday parties and special occasions have become a challenge now, but there is nothing to feel sad about it. One can do a lot while staying at home!

21 birthday gift ideas for husband during a lockdown

A virtual Birthday Party

We all have come to a time when everything is done virtually, coronavirus has made the world indeed a small village now. You can organize a virtual birthday party, keep a specific time for your party and let others come online at the same time. This can help in celebrating with your loved ones, and this can make your husband feel special.

lockdown birthday

Organize game sessions

One can easily keep a virtual party, ask others to join in. The best part is that the effort people put in taking time out of their schedule for someone is adorable enough to win your husband’s heart. One can conduct game sessions like, singing games, dancing games, and other types of games that can be played verbally or through bodily actions. This will make the party fun, and memorable.

A greeting card for him

Greeting cards went out of fashion, but the lockdown has made all humans realize that little things matter. You can order a greeting card online for your husband, there is a collection of adorable greeting cards online, and you can order them and present it to him to make him feel special.

Order a board game

Boardgame might sound boring, but actually, it can be a whole lot of fun. Gift your partner a puzzle or a Zenga building stacks puzzle, you can promise your partner that you and he would have quality time together. This will help you and your husband to create a bond, have fun in little things, and make each other feel special.


Creating plans together

We all are at home, and no one has an idea about when the coronavirus will get over. The best thing that you can gift your partner on his birthday is that promise him that you both will go on a trip, or maybe a vacation when the global pandemic is over for once and for all. You both can plan outings, and make a list of things you will do. This will give you both a reason to look forward to special and little things in life while being together.

Present a handwritten card

Expensive gifts have their charm, but the charm of a handmade card is a different thing. You can make a handmade card for him at home, using paper, a pen, and some art materials. This will make him feel special and would be a sweet memory to savor upon.

Make a Cake at Home

Ordering food from outside and chilling is a good idea, but you can do a lot at home, you can prepare a cake for your husband at home, it will be healthy, made at home, tasty and trustworthy. This will ignite romance and attachment between you and your husband. This is a little and special way of saying how much you care for him, and what he means to you.

Customized Photo frame

Showing love is often connected with taking care of little things that matter. You can order a customized photo frame online, you can ask the seller to put your picture and your husband’s picture. This will look adorable, creative, and would help in keeping memories.

A Coffee Mug

One can order a coffee mug online, it can be customized as well. Choose the best mug you would like to give your husband. It will be a memorable gift and every day when he drinks coffee or any beverage he can remember that you gave the mug these little gifts can play a big role in any relationship.

Eye Mask

The most important thing that one can find in a person, whom we feel attached to is the care of the little things and small habits that we have. A sound sleep is a rare thing these days and a luxury. One can hardly sleep in the 21st century, the amount of stress human beings are entitled to these days, it has disturbed the mental peace. An eye mask is a perfect thing to gift your husband on his birthday, this shows how much he matters to you. He will be able to sleep in peace and sleep fast.


A plant or a sapling

Birthdays come and go, and the best part is they are quite memorable, you can make it a good memory. Order a plant sapling or a tree sapling and gift it to your husband. Plant it either in your garden or backyard, in an earthen pot, or any pot. After you plant the sapling make sure your husband and you water it every day and take care of it. The sapling will grow and stay for a longer time, it will become a memory, and every time you look at it you will feel good.

A book, novel, or biography

It is said that books are man’s best friend. You can gift your husband a nook, a novel, or a biography. It can be of any type, based on his interest, or a book you think he should read or it can be something of your choice. You can order it online from a good, reputed, and credible website to ensure safety during a pandemic.  You can insist him to read it for his intellectual growth, and you will feel good when you both will engage mutually in such activities. It shows how much the person wants you to invest in yourself and become great. This would affect the relationship to have a positive effect.

An online Entertainment application subscription

Lockdowns forced humans to stay at home, for many days. The virus is here to stay and all that one can do is learn to focus on goals and manage your schedule properly. Many people like to watch online movies and web series. You can gift your husband a subscription to online applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or any that he likes to watch. This gift will make him feel special and he will understand how considerate you are to his taste, opinions, and choice.

Workout Merchandise

Self-care is an important thing, especially in the lockdown when all are at home, sitting, eating, and working on their computers all day. You can buy fitness machines and merchandise for your home online, you can set up a gym for your partner to showcase how much you care for them and their health. This gift will help you in keeping you and your husband healthy and fit.

A Video wishing happy birthday

As the whole world is constricted to their homes, it is nearly impossible for you to call friends and family, as social distancing is the need of the hour. You can still bring every person close to your husband and feel like you all are together. All you have to do is make a small video compiling the birthday wishes sent by your friend’s husband, his near and dear ones, and family. Make sure you add some pictures to it, to make it creative and present him, this present will be emotional and your husband will have a wholesome of nostalgia. This present will be beautiful, memorable, and adorable as all good memories are compiled in that one place.

A self-care package for him

Self-care is very important at times when the whole world is at home and people are having a negative and bad perspective for almost everything. Your health and your partner’s health is important, and also it is important to pamper your body with all the care and nutrition that is needed. Gift your partner a self-care pack, you can order it online. In a self-care package usually, you will find lotions, trimmers, spa creams, and massage oils, etc. Thus, gifting your partner will be a great idea as people forget to care for themselves amid a lot of work and tension.


Make a Collage

Expensive gifts and gifts from galleries are fascinating, but what is handmade and handwritten, is adorable and memorable. Make a collage for your husband at home, select all the pictures you think are important, and compile it into a collage, your collage can be creative and can have any shape that you want. This will make your husband feel special, and make him see the handwork and priority you give him. This will make him feel special.

Wish Jar

A wish jar is an adorable idea for birthdays. All you have to do is collect some mason jars, paint it with a light color from outside, and tie a ribbon or a jute wire ion its top. Now cut little pieces of paper and write your wishes that you want to say to for your husband. Write your wishes and put all the pieces of paper inside the wish jar. Make sure you decorate it from the outside so that it looks beautiful. Now present this to your husband and he will love it surely.

A beer mug

People love beer a lot, and that is the reason why on every special occasion they look forward to it. A beer mug is something your husband would need all the time to be it public gatherings, family functions, or house parties. Give him a beer mug that stands out from the rest. He can enjoy his sip of beer and its outlook as well while remembering that you gave It to him.

Order snacks

A Birthday is a day when everyone feels special about themselves, and making someone feel special doesn’t require you to bring them the most expressive gift or bring stars and moon, rather little things can be very adorable and promising as a present. You can order all the favorite snacks of your husband at home and savor them with him. This gesture would make him feel special and loved. Also, this would cater to his cravings for snacks and junk, and one day of unhealthy eating and binging on snacks will not make a difference to his health. So go ahead with this idea and show him you care with a punch of fun and love.

Candle Light Dinner

A candlelight dinner is actually something that every couple looks forward to, considering the fact that candlelight dinner sounds romantic it can actually develop a nice bonding between you and your better half. So begin your day by preparing the dishes for the night, consider his favorite meals, sweet dishes, and savories. This gesture will make him think that you are actually very caring and considerate. Decorate the table and the room where you will have the awaited Candle Light Dinner. Make sure you make the environment comfortable, order flowers, put candles, and make sure that the room looks subtle with little dim lights. You can also have a couple of dance after dinner, this would make you feel much loved and he would also feel overwhelmed.


A birthday is a special occasion, and we try our best to make the person whose birthday is being celebrated specially by hook or crook. We should do little things, gestures, order gifts, and many more things to make the other person feel special about the day. Just make sure that you put all your efforts and surprise the other person with gifts and ideas with all your heart. A tasty meal, a baked cake at home, or a candlelight dinner all of these can be done at home easily, and other ideas can be ordered online or arranged by a nearby shop. Thus, make sure that you celebrate your better half’s birthday in this lockdown cheerful and excitingly.