11 Quick Tips To Keep Your Kid Motivated For Online Learning


Making your child sit and study is a big deal itself and now, during this pandemic situation, when the classes are totally conducted online, it gets more difficult to manage your kids. But nevertheless, if you are the parent, you gotta take the responsibility of actually growing their interests towards online study. Thus, here we bring to you, 11 easy and effective tips on how to motivate students to attend online classes. So, without any further ado, let’s see which tricks, among the following, actually work for you and your kid.

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11 quick tips to keep your kid motivated for online learning

Help them in planning their study schedules

As they are already attending a long hour of classes, eventually they get tired and confused and that’s the time when they possibly wanna quit and give up. But if they get a helping hand who would share their workload a bit by planning a good schedule for them, not only does it make them a little relaxed but also they tend to get more organized. Now, if your child is below 12 years, you need to make a study routine for them as they are too young to make a good one on their own. But if he/she is a teen, you may offer them your help if they want any, because most teenagers want to do their work on their own and may get annoyed by your unnecessary interference, so it’s better you ask them if they do need any help.

Behave like a classmate to them

You know what or whom they are missing the most these times? Their friends and the classroom. So, if you try to behave like one of their classmates in front of them during the class hours, they wouldn’t feel that bored but will be delighted more. What you have to do is simple, just sit with a pen and paper in the same room your kid is sitting and attending the classes as if you’re also having the class, but of course not in front of the camera, you gotta sit in any other corner.

Let them teach you

After their classes get over, ask them to teach you and other family members what he/she got to learn in the class. This gives your kid a feeling of being a teacher, which most students absolutely enjoy the most. This way, not only your children will have their lessons revised, but also it will uplift their mood and motivate them to concentrate on the classes.

Get familiar with the basic technologies

You need to get some simple ideas of the digital way of learning along with your child, like knowing how to join a class meeting or how to upload assignments, so that you can help them if something goes wrong and they can’t figure it out.


Keep in touch with their teachers

Communicating with the class teacher of your kid or any other teacher concerned is necessary so that you keep yourself updated with what your child is learning presently and how he/she is performing in the class to help your child improve in anything that he/she is lagging behind.

Do reward them

Every human being on earth wants to be rewarded. Needless to mention, so does your child too. So promise them a reward after they finish their class properly. The reward can be as simple as chocolate or giving them access to your mobile for some time or letting them watch the TV for an extra hour. This will create an urge in them to sit for the classes and complete those with the utmost attention.

Keep an eye on them to see if they feel exhausted

After attending such long hours of online classes, it is expected that your kid might feel tired and exhausted. But you have to cheer them up with all the needful. Play with them for some time or sit with a bowl of popcorn to watch their favorite cartoon or a movie, beside them.

Give your child some self-time

After having spent some quality time with your kid, give them a break of their own. At this time they might wish to call their friends up and may like to have a refreshing conversation with them as they can’t meet them in person. So, just give them some self-time and let them enjoy it by themselves.

Provide them with some healthy and tasty snacks

It is suggested to prepare some delicious yet healthy homemade snacks/foods and provide them to your child while they are attending classes or when they are having breaks in between the consecutive classes (in case their teacher doesn’t permit them to have food during the ongoing class). This will make them feel energetic and suppress their cravings.

Make up their study space

It is important to make the study space of your child more interesting and less of distractions. You may add some cute study stationeries to their study table or may glue some of their favorite stickers on the wall in front of them. This will attract them to sit at their desk and start studying.


Cheer them up with your inspiring words 

Your child is always trying and it is you who need to motivate them and cheer them up. If they feel that you and the other family members believe in them, no matter how the child is performing in the class currently, your child would get more motivated to study.


If your ward doesn’t feel motivated, you gotta encourage him/her. The time we all are undergoing is not at all easy, but we all need to deal with it patiently. Last but not the least, hope these tricks would help you in motivating your child to make them sit and attend virtual classes.