12 Best Baby Cribs for your New Born


A pivotal point in your baby’s room! Yes it is the baby’s crib where they spend a considerable amount of time. No wonders to the fact that parents put on their thinking caps in the purchase of a baby crib. They go through the reviews, seek the opinion of the near and dear ones. Finally they have to keep the safety considerations in mind as well.  Parents often prioritize the safety and comfort of their newborns when selecting cribs for newborns, as it is a pivotal point in the baby’s room where they will spend a considerable amount of time. All this will make you ready for a nap!

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Best Baby Cribs for your New Born

In modern times, the best versions of the cribs should not only have an aesthetic appeal but they should grow simultaneously with your baby. It should be embedded with a host of features and your needs should be served.

1} Babyletto’ Hudson (convertible 3- 1 crib)

Manufactured from non-toxic materials, it is one of the safest cribs in the market. Reviews of parent’s point that it takes hardly 30 minutes to assemble it. It can pretty much fit easily into a traditional room and is priced at $ 380.

2} Jenny Lind (Convertible 3- 1 crib)

It is a stand out crib and blends into the interiors of your room. Incorporated in modern colours, it sends out a strong statement. It is priced at $ 249.

3} Jayden Sleign

This crib does hide the unusual designs that are present in front, but allows cashing in on the benefits of this unique design. Though it is pretty much easy to assemble, you are likely to find the exact number of screws needed and no spares. It would mean that losing one is going to spell trouble.


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4} Eco crib

As the name suggests these cribs are manufactured from materials or part of a manufacturing process which is environment friendly. Normally renewable sources of energy are used. Being part of a noble cause some companies go on to plant a tree for every baby crib that is purchased.

5} Alma Mini crib

Priced at $ 340, you can fold away the crib once it is done with. It would also mean that you can park it next to your main bed. They are available in green, white and brown colors.

6} Gulliver crib

It is one of the long lasting cribs and that too at an affordable price. If you remove one side, it could be turned into a toddler’s bed. It is priced at $ 99.

7} Baby Bjorn’s Crib

It is a great travel crib if you are constantly on the move. Light in weight it weights a mere 13 pounds and the vented side shows what the baby is doing. For enhanced safety, there is a mattress along with it and priced at $ 300.

8} Graco’s   Charleston (convertible 4 – 1 crib)

It resembles a traditional look at a great price. As normally with any type of convertible bed, it could be turned into a toddler’s bed. It is priced at $ 220 and is available in grey, white, and cherry and black.


9} Babyletto’s Bingo   convertible 3-1 crib)

This storage comb provides you with a lot of display space. Four varied types of mattress heights are there, in comparison to the standard versions that hardly have one or two. Once assembled, a major chunk of the hardware is hidden. It is priced at $ 549.

10} Micuna’s Baby crib

This is a form of baby crib that you might have hardly seen in the market till now. Colours incorporated on the splinters by the side, are customized to give your nursery a glorified look. Priced at $ 490, pink, blue, grey and white are the common colours.

11} Multipurpose crib

A consortium of more than single furniture’s into a versatile design. It does save you the cost of buying two pieces of furniture. To make sure that the crib is not that bulky, the joint furniture that is purchased needs to be smaller in size.

12} Round crib

Most of the rounded cribs are incorporated with a canopy portraying a mediaeval experience. It has got an unusual design, and it is smaller in stature than a rectangular crib. It means that once the baby grows you would need to purchase a larger crib.

To sum it up, always assemble the baby crib in the room where you want to fix it. You should not be in for a shock when it does not fit in the room. On loss of any spare parts, no need to improvise. Call up the company and seek suitable replacements. If you are expecting twins then opt for more than one crib.