Is It Safe to Get A Gel Manicure Done During Pregnancy?


Gel manicure means the application of a gel or liquid on the nail. Gel manicures involve many chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful for you during pregnancy. Gel manicures also use UV light to apply or pull off the gel. This can be harmful during pregnancy as well. Even though the risk is minimal, it is still there. A home-made gel manicure kit will lower the risk sufficiently. It is the best alternative to getting a gel manicure done in salon.


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So, what is a gel manicure?

Gel manicure has become a beauty phenomenon in recent times. Applying a soft or hard gel polish on your nail is gel manicure. Nowadays, you can attach gel nail extensions to your natural nails as well.  One of the reasons gel manicure is becoming a rage among women is its longevity. Normal nail polishes can get chipped off very fast. But in gel manicure, the gel lasts for almost two weeks. This manicure retains the shine of the gel without chipping or peeling for a long time. A gel manicure requires hardening of the gel by UV lamp lights. This process sets the gel.


Is it safe?

Gel manicure may be quite tempting for you, but it may not be completely safe for you. According to dermatologists, there are many toxic compounds in the gel. These compounds can prove harmful to you and your baby.  The gel can get absorbed through your nail beds. The toxic compounds can get absorbed in your skin in this way. Gel manicure can be harmful in this case during pregnancy.

The most important con of a gel manicure is the ultra-violet light used to set the gel. In a salon, the professionals use a kind of UV lamp to harden the gel applied on your nails. In this way, the gel stays on for weeks without getting cracked or chipped.  A recent study shows that the exposure to this kind of light can cause premature ageing of your skin. Even skin cancer is a possibility. Chris Adigun, a professor of dermatology says “To be honest, there’s not a simple answer about the danger of the UV rays in gel nail lamps.” There is also a slight risk of the UV light to reach your belly. This might do damage to the baby in your womb.


Gel nails release certain chemical fumes while the gel is setting. These fumes can be toxic, especially during pregnancy. During pregnancy, you have morning sickness. These fumes can make you even more nauseous. It is best to get the manicure done in a room well ventilated. This will get rid of the fumes fast and prevent nausea.

There are certain chemicals in the gel which can be harmful to your eyes, lungs, and skin. These chemicals can cause an allergic reactions in you. During pregnancy, an allergic reaction to chemicals can prove dangerous to you and your baby.  You should check with the professionals in the salon which chemicals are there in the gel.

Your skin can become extra sensitive during pregnancy. As a result, a gel manicure can cause fungal or bacterial infections around your nails. Any kind of infection is harmful during pregnancy. It can pass on to the baby in the womb as well. If you are allergic to gels, it is best to avoid gel manicures. Go natural and grow your natural nails. Your nails will be longer and stronger during pregnancy!

Another risk of getting a gel manicure during pregnancy is in removing the gel. Unlike removing acrylic nails, gel nails need acetone for removal. This chemical is used to soak your nails in before removing the gel. Acetone is used to remove normal nail polish as well. However, there is a slight difference. While normal nail polish can be removed by acetone quickly, gel nails require soaking for more than 20 minutes. Your nail has to be in touch with this harmful chemical for a long time. This is very harmful for your skin. Gel manicure is risky during pregnancy because of this also.


  • While removing the gel nails, make sure you are in an open space or a ventilated area. This will prevent the fumes released to harm you and cause nausea.
  • Try to ensure the minimum time is taken to soak your nails in acetone. The less you are in contact with the chemical, the better for you.
  • Try to soak cotton pads in acetone to remove the gel instead of soaking your fingers in it. This will limit your skin contact with the chemical.
  • Limit the use of UV light while getting a gel manicure. If sparingly used, the light can cause little harm to you or your baby.
  • You can try wearing UV shield gloves with the nail areas open. These gloves will protect your skin from the harmful light of the lamps used in salons. YouVeeShield gloves are the best protective gloves against UV radiation and prevent wrinkles of the skin and even skin cancer.
  • While drying the gel, keep the lamp turned off and the fan turned on.
  • You should wash your hands thoroughly after getting the manicure done to remove leftover chemicals.
  • Avoid getting colored gel manicure. The colors are more harmful to your skin.
  • Get your manicures done sparingly. Frequent gel manicures can be harmful.


Gel manicure is longer lasting than normal manicures. This is one of the primary reasons this beauty phenomenon has become such a rage among women.  Although there are a few concerns about whether it is safe to get a gel manicure done during pregnancy. There are a few risks in gel manicure, especially during pregnancy. But the risk is very low according to many experts. The chances of the UV light causing skin cancer or other problems to you or your baby is significantly low. This is because the intensity of the lights used during this manicure is not enough to cause potential harm. Even the potential of the fumes released to cause harm is not scientifically proven yet.

If you are worried about whether to get a manicure done, it is best to talk with your doctor.  You can also use at home gel manicures as this reduces the chance of getting harmed.  But if you want to be completely risk free during pregnancy, best to not go for manicures ladies!