11 Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water During Pregnancy


Alkaline water is considered as any kind of water that has a ph level higher than 7. It is actually the ph of regular tap water. There are dissolved solids and alkaline compounds present in ionized alkaline water. It is known for its medicinal and curative properties.

As we all know, pregnancy is the most exciting yet scary time in a woman’s life. The most important question that comes often in a pregnant woman’s mind is what’s safe for her baby and what’s not. Here in this article, we will know about alkaline water, its health benefits during pregnancy, and if it is safe to drink is or not along with other details. According to some researches, the mother loses a few alkaline minerals during her pregnancy, and consumption of alkaline water may provide a lot of amazing health benefits to her.

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11 Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water During Pregnancy

Restores ph balance

The mother directs most of her alkaline minerals to the placenta that nourishes the growing child. This causes acidic discharge from the fetus and the mother’s blood becomes acidic also. Alkaline water helps to restore regular ph levels in the blood, as it neutralizes the acidity of the blood. It also helps the blood to remove the acidic waste by neutralizing it.

Increases energy

The mother’s body is forced to make a few adjustments such as fatigue, morning sickness, hormonal changes, and exhaustion to accommodate the growing child within the first few months of pregnancy. The added minerals present in alkaline water provide extra nourishment to the mothers. That way the mother can maintain consistent hydration levels, which keeps her energetic all day.

Prevents dehydration

During the pre-pregnancy days, the mother requires more water than usual. Because it is important to maintain her hydration level and water level in the amniotic sac. Pregnant women usually have a notorious urge to pee more often because of morning sickness. Alkaline water consumption is very beneficial for pregnant women as it undergoes an ionization process. It also has a calming effect on the nauseous and sensitive stomach of the mother.


Reduces morning sickness

During the pregnancy period, the mother experiences hormonal fluctuation, and this condition causes sickness at any time of the day. Morning sickness includes vomiting tendency and nausea, it can last for the whole nine months sometimes. This water keeps the mother hydrated sufficiently as well as eases the symptoms.

Prevents constipation

Most pregnant women experience constipation during their pregnancy. Iron supplementation causes this situation, as it increases the rectum pressure. You can increase your fiber intake by consuming fresh vegetables and fruits daily. But alkaline ionized water restructures the water into smaller molecules, which makes it easy for the body to absorb.

Reduces indigestion

During the second and third trimesters, most pregnant women experience heartburn and indigestion because of hormonal changes. Sometimes, indigestion can be experienced because of the growing fetus and uterus inadvertently. Alkaline ionized water soothes heartburn and indigestion as it neutralizing the stomach acid.

Boosts immunity

The remedy is not about chugging alkaline ionized water all alone. You should drink it to supplement a healthy diet. This daily routine strengthens the immune system of the mother and the growing baby as well.

Removes free radicals

This water contains a lot of antioxidants that are very beneficial in fighting free radical damage in the body. During pregnancy, the mother supports two developing systems, that’s why her body becomes vulnerable. Alkaline water will help her in fighting the free radicals and in preventing weakness, pre-mature aging.

Promotes baby’s growth

Alkaline ionized water keeps the mother’s body healthy as well as fulfills the baby’s body requirements with alkaline contents. Consumption of this water plays a very important role in the baby’s growth. The more the mother consumes this water, the more it will benefit the baby.


Fulfills mineral requirements

Alkaline ionized water contains extra healthy minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. It fulfills the mineral requirements of both the baby and mother. The normal tap water or some other groundwater is unable to fulfill those requirements.

Flushes out toxins

This water keeps the mother safe and healthy by flushing out the toxins and other chemicals.

Is alkaline water safe to drink during pregnancy?

The answer is a big yes. Mineralized alkaline water is extremely safe and healthy for a pregnant lady and for her baby too. It contains a high ph level that fights the acid build-up in the body. It improves overall health as well. There is no such scientific evidence that proves that it is harmful to the baby and the mother.

Unless the mother has kidney disease, this water won’t harm or cause any serious health risks. The high ph can cause itchy or dry skin or can upset your stomach, but nothing more than that. Otherwise, the water offers numerous benefits to the mother and the baby.


During pregnancy, the mother has to think about not only her but also about the baby. She has to nourish her body properly. The advice is not to wait until pregnancy to drink alkaline water. Try to drink it before. You can drink it after your pregnancy also, it will help you to balance and prepare your body for the long haul. To be in a safe place, you can consult with a doctor first before adding alkaline water to your daily diet.