9 Must Know Side Effects of Weight Loss


In the 21st-century people expect to be fit and have an attractive body type. This narrative gives people a strong image of why and how one should stay fit. It is important to lose weight but, sometimes losing weight can lead to side effects too. It is important to understand that losing weight and exercising should be done with care and consideration. So if you are losing weight there are other things to be taken care of along with weight.

weight loss

9 Negative Effects Of Weight Loss

Losing weight can cause extreme stress on the body

Losing weight is healthy and beneficial but it can be harmful to the body too. People usually take a lot of pressure on their bodies during exercises. This extra pressure and stress on the body might look good and give better results but in the long run, it can make us feel very sick. When the body is stressed too much and people exert themselves, after a while, the body starts to react. People tend to have weaknesses, stress, anxiety, and even a weak immune system thus it is advised not to exert oneself while working out and exercising.

Protein-rich food can cause Constipation

When people try to lose weight, it becomes important for them to take protein-rich food. A protein-rich food is good for the body and is nutritious enough. However, it has some disadvantages too. Protein-rich food can disturb the bowels and make you feel sick sometimes. As there is no fiber content in food, protein-rich food can often lead to diarrhea and constipation.

Dieting can weaken your immune system

The body requires all kinds of minerals and vitamins to function, and in dieting usually, people restrict themselves from taking all kinds of food items and meals. This practice might look fancy but harms in the long run. When your body doesn’t get the required nutrients and vitamins then your immune system may be weakened. This leads to an increase in the chances of catching infections. However, it depends on the immune system of person to person. You might get sick often.

Hormones fluctuate while weight loss

Weight loss can affect the immune system balance. The body can sometimes suffer from hormonal imbalances. The metabolism of the body may be affected. Thus, you will feel less hungry and for a long period. This leads to a change and disturbance in the hormones of the body.


Gallstone formation

Gallstones in the gall bladder are very painful. When the body is taking less food and starving for a long time, the food and juices are left in the digestive tract for a long time. These little particles combine to form a stone. This stone formation can be very draining, leads to immense pain and pressure in the gall bladder.

The body can become malnourished

Diets can often form a stricter nutrient intake cycle with limitations on what you eat and how much you eat. People usually hate dieting, but many prefer doing it for a slender body. During weight loss, there is a limitation and control of the kind of nutrients and minerals one takes. This leads to a deficiency of some nutrients in the body, which can make a person malnourished.

Weight loss can affect skin health

Weight loss is important for the body, but it can sometimes have a terrible impact on the skin. When the body is not getting all nutrients equally then the skin might get affected. Deficiency of some vitamins and minerals can lead to acne, dull skin, breakouts, and fine lines. However, food rich in antioxidants can help in making the skin healthy and provide all the vitamins and minerals.

Hair loss

Weight loss diet plans usually have the instruction to eat fewer calories. Fewer calorie intake means fewer carbohydrates, less protein, and fats. These diet plans don’t have the essential and important nutrients in them. Thus, the body might face malnourishment due to the deficiency of some nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which can result in hair loss. The diet plans can lead to the absence of some important nutrients in the body, the hair might not get the required nourishment, and thus hair fall occurs.

Loose or Saggy skin

In the case of rapid weight loss, the body can lose weight and get in shape fast as compared to the skin. The skin which lost fat when you were doing your weight loss will sag, and thus you will be irritated by saggy skin in your body. The body gets in shape but the fat lost from saggy skin disappears leaving the loose skin hanging by itself all over the body. It is advised to do stretching and weight training to keep the body tight.


Weight loss can have side effects, but it depends on person to person basis. Before planning to lose weight and following any diet plan it is advised to consult your local physician and doctor. It is also advised to consider the views of a dietician, who can recommend a suitable plan for you. It depends on the body type and the nutrients one is talking about while losing weight. Thus it is important to have proteins and the necessary and desired vitamins and minerals in your diet plan for weight loss. Along with the required nutrients, it is also important that the workout, exercises, and training are done in the right numbers and a correct procedure.