Are hand sanitizers safe for babies?


Hand sanitizers became a well-liked alternative for keeping hands clean when there’s no water and soap. All you have to do is just squeeze a little out, rub it on your hands and you’re good to go. Hand sanitizers claim to stay your hands 99.9 percent bacteria-free. However, while killing germs, they may also bring in some health issues if you make the wrong product choices. This is why you need to make an informed decision as a mom for your baby. In this article, we will discuss whether hand sanitizers are safe for babies or not.

Is it safe for babies?

While it’s fine for adults to use hand sanitizer, alcohol-based sanitizers aren’t considered safe for babies. Hand sanitizer that’s considered safe for babies is typically alcohol-free.


Things to consider while buying hand sanitizers

  1. Do hand sanitizers contain alcohol?

Yes. Most hand sanitizers contain 60 percent or higher alcohol content to form effective germ-killers. While most of the alcohol evaporates when rubbed on the hands, some are absorbed through the skin and get into the bloodstream. Even if you use it and your toddler doesn’t, he can ingest it if he licks your hands or puts your fingers in his mouth. You can work around this by using only alcohol-free sanitizers for your children.

  1. Can hand sanitizers weaken your child’s immunity?

While an ultra-clean environment seems a sound option for your baby, it doesn’t exercise his immune system at all. Even though your child gets some immunity from breast milk, just in case you’re breastfeeding, you would like to encourage his immunity to build up further. This can only happen with some exposure to environmental pathogens. Our advice would be to use sanitizers in moderation.

  1. Can they cause allergies?

No, sanitizers haven’t been linked to allergies in children. However, since babies put almost everything into their mouths, you don’t want them inadvertently ingesting trace amounts of chemicals and alcohol. It is always a good idea to opt for organic and natural sanitizers that are free from harmful ingredients.

  1. Keep the sweet smell in check

Some sanitizers may have ingredients/chemicals that trigger asthma in kids. Consult with your pediatrician if it is okay for your child to use sanitizers in this case.

  1. Pick a fragrance-free sanitizer

Hand sanitizers may work when there’s no access to soap and water. But using one every day to clean hands and toys is not safe. It’s also unnecessary to use a hand sanitizer every time your baby comes in contact with dust. On those rare times when you do have to use it, go for a fragrance-free sanitizer so your little one isn’t tempted to lick it.

11 best hand sanitizers in 2020

  1. Assorted simple pleasures

These colourful bottles of hand sanitizer contain 62% ethyl alcohol and kill the most common bacteria types in as little as 30 seconds. Not only do they come in a variety of appealing scents, but they also have a handy loop that attaches easily to your purse or key chain.


  1. Breathe

This brand-new product uses 75% ethyl alcohol to kill 99.99% of common germs within 30 seconds. Unlike most aerosols, which use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to propel the mist, breathe uses nitrogen gas, which makes up most of the air we naturally breathe. Like any aerosol, this one should be sprayed in a well-ventilated area—you can rest assured it’s gentle on your skin, eyes, and nose, and dries quickly.

  1. Purell

Purell, formulated with aloe and vitamin e, is the classic sanitizer you probably already have in your handbag. The gel leaves no sticky residue on hands but making them soft and not dry even though it has a higher alcohol concentration of 70%.

  1. Bath & body works

If you’ll find any of the delicious-smelling gels from this popular shop, grab them. The gel is formulated with 68% alcohol plus shea extract and vitamin e to stay skin from drying out.


  1. Germ-x

This thick, 63% ethyl alcohol gel is free of scents and dyes but contains glycerin to keep hands soft.

  1. Equate

This 63% alcohol containing gel, with aloe leaf juice to keep hands soft, was also given props for being easy to apply and absorbing quickly without dripping on the floor.

  1. Eo

This one contains 62% alcohol spritz and is known for its no-mess application and quick-drying formula. The essential-oil-based scents smell more like body products than the strong alcohol aroma of other formulas.


  1. Grove collaborative

You will love the citrus scent of this 62% alcohol sanitizer and its “non-drying” formula, thanks to ingredients such as glycerin, aloe vera juice, and coconut and jojoba oils.

  1. Artnaturals

This lightweight formula has a lower active level (62.5% alcohol) and is scent-free.

  1. Intelligent nutrients

Intelligent nutrients are committed to using certified organic and food-grade ingredients as much as possible—with 62% alcohol as the active, the spritz goes on clean while lifting your mood with with a blend of peppermint and vanilla essential oils.


  1. Touchland

You will love the unique packaging design, which is like a perfume bottle rather than a hand sanitizer. The rectangular shape is easy to fish out of a big tote bag, and the minty fragrance is refreshing rather than artificial. Aloe vera and glyceryl ester make this fast-drying mist easy on my hands, even though it contains 67% ethyl alcohol.

Always remember that no matter what you buy, washing hands with soap and water is always the best option.