15 indoor summer activities for kids


And here is the summer. The most playful season in the year for kids. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world is already facing a very difficult time from the past six months. Government of all the countries announced a strict lockdown in order to prevent the further spreading of the virus. Every educational place like schools, colleges, universities, other coaching centers is closed. The kids are already locked in their houses from the beginning of this year.

Summer is always the favourite season of kids. Parents let them play, do whatever they want without scolding them. Kids build memories in this joyful season. They become busy with storybooks, family picnics, day trips, friends get together at home, drawing time, and many more. Parents always want to help their kids in making their summer days happy and full of fun activities.Now, let’s know about 15 simple yet amazing summer activity ideas that are designed to keep the little ones busy this summer!

15 indoor summer activities for kids

  1. Backyard obstacle course:

This can be a great idea for your kids, they will surely enjoy it. For this, you need to build an obstacle course for them only. Sounds difficult? No, not at all. You can create an obstacle course with a few simply available things. Your house backyard can be a perfect place for this fun activity.

Build an obstacle course with some hula hoops, stones, sticks, jump ropes, hoses, and other materials of your choice. To make it more interesting, announce a winning prize for the winner. The kids can turn after completing it, and the one with the fastest timing will win the prize.

  1. Do it yourself chalk bombs:

It may sound new to you, but believe me! Your kids will have a blast with this enjoyable activity. But for this, you have to do a little preparation for them. Firstly, you need to wash an old soap-dispenser pump. Use it for filling water balloons.


You need to make a washable chalk-paint mixture for this. You need 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 1 cup water and a few drops of food colour to make this mixture. Ask your kids to draw targets on the ground with colourful chalks. Let them go wild for once!

  1. Kid’s own little garden:

Gardening can be a great activity for your little ones this summer. If you have a little backyard behind your kitchen, you can help your kids to grow their own vegetables and herbs there.

Summer means lots of colourful and tasty fruits and vegetables. Planting those different vegetables, taking care of them, watering them regularly will not only keep your kids busy for a while but also they will be more than happy to see their own grown veggies and fruits. You can buy some gardening kits for your kids from online retailers as well.

  1. House picnic:

Picnic is always fun! Especially when you’re with your family. No need to go outside, no need to be formal with guests, no need to prepare exotic dishes. You can host a house picnic lunch with the help of your kids. You need to choose a mealtime destination within your house premises. It can be a patio table or a blanket in your house, backyard, or anything of your choice.

Try not to prepare luxurious dishes as it is your family picnic only. Try to be informal. Give more time to playing with your kids, spending time with your family. It will be great if you can cook with your kids. Help your little ones to make sandwiches, simple salads, fruit juices, chocolates, burgers, some fries etc. Ask their help in loading them into a basket. Enjoy dining!

  1. Decorate rocks:

Rock painting is always enjoyable for both the kids and elders. Collect rocks with different shapes from your garden or backyard. Give brushes, bright colours, and the other art supplies available in your house. Ask them to decorate those rocks with glitters, markers, colours, stickers, etc.


You can use those rocks in decorating your house as well. Display them around your rooms, or you can use them as paperweights as well. Ask your kids to give those to relatives as a gift.

  1. It’s origami time:

This specific craft is associated with japanese culture. Your kids will definitely enjoy learning this papercraft as it will encourage their imagination. This summer activity is fun yet educational as well.

Arrange some sheets of colourful paper for them. Ask them to make any of their favourite animal or bird by using those papers. This origami art will improve their brain skill and expose them to a world of colours.

  1. Art & crafts:

Art and crafts can feel counterproductive to get the other things done. It may be a little messy, but super fun. Every kid love drawing and painting. Set up an art space on your balcony or terrace or in your garden. Collect some papers, scissors, glue, crayons, colour pencils, craft supplies, craft clay, drawing books for your art. These materials are readily available in anyone’s house if they have kids.

This activity will surely encourage them to make art as a part of their daily routine. Give them some interesting ideas for making fun and cool summer craft projects. Teach them to clean their art space after they’re done.

  1. Indoor fun games:

Old-fashioned board games keep children busy for a very long time. If you have more than one kid in your house, then it will be great. There are many fun and brainteaser games that keep your kids occupied this summer.


Such board games not only improve their imagination and brain skills, but also entertain them. You can try ludo, snake ladder, chinese checker, scrabble, chess, guess who, connect4 and many more.

  1. Diy treasure hunt:

Planning a treasure hunt game in your house will be a great idea in summer. Hide a treasure in the house and layout some clues to the hidden treasure. Choose an interesting and attractive treasure that your kid will enjoy.

This small treasure hunt will not only help your kids to pass their daytime in summer, but also give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids. The whole process of searching for clues and the treasure will sharpen the mental faculties of your kids. It will help them to grow as well.

  1. Audiobooks and podcasts session:

There are a lot of children, audiobooks and podcasts available on the internet. Download them and ask your kids to listen daily, at least one story a day. Audiobooks listening can be an educational session also for your kids.

The stories will help them in their growth. Fun cartoon podcasts that have your kid’s favourite cartoon character will be a great choice to start with. This way, they will be attracted to listen to the audiobooks as well.

  1. Learning letter writing:

Maybe this sounds a little outdated idea, as nowadays online chat rooms and messengers are the popular modes of communication. But hand-written letters have their own charm. It serves amazing memory archives and has great sentimental value.


So letter writing can be a great art for teaching your kids during this summer vacation. This lesson will help them in developing clear thinking skills and improving their thought process.

  1. Camping in the yard:

If you have no campground in your house, then don’t worry! Your house backyard can be a great campground for your children. Help your kids to hitch a tent in the backyard.

It will be worth spending the night underneath the stars. You can arrange a barbeque there also to make this more special. This summer activity is majorly beneficial over normal camping.

  1. Little chef in your kitchen:

Cooking with kids is already a fun activity itself. Ask them to help you in chopping or baking, but of course by keeping their safety in mind. Choose a favourite dish of theirs to start with. This summer vacation can be the most appropriate time to teach your little chefs some simple recipes that they can make for themselves.

Help your kids to recognize different fruits and vegetables. If you’re planning to bake a cake, teach them how to mix the batter. Ask them to garnish the dishes that you make. Your kids will surely enjoy the fun cooking time with you and they will feel proud while eating the finished product.

  1. Fishy-fish-fish:

It is a classic summer activity for kids. Collect some basic fishing materials from the local shop or online retailers. Teach the basic fishing techniques to your kids. Your kids will definitely enjoy this learning session.


There must be one or two lakes near your house. So, no need to go far away. Don’t let them go alone. Your kids will enjoy your company while fishing. But make sure always that you check the local laws about fishing.

  1. Solving puzzles:

Kids love puzzles. They will love to solve a challenging puzzle or play a good board game. This is the ideal way to pass free time in these summer days. This activity will help the brain grow and encourage their imagination skills.

Let your kids solve the animal or their favourite cartoon character puzzle on their own. This will keep them engaged for a long time. You can buy some interesting and fun puzzle from online retailers.


Try to should choose those summer days’ activities, which may not inspire the summer childhood memories, but will definitely fill the long summer days spent at home. The parents, who generally work at home, require a lot of amazing ideas to keep their kids busy all day long, those joyful summer activities that their kids can do on their own. Enjoy your summer with your little ones and make lovely memories!