Acupuncture for fertility: Can it Boost Fertility?


Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment method in which extremely thin, stainless steel needles are placed at pivotal spots in the human body in definite patterns. Basically the positions in which the needles are inserted are along the meridians of the body or along the channels of energy. Acupuncture treatments have helped in healing many severe conditions as the problem is sorted from the roots. Like solving many other problems, acupuncture has also shown to have great results in treating the problem of infertility. Infact many women practice acupuncture for boosting fertility. Research reports have shown that women who get acupuncture treatments for fertility have higher chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to a new life.

Relation of stress and fertility and how acupuncture can help

With changing lifestyles, overall stress levels have increased significantly. And stress levels can be detrimental for fertility. Fertility hormones like progesterone can be lowered with high stress levels. With acupuncture, stress levels in the mind and the body can be alleviated successfully without any kinds of side effects. And when stress levels are low, chances of conceiving are high.

Depending on the areas in which the acupuncture needles are placed, the person might feel more calm and quiet and relaxed. With the help of acupuncture, the body gets into a repair mode, where it is healed from within by calming the nervous system. Along with reducing stress levels, acupuncture also helps in balancing the endocrine system and also boosts blood flow to the reproductive organs in the body. The aim of fertility treatment from acupuncture is not only to conceive, but to have a healthy pregnancy and finally deliver a healthy baby.

Acupuncture for Boosting Fertility in Both Men & Women

To be able to conceive and have a baby, both the partners have to be equally fertile. If there is a problem with any of the partners, the whole process might get hampered. This is the reason that acupuncture can be used for boosting fertility in both men and women equally. Males might suffer from low sperm count or motility issues; while female infertility can be attributed to endometriosis and anovulation. Apart from these, there are some unknown factors that impact fertility as well.


The connection of stress and fertility has been already mentioned and discussed. Along with helping with just conception, acupuncture can also help with other physical and emotional upheavals that take place during pregnancy including nausea, insomnia, aches and pains, morning sickness etc. Stress plays an important role in hampering the process of ovulation in women completely and this might lead to infertility. There can be spasms in the uterus and fallopian tubes and this might hamper implantation of the fertilized egg. In men too, stress reduces motility and alters sperm counts. With acupuncture, all these problems can be solved as endorphin release in the brain is boosted successfully. There is an extremely delicate and fine balance between pituitary, hypothalamus and the endocrine glands in the body and acupuncture ensures that the balance is maintained successfully.


Beginning acupuncture during fertility treatment

It is quite interesting to note that acupuncture can be begun for boosting fertility in both men and women at any time of the fertility treatment. When you come to know that there are some issues with your fertility, you can start the acupuncture treatment right then and there before trying various kinds of medicines and injections for the same. Infact this treatment can be safely done even during IVF cycles.

However, there are some conditions in which even acupuncture treatments cannot help for boosting fertility. For instance, women with blocked fallopian tubes cannot conceive and acupuncture cannot help in this in any manner. Seek consultation with a doctor to understand the exact condition of the body and the reason for not being able to conceive. Infact now many doctors refer patients of such cases to acupuncturists as positive results can be obtained with this treatment without fear of any kinds of side effects.

Along with acupuncture treatments, sometimes Chinese herbal medicines are also given to men and women who complain of impaired fertility. Ask your physician if you should take the medicine or not and only if he agrees take the same.