Health Benefits of Anchovies For Children


Some of the health benefits that your child might gain from the consumption of anchovies include boosting of hemoglobin, stronger bones and healthy heart. Rich in B group vitamin sources, anchovies can definitely boost the growth and development of your child. If you can manage to train your child in having anchovies on a regular interval, he/she will be benefited by gaining healthy calories and not gaining excess weight.

Giving Anchovies to Your Child:

Commercially available anchovies are mostly sold in 2 oz tin cans, packed in salt or oil. However, if you are planning to give your child anchovies it is advisable that you buy fresh and not the tinned one. Anchovies are great toppers for pizzas and salads. But if you are not planning to feed your child the tinned & salted variety, you can purchase a fresh fish and fillet it to suite your needs.

Health Benefits of Anchovies

Health Benefits of Anchovies For Children

Anchovies are indeed a healthy fish alternative for your child and rich in vitamin and protein it offers a number of health benefits.

Promotes Growth of Heart:

A cooked dish of anchovies contains substantial amount of the omega-3 fatty acids. This kind of healthy fatty acid consumption tends to have cardio-protective potencies and that means that the consumption of the fish, on a regular interval, will enable your child gain a healthy unclogged heart.


Aids Normal Growth:

Anchovies contain a decent amount of protein in each serving which is essential for your child’s early growth and development. Also at the same time, cooking of the fish  do not actually harm the protein and nutrient content and for that reason it is a healthy way to boost up your little one’s energy level.

Boosts Red Blood Cell Production:

Anchovies are very high in different minerals including zinc and iron and good source of iron is needed during your child’s early growth and development stage, mostly due to the fact that it helps in the formation of red blood cells. The formation of red blood cells will mean that that your child will remain energetic and jolly and ensures that he/she will not feel drowsy very frequently.

Low Fat Alternative:

Anchovies are that kind of a fish species which are low in saturated fat (harmful fat). That means when you feed your child with anchovies, he/she mostly gets benefited by the high protein content without having to accumulate excess fat in their body. This also keeps their heart healthy and prevents their other organs from any kind of damage.


Provides a Balanced Protein Source:

Many kids prefer high protein diets like eggs, chicken and meat which normally increases the homocysteine levels which is mostly associated with heart diseases. Edible protein found in anchovies, balances out the excess fat found in meats thereby providing a balanced protein diet for your child.

Improves Liver Functionality:

Minerals and vitamins found in anchovies is a great detoxifier of liver. Many children suffer from jaundices and other liver problems. Regular intake of anchovies helps in the process of detoxification of liver thereby making it absorb all the unrequited bilirubin from the blood and get then excreted from the body.

Helps in digestion:

Children, who are often exposed to extra sugary treats, suffer from indigestions and frequent stomach disorders. The amino acid found in anchovies helps in the process of increasing hyrochloric acid in the stomach which is an essential element for digestion. With regular consumption of anchovies your child will get the proper nutrients to build up his/her digestive power thereby helping them maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Provides Healthy Joints & Bones:

Bone and joint development is a very essential process in the early phases of development of a child. Anchovies contains amino acids, the building blocks of protein that helps your child strengthen his/her bones and joint thereby providing them the foundation for further growth and development.

Development of Teeth, Hair & Nails:

Anchovies contain essential minerals which help in the growth of strong teeth, hair and nails of your child. There are many occasions where you will see that despite normal growth the child’s nails and hair growth are stagnant. This is mostly because our normal diets lack the essential minerals which trigger the growth of nails, hairs and teeth.


Anchovies have a lot of health benefit to offer your child but you must always take certain precautionary measures before preparing the diet. Oily fish like anchovies are not for regular consumption by your child. For that reason whenever you plan to feed him/her with anchovies make sure that you buy a fresh fish. While buying the anchovies you make sure that the bright coloring in the eye and a fresh, briny odor. Now also if you have bought a tin of anchovies packed in salt and oil it is advisable that you soak the fish in the water for about 20 minutes or so, before you cook and give it to your child.