15 Best Workout Apps for Women


Allday, aaptiv, daily butt workout, yoga studio, freeletics, 8fit, gixo, studio tone it up, strava, headspace, qinetic, nike + training club, sworkit and daily yoga are some of the best workout apps for women.

Our mostly stagnant lives, stuck in desk jobs at the office, beckons us to actively look for more activities that involve physical exertion. The evolution of free beings in the wilderness to living and working in cramped spaces has not been biologically favorable to humankind. More and more people seem to realize the importance of physical workouts and fitness as they sign up for gym memberships, yoga sessions, pilates classes and the like. Women, especially in order to combat diseases like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, must pay particular attention to staying in shape and keeping their body weight under control. There are a number of workout apps for women that are designed to do just that.

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workout apps for women



Technology today largely favors those who are too busy to go to the gym on a regular basis as a number of workout apps for women allow quick workouts to train themselves whenever an opportunity presents itself. Moreover, expensive gym memberships may become quite redundant after one opens themselves up to the workout apps for women offering free training to anyone interested.

Convenience and affordability are important factors which can motivate one to choose from one of these best workout apps for women as mentioned here, in order to keep themselves happy and healthy.

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15 Best Workout Apps That Help You Stay Healthy and Fit


If you are someone who looks for a credible source for your workouts, you will hit the jackpot with Allday. It is a training app designed by Adidas, specifically for women and it is so wholesome that it automatically qualifies as one of the best fitness apps for women right now. It pays close attention to your movement and nutrition and pays due importance of mindset and rest, becoming more of a lifestyle coach than a mere training app. The ‘Discoveries’ section for each of these categories in the app consists of little nuggets of scientific information that also builds an understanding of your body and what it needs to thrive.



This is an app that is designed to give you a thorough cardio workout. It has excellent cardio training for its users, and hundreds of classes are paired up with the most appropriate music. The beats-per-minute of these tunes take away the task of having to choose workout music, and motivates you to keep up with the tempo.

Daily Butt Workout

If you are looking for something more specific to put yourself in shape, the Daily Butt Workout app helps you pay close attention to your legs and buttocks and tone it the way you wish. One of the best free workout apps for women, the free version has five and ten minute long sessions, complete with video and fitted in with a timer to monitor your progress of the exercise.

Yoga Studio

If you feel like yoga is more up to your speed rather than the regular gym exercises, the Yoga Studio app will help you focus all your energy on getting the best benefits of yoga exercises. There are more than 75 readymade classes, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to further customize your experience. Furthermore, if you have turned to yoga for chronic pain and injuries, the special collections like Yoga for Back Pain, Hip Hop Collection are bound to help you out as no other app could.


Primarily interested in weight training? Then Freeletics is probably the best fitness app for you. It helps you tone your body muscles and has a weekly fitness test that allows you to assess your progress. The exercises are tailored according to ability and body type of the user. What’s more, if you find yourself in a cramped space, the app has a 2×2 setting that shows you exercises to do within a 2 meters by 2 meters space. Daily workouts prescribed in the app range from 5-30 minutes.



The 8Fit app has a dual focus on your workout regimen and also on nutrition and is one of the best workout apps for women out there. It provides you with customized workout sessions and also allows you to create meal plans with a nutrition guide to help you out.


Are you more keep on keeping your schedule flexible and working out at night? Then this is the app for you. Trainers are available 24×7 on Gixo for sessions ranging from 15 to 40 minutes. The technique focuses on walking, running, high-intensity interval training and strength training that does not require equipment and therefore can be done anywhere.

Studio Tone it Up

This is one of the best fitness apps for women as it comprises a community of women who are going to guide you through progressively tougher workouts that include cardio, yoga, barre and boxing, among others. New classes every week keeps you fresh and interested in what that app has to offer.


Looking for an app to help you along with your cycling and running? Strava is designed for just that. It keeps track of endurance with regard to distance and speed. You can track your progress by comparing stats and really prepare yourself for a marathon or triathlon if you wish to participate in one.



If you are not ready to start or restart working out yet, Headspace will help you get into the mental state that will allow you to commit to a more exercise-laiden regimen. Mindfulness and meditation are the key focus of this app.


Among other workout apps for women, Qinetic is more like a video service on high demand allowing users to engage in their fitness regimes at any time of the day. From morning yoga to challenging HIIT routines, topped up with Zumba classes, the app truly gives you a wide variety of exercises to choose from.

Nike + Training Club

Looking to sweat it out on a particularly intense workout session? The Nike Training App is designed to cater to your most demanding workout regime. From audio guides to drills, you have the very best of athletic advice from professional trainers and celebrities such as Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding.


One of the more intensive fitness apps available to women today, SworkIt allows users to choose from yoga, cardio or strength training and stretching if you are looking for an easy day. The exercises are well balanced and the video tutorials are some of the best of the guidance you can get in the fitness world.



This is one of the best workout apps for women focusing mainly on weight reduction. It boasts that most diligent users of the app lose an average of 18 pounds in about 4 months. This is made possible by their extensive fitness and meal plans, with trackers for weight as well as food intake.

Daily Yoga

If you are looking for a workout app to help you destress after a long day rather than engage you in hardcore exercise, Daily Yoga is the app you have been looking for. It helps you get to the zen state and assigns a personal trainer to each user with a variety of easy yet effective poses to choose from on a regular basis.

Choosing one of these best workout apps for women can enable you to start training yourself and getting used to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.