15 Best Weight Loss Friendly Foods


Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in the body which have vastly different effects on hunger, hormones, and the number of calories burnt.

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15 Best Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Whole eggs

Although a high intake of eggs raises the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in some people, these are some of the best foods to eat to lose weight. These are high in protein and fat and very satiating. Eggs are also incredibly nutrient-dense and can help to get all the nutrients needed on a calorie-restricted diet.

Leafy greens

Include kale, spinach, collards, swiss chards, and a few others. These have several properties that make perfect for a weight loss diet like being low in calories and carbohydrates and loaded with fiber. Eating leafy greens is a great way to increase the volume of the meals without increasing the calories. These are also incredibly nutritious and very high in many vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals including calcium which has been shown to aid fat burning in some studies.


It is a fatty fish that is incredibly healthy and very satisfying, keeping full for many hours with relatively few calories. It is loaded with high-quality protein, healthy fats, and various important nutrients. In general, it may also supply a significant amount of iodine. This nutrient is necessary for proper thyroid function which is important to keep the metabolism running optimally. Salmon also contains omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation which is known to play a major role in obesity and metabolic disease.

Cruciferous vegetables

Include cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. These are high in fiber and tend to be incredibly filling. Also, contain decent amounts of protein. These are also highly nutritious and contain cancer-fighting substances.


Lean beef and chicken breast

Eating unprocessed lean meat is an excellent way to increase protein intake. Replacing some of the crabs or fat in the diet with protein could make it easier to lose excess fat.

Boiled potatoes

Perfect food for weight loss and optimal health. These contain an incredibly diverse range of nutrients. These are particularly high in potassium and play an important role in blood pressure control. These are good at reducing the appetite, potentially suppressing the food intake later in the day.


It is low-calorie and high-protein food. It’s lean fish that is low in fat. It is popular among bodybuilders as it is a great way to increase protein intake while keeping total calories and fat low.

Beans and legumes

Include lentil, black beans, kidney beans, and some others. These foods tend to be high in protein and fiber which are two nutrients that have been shown to lead to satiety. These also tend to contain some resistant starch.


It can be an effective part of a weight loss diet. The high water content makes them very filling. Avoid oily and creamy soups.

Cottage cheese

Dairy products are known to be high in protein. It boosts the protein intake and also very satiating with a low number of calories. It is high in calcium which may aid fat burning.



A unique fruit. These are particularly high in monounsaturated oleic acid, the same type of fat found in olive oil. Make sure to keep the intake moderate.

Apple cider vinegar

It is incredibly popular in the natural health community. It may help curb the appetite, potentially leading to greater weight loss.


It contains balanced amounts of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. It improves metabolic health and even promotes weight loss. Avoid eating in excess.

Whole grains

These are higher in fiber and other nutrients leading to weight loss. Avoid refined grains.

Chili pepper

These contain capsaicin which has been shown to reduce appetite and increase fat burning. However, tolerance seems to build up in those eating chili regularly.

Other foods are –

Fruit – these contain sugar but can be included in a weight loss diet. These are high in fiber, antioxidants and various nutrients that slow the rise of blood sugar after meals.


Grapefruit – it may suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake when eaten before meals.

Chia seeds – very high in fiber which reduces appetite.

Coconut oil – contains medium-chain triglycerides that may increase satiety after meals.

Full-fat yogurt – probiotic yogurt can increase digestive health.


It is easy to find healthy food to include in a weight loss diet which includes whole foods like fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Along with moderation and regular exercise, eating these nutritious foods should pave the way to success and healthier life.

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