Week 25 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy Week By Week


At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is as big as a full cauliflower, weighing approximately 1.5 pounds and measuring about 13.6 inches lengthwise. At this stage you are in the middle of your fifth month of pregnancy. Many expecting mothers start planning their delivery from this time. Most hospitals will start allowing you to register for your delivery. This saves you the time consumed in paperwork during labour. At 25 weeks pregnant your belly is a fine round shape, looking like a football beneath your attire!

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25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Difficulty in sleeping

Many factors are at play here. Your raging hormones, your round belly getting in the way, and the pregnancy anxiety. Try taking power naps throughout the day to fill in the void after a sleepless night. Furthermore, to avoid frequent trips to and from the toilet, drink maximum if the water during the day, and less before going to bed.

Frequent urination

At 25 weeks pregnant, the uterus expands so much that it compresses the bladder. Thus you want to visit the washroom more often as you cannot hold back much of the urine inside your bladder.

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Swollen limbs

Due to hormonal changes and excess water retention, you are likely to experience swollen limbs, especially legs. The swelling will diminish soon after the baby is delivered.


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week 25 pregnancy


At 25 weeks pregnant, there’s a lot going on inside your mind and body. As the delivery period comes nearer, you tend to get anxious and the hormones also change their pattern of flow. All these lead to irritation in the body and make you forget important stuff. The best way to avoid missing out on important dates is to hang a chart and set reminders for them.

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Due to the rapid expansion of the uterus, your large intestine is pressed to one side and the veins near your anus are swollen. Hence, you are constipated most of the time and that leads to internal haemorrhoids. There may be blood on your stool due to fissures, but this is not serious. Consult your doctor for regular medication.


At this stage, the hormones in your body make you develop an aversion towards some foods. Many a time you might see that even your favourite food is not going well with your digestive system. You are likely to experience heartburn and acid reflux, which can be sorted through mild digestive medication.


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25 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 25 weeks pregnant, you will have gained about 15 to 18 pounds. If you’re carrying twins, you have gained 25 to 40 pounds. This phase of pregnancy comes with a sudden rapid gain in weight. There is no need to panic about that. Your belly is now more like a round ball that’s protruding from the upper part of your torso. The foetal kicks become more prominent and regular from now. These kicks might be making you wonder mischief the little one is up to!

Pregnancy Ultrasound

The 25 week foetus is now growing more fat and body hair. The baby now surprisingly knows which side is up and which side is down. The brain’s cortex is developing well. The baby now listens to everything you say, with more attention. Make sure everything that you say is positive, to give the baby a positive vibe about the world! You will not have an ultrasound during this week, unless your doctor prescribes one due to complications in your pregnancy. However, if you haven’t yet done the mid-pregnancy glucose screening, do it within week 28. In this test, the doctor will administer a sweet liquid and then calculate the glucose tolerance of your body. This is done to detect gestational diabetes that may affect both you and the foetus.

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Dos and Don’ts During Week 25 of Pregnancy:

Dos –

Drink plenty of water: Water lubricates your digestive and excretory system. A good amount of water replenishes the stressed organs and nerves, helping ease the passage of stool and reduce internal varicose veins or fissures.

Sleep on your side: At 25 weeks pregnant, you must keep a tab on your lying positions. Sleep on your side because the protruding belly needs a place to rest. Doctors recommend sleeping on your left side because this helps digest food better and helps the baby absorb most of the nutrients from your body. To avoid turning over, keep a round pillow behind your back and a flatter pillow between your legs. This position will help the foetus rest in a perfectly comfortable position.


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Add some herbs to your diet: Herbs are known to have medicinal and healing properties. Along with your veggies, stir in some herbs to make a healthy and aromatic meal to enjoy!

Exercise: At week 25, mild exercises are a must so that you don’t become lazy and keep sitting, which will lead to unnecessary weight gain, water retention in the legs, and varicose veins. Walk around the house or in the lawn, if you have one. Once every day, do your pelvic floor exercises to tone the muscles before delivery.

Don’ts –

Sleep on your back: Sleeping on your back causes the uterus to put pressure on your internal organs, leading to contractions and cramps. Moreover, the uterus does not get a proper place to rest, which makes the 25 week foetus uncomfortable.

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Miss out on your appointments: It is vital to remember when to visit your doctor. Weekly appointments may seem to frequent but are important because every time you visit, you might get to know something new about your own body and the baby. This will help you plan ahead, keeping in mind your health conditions.


Sit in seats without backrests: Keep your back straight while sitting, preferably resting against a plain vertical surface. This avoids extra pressure on the uterus and backaches. Don’t slouch or bend too much as it might affect the baby’s position inside the womb and give rise to cramps in your back and abdominal area.

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Eat for two: While eating well is recommended, eating for two people at one go is not the way out! This will cause extra weight gain and indigestion. Keep eating healthy foods at regular intervals. The foetus understands what’s important for its growth, so it will absorb as much nutrients required. It is needless for you to get worried and stuff too much food thinking that the baby needs more.

At week 25, you are exactly in the middle of this journey! Sit back and enjoy it while following the doctor’s advice at the same time!