11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelon Radish


Watermelon Radish helps in keeping your blood pressure in check, has anti-inflammatory properties, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps in reducing bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of diabetes, regulates liver function, improves metabolism and gut health, boosts immunity and lowers the risk of cancer.

Watermelon radish; have you heard of this before? Well, it doesn’t taste like watermelon though. It’s a sweet-tasting radish that has got many health benefits. You can try some delicious recipes with it, be it a hot roasted watermelon radish meal, a pickle of watermelon radish, or some grated watermelon radish sprinkled over your favorite large sized pizza. Having a good balance of fiber and essential vitamins, it serves to be a pretty nutritious veggie, or do we call it a fruit?

watermelon radish

Now, without any more beating around the bush, let’s dive in to see what health benefits a watermelon radish has got to offer us.

11 Must Know Health Benefits of Watermelon Radish

Keeps Your Blood Pressure In Check

For being rich in antioxidants and minerals like potassium, watermelon radish helps in lowering high blood pressure. This also helps in rejuvenating the red blood cells for more oxygen to reach the blood. There’s a structural protein in the human body called collagen, that keeps the blood flow in your body uniform and stable. Watermelon radish helps in the production of collagen in the body.

Anti-Inflammatory Property

Watermelon radish is also known for its anti-inflammatory property. Because of the presence of zinc in it, these radishes can help in healing any kind of swelling or inflammation, both internal and external.


Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

As already mentioned, watermelon radish is pretty efficient in regulating blood pressure, thus it also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Enriched with a good amount of antioxidants and fibers, watermelon radishes take good care of your heart.

Helps In Reducing Bad Cholesterol

Oh yes! You should be aware of the fact that watermelon radishes are also useful when it comes to lowering your bad cholesterol. Having folate and other bioactive macronutrients, these radishes are quite effective to eliminate some bad cholesterols from your body. Isn’t that great?

Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

In general, radish seeds are ameliorated insulin resistance. Likewise, watermelon radishes also prevent diabetes and control the blood sugar level in your body. So if you have any diabetic patient in your family, provide it to him/her, it is effective.

Regulates Liver Function

Filled with antioxidants and fibers, watermelon radish helps in detoxifying the liver and regulates its functions. It can also help in healing liver damage as it keeps a check on bilirubin and biliverdin levels. Adding to it, watermelon radishes also help in maintaining gall bladder functioning.

Improves Metabolism And Gut Health

As watermelon radishes are rich in fiber, they improve your gut health, help in digestion, and enhance metabolic activities in your body. Thus it has also been proved that watermelon radishes are good for weight loss too. Fueling your metabolic activities, this radish actually helps you in losing your calories faster.

Immunity Booster

Having Vitamin C and other vital nutrients, watermelon radish helps in improving your immune system. You can also consume these radishes raw, i.e., by making a watermelon radish salad. It will yield the best results.


Lowers The Risk Of Cancer

Watermelon radish possesses some anti-carcinogenic elements in it, thus preventing the risk of different types of cancers. Usually, radishes are known as cruciferous vegetables, and all cruciferous vegetables help in preventing cancers so does watermelon radish too.

Prevents Kidney Stones And Helps Bone Development

Having a perfect balance of potassium in it, watermelon radish helps in preventing kidney stones. It also detoxifies the kidneys and helps in regulating the urine formation mechanism.

And also, having calcium in it, these radishes help you in developing bone strength, keeps your bone rigid and healthy, and resists osteoporosis.

Great For Women Health And Good For Skin

Watermelon radish is indeed good for women’s health. Containing folate and fiber, it helps in the internal development and regulation of menstruation in women, especially during their adolescence.

Having vitamin C and zinc also prevents dryness of your skin and hydrates it. So, you can make a paste of watermelon radish and apply it to your skin as a natural, refreshing face pack, it will not only hydrate and cleanse your skin but also will make your skin glow.


As we have come to the end, we would like to suggest you to include watermelon radish in your diet to get a healthy and clear gut system, healthy skin, and all other benefits mentioned. Also with these, taking care of your heart, blood pressure and sugar are like a cherry on the cake. This not-so-popular watermelon radish has got a lot to offer us which you must explore. Hope you like the information regarding the health benefits of watermelon radish. So without waiting, get some yumilicious juicy watermelon radishes on your plate.