51 Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes


Valentine’s day is the day to express love for your special ones. It’s also the perfect occasion to tease your special ones with some naughty humour. Why send plain love quotes to your loved ones? Be different and instead of traditional valentine’s message, send funny valentine quotes which will put a smile your loved ones face. Everyone loves funny and enjoyable things. So why not try this time with some funny quotes. To make this valentine’s day more funny, lovable and enjoyable, here are 51 funny valentine’s day quotes for you.

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51 Best Funny Valentines Day Quotes

valentines day quotes


  1. Love is a grave mental disease. –Plato
  2. All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. –Charles M. Schulz
  3. If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. –Maya Angelou
  4. It is impossible to love and be wise. –Francis Bacon
  5. A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. –Coco Chanel
  6. Women with pasts interest men. They hope history will repeat itself. –Mae West
  7. Women are cursed and men are the proof. –Rosanne Barr
  8. Three things can’t be hidden: coughing, poverty and love. –Yiddish Proverb
  9. To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia. –H. L. Mencken
  10. The poor wish to be rich, the rich wish to be happy, the single wish to be married and the married wish to be dead. –Ann Landers
  11. The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post. –George Bernard Shaw
  12. The lover is a monotheist who knows that other people worship different Gods but cannot himself imagine that there could be other Gods. –Theodor Reik
  13. The bravest thing that men do is love women. –Mort Sahl
  14. One should always be in love. That is the reason on should never marry. –Oscar Wilde
  15. One advantage of marriage, it seems to me, is that when you fall out of love with him, or he falls out of love with you, it keeps you together until maybe you fall in again. –Judith Viorst
  16. No matter how love sick a woman is, she shouldn’t take the first pill that comes along. –Joyce Brothers
  17. My boyfriend and I broke up. He wanted to get married and I didn’t want him to. –Rita Rudner
  18. Men have died from time to time, and worms have eaten them, -By but not for love. –William Shakespeare
  19. Man loves little and often. Woman much and rarely. –Basta
  20. Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart and the joy in a heart. –Unknown
  21. Love has the power of making you believe what you would normally treat with the deepest suspicion. –Mirabeau
  22. Love is being stupid together. –Paul Valery
  23. Love is an exploding cigar we willingly smoke. –Lynda Barry
  24. A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous. –Ingrid Bergman
  25. It’s funny how we set qualifications to the right person to love, when we know at the back of our heads the person whom we truly will always be an exception. –Ally McBeal
  26. Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and give her a house. –Groucho Marx
  27. I require three things in a man. He must be handsome, ruthless and stupid. –Dorothy Parker
  28. Get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day. –Mickey Rooney
  29. Behind every successful man is a woman, behind her is his wife. –Groucho Marx
  30. If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question? –Lily Tomlin
  31. What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork. –Pearl Bailey
  32. If you can stay in love for more than two years, you’re on something. –Fran Lebowitz
  33. A guy knows he’s in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days. –Tim Allen
  34. Remember, your Valentine’s card shows you care enough to send the very best, even though you’re too lazy to put it in your own words. –Melanie White
  35. Marry a man your own age; as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight. –Phyllis Diller
  36. You are never alone on Valentine’s day if you’re near a lake and have bread. –Mike Primavera
  37. Marriage is like vitamins: we supplement each other’s minimum daily requirements. –Kathy Mohnke
  38. Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitable disappointed. –Albert Einstein
  39. You can’t put a price tag on love. But if you could, I’d wait for it to go on sale. –Hussein Nishah
  40. Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties, -Jules Renard
  41. Today is February 14th – St. Valentine’s day. Women call it Love day, while men name it as extortion day.
  42. Do not forget to leave your office early in the day of valentine. You may be single for sure, but let people actually think that you have a date for yourself.
  43. Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. –Albert Einstein
  44. Happiness is an imaginary condition, formerly attributed by the living to the dead, now usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults. – By Thomas Szasz
  45. Love – By a wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart which weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker. – By Author Unknown
  46. Love is not blind; it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less. – By Julius Gordon
  47. Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. – By Author Unknown
  48. Nobody will ever win the battle of the sexes. There’s too much fraternizing with the enemy. – By Henry Kissinger
  49. The art of love is largely the art of persistence. – By Albert Ellis
  50. The Eskimos have fifty two words for snow because it is so special to them; there ought to be as many for love. – By Margaret Atwood
  51. The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. – By Blaise Pascal





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