21 Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her


Pendants and other jewelry, an elegant watch, organized traveling journal, illustrated books for the bookworm, official merchandise of a franchise she likes, cologne and perfume, bath oils and makeup, customized pillows, goofy toyswooden postcards, name a star after her and cook her breakfast are some of the romantic valentines day gifts for her.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there is no time early enough to begin planning if you wish to come up with the best Valentine’s Day idea for her. Try and stay away from clichés as you begin to plan for the big day.

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21 Unique and Surprising Valentines Day Gifts for Her

valentines day gifts for her

Here are valentines day gifts that you can give her:

Pendants And Other Jewelry

If you have only begun dating, splurging on a highly personalized valentines day gift may be uncomfortable for the both of you. But you cannot let the occasion pass unacknowledged. Choose an artful piece of jewelry for her to commemorate your first valentine’s day with the hope that you can move on to more serious things.



An Elegant Watch

If you are terrible with gift ideas, an elegant watch is always a classic choice. Choose one that you know she will like and get it engraved if you wish to make it even more special.

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Organized Traveling Journal

Is your partner someone who loves to travel? Then a traveling journal will be a really thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. This will also act as a motivator to take on more travel adventures through the year.


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Illustrated Books For The Bookworm

Does your partner like vintage books and first editions? Getting a special edition, preferably illustrated, of her favourite book can win you serious brownie points.


Official Merchandise Of A Franchise She Likes

Everyone has a favorite chronology of books, TV series or film trilogy. Find out what is your partner’s, so that you can official merchandise and win her heart this Valentine’s Day.


Cologne And Perfume

Is your partner a fan of fragrances? Getting her a bottle of expensive cologne or perfume can show her how much you want to spoil her with your love.



Bath Oils And Makeup

Everyone needs some pampering now and then. You could get your partner assorted bath oils as a valentine’s day gift so that she can soak in a long and luxurious bath. Getting make up can also be an additional, safe choice.


Customized Pillows

If your partner likes to cuddle, nothing could be a better valentine’s day gift than a throw cushion. Get it customized to commemorate when or where your story began to add a touch of personal detail. Doing that will make all the difference in the world to her.


Goofy Toys

Instead of getting all the pretty and clichéd things, go for goofy and ugly toys that will surely bring a smile to her face.



Wooden Postcards

There is something appealing about wood. By giving her a valentine’s day gift crafted out of wood, you can tap into this unexplainable aesthetic.


Name A Star After Her

Different websites today allow you to register a star in the cosmos in the name of your partner. It is a unique and beautiful gift that you can give your partner this valentine’s day.

Looking for some unique opportunities to take her out on Valentine’s Day this year? Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas on where to take her on this special day.



Cook Her Breakfast

Cooking breakfast for anyone is a warm and intimate affair. Surprise her in the morning with a plateful of her favorite breakfast at home to make her feel special this Valentine’s Day.


Send A Bouquet

If you cannot manage an early breakfast together, do not let that take the morning surprise away from you. Send a bouquet of flowers with a note of love to start off the day well. A bouquet of chocolates and candy that she likes can also be a great valentine’s day gift for her.


The Classic Date

If you have been too busy to plan ahead, doing the classic dinner and a night in can be the best bet. If you have been dating for sometime now, getting some time with your partner like the initial days can add a flavor of rejuvenation to your relationship.



Animal Shelter

If you have been going steady for some time, you could talk to your partner about getting a pet together. Even if you do not wish to adopt, pay a visit to a local animal shelter and experience the unadulterated joy of playing with loving animals this year on Valentine’s Day.


Picnic For Lunch

Enjoy the pleasant weather with an outdoor lunch plan. Pack your food, get your blankets and find a spot underneath a tree in a park to enjoy a pleasant afternoon with the one you love.



Tired of the old date night routine? Switch things up this Valentine’s, with tickets to a comedy show. If you get tickets for a comedian she likes, it might shape up to be the perfect valentine’s day gift for her.



If your partner athletically inclined? If yes, don’t let that go to waste and plan an exciting day of sports for her that you both will enjoy.


Adventure Sports

If you both have been feeling the spirit of adventure lately, find out some of the more edgy activities that you can do in your city. Sign up as a couple and experience this new side of your relationship.


Cooking Class

Learning something together can shape up to be one of the most exciting valentine’s day ideas for her this time around. Sign yourself up for a couple’s cooking class to enjoy the experience, and to cook better dinners in your future together.



Build Up To The Best Dance

Are you both fond of dancing? Sign up for a couple’s dancing workshop to build up to the best dance performance on Valentine’s Day this year.

The thought and expression is all that counts. Listening to her when she expresses herself is all you need to do in order to figure out which of these options are best suited for the best valentine’s day gift idea for her.