21 Unique Baby Shower Favors


Planning for a shower for a dear mom-to-be? Then you need to make sure you plan for favors that are fun and thoughtful. Along with planning for the food and games, you also need to plan for the favors. If you are looking for unique baby shower favors to gift, then read on. We have listed the 21 most unique favor ideas that will show your guests how much you appreciate them. These don’t have to overly expensive favors, just something unique. From candy, to cupcakes, t-shirts and personalized mugs, here are twenty-one ideas that you can choose from.

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21 Unique Baby Shower Favors

1. Sweet treats

Who doesn’t like a bag of yummy sweet treats? Bring out the inner child in your guests with a twist to the good old ice cream cone. Replace the scoops of ice cream with different flavors of cotton candy. It’s perfect for whipping up some nostalgia along with satisfying your guests’ sweet tooth.

Sweet treats

2. Bags of trail mix

If you’re planning a rustic themed baby shower, then there is nothing better than bags of trail mix for your favor. These are the perfect “fuel” packs for the mom-to-be and guests who are new mothers. Pop some delicious trail mix into cute bags and set them out for your guests to prepare themselves for the great adventure called motherhood.

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trail mix

3. Teddy bear bookmarks

Give your guests cute teddy bear bookmarks with tassels that reveal the gender of the baby. These are perfectly functional as well as absolutely adorable. You can buy these online or make your own by following instructions available on the internet. For the new moms in your guest list, it’s the ideal baby shower favor as they can use it while reading to their children.

Teddy Bear Bookmark

4. DIY jewelry dishes

Marbled jewelry dishes make for beautiful baby shower favors for your guests. These look classy and elegant and you can easily make them at home. You can use the colors that match your party’s color scheme orchoose your guests’ favorite hues to make the dishes.

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Jewelry dish


5. Bottles of candy

Candy is always the safe and popular choice to use as baby shower favors. Especially if you are hosting a large number of guests. Take colorful eye-catching candies and put them in cute bottles. An idea that you can use to find candy jars shaped like baby bottles. This will not only serve as your favors but can also liven up your table décor.

Candy bottles

6. Flower Crowns

There is something so girly and fun about flower crowns. These also make great baby shower favors for your guests. You can make them for your guests in advance, or you can make them together as a baby shower game. These also look great in the photos and give your baby shower with a delightfully bohemian appeal.

Flower Crowns

7. Baby plants in burlap pouches

Gifting a baby plant in their tiny burlap pouches is a great idea for a baby shower favor. These are fresh and also you are giving the chance to your guests to nurture their very own “little one”. These are perfect favors for a shower that is woodland based. They also go well with spring themed baby shower.

baby plants


8. Homemade body scrub

Everyone loves a little bit of indulgence now and then. That is why these DIY homemade sugar body scrubs make for the perfect favors for baby shower. They are also super easy to make and won’t cost you a bomb. All you need are essential oils, virgin coconut oil and granulated white sugar.


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9. Adult coloring books

Who says coloring books are only for kids? There is a vide variety of coloring books available for adults as well. For a creative baby shower favor idea, you can gift your guests coloring books with pretty colored pencils.It’s a great way to remember their childhood as well as a great stress buster.

10. Popcorn baby shower favor

What better to signify that the soon to be mom is ready to pop than jars of popcorn? You can opt for the regular buttered popcorns or spice it up with different flavors. You can even pack mason jars with kernels to your guests. Decorate the jars with colorful caps or papers covering the caps. These can also add to the charm of your baby shower décor.


Popcorn baby shower favor

11. Succulents

Succulents are very trending right now. These are very easy to take care of and look super cute too. Select a succulent for each of your guests and have them planted in tiny white pots. It’s practically like giving your guests a little one to grow of their own. The bonus of succulents as shower favors is that they can also double up to become your shower décor!


12. Heart shaped cookie cutters

If you and your friends love baking, then having a baking themed baby shower is a great idea. You can bake your own cookies and have a contest for decorating them. For the baby shower favors, you can have heart shaped cookie cutters to show your guests how much you love them. You can also include the freshly baked and decorated cookies and other baked treats.

Heart cutter

 13. Lip balms

Lip balms are a no-brainer as a baby shower favor. Everyone can do with an extra lip balm as it is the most common object that they lose. EOS lip balms come in the cutest round containers that are perfect for baby shower favors. You can add a personal touch by adding printable cards with cute baby shower themes.EOS-Shower-Favours


14. Disposable cameras

Let your guests capture the priceless moments from your baby shower with disposable cameras as your shower favors. Choose cameras in fun and bright colors that can add to the décor of your baby shower. You and your guests can have something to remember the shower with the photos that you take. At the end of the shower, collect the cameras and have the films developed. Send out the best photos to remember the special day.

Disposable cameras

15. Hand Mirrors

If you are having a small gathering of close friends at your baby shower, then compact mirrors with their initials on the top are a great idea. These are not only a fun favor idea, but they are also quite useful for a quick touch up. Your guests are going to love having one of these in the purse. If you are on a budget, then you can opt for plastic compact mirrors with bright shells.

Hand Mirrors

16. Soap with loofah

This is a punny yet great baby shower favor idea. Beauty products and cosmetics never fail to please your baby shower guests. The favors are quite literally going from your shower to theirs. You can use the color of the loofah to make the reveal of the baby’s gender. Choose cute burlap-type packs for your soaps and add the loofah to the strings.

Soap and loofah


17. DIY bath bombs

Bath bombs are perfect for your friends who love luxuriating in the tub. You can get them from the store, or for a more personalized favor, you can give DIY bath bombs as your baby shower favors. There are hundreds of easy recipes available on the internet that can help you make luxurious bath bombs for your guests. Choose the colors that go with your shower theme and put them in cellophane bags tied with a ribbon.

bath bomb

18. Onesie Cookies

Nothing beats freshly baked cookies for putting a smile on your guests’ faces. Onesie cookies are the most perfect favors that you can have at your baby shower. You can go with multi colored onesies for a bright and vibrant theme. You can also opt for muted pastel shades for a more vintage theme. You can also use the frosting colors to reveal the gender of the baby!

Onesie cookies

19. Simple charm bracelet

Jewelry is a great favor idea for baby showers. You don’t need to go overboard, a simple bracelet with a star charm makes for a great favor. You can make them yourself and add personalized cards for each guest to make them feel special and loved. The thread of the bracelet can be used to make the big reveal of the baby’s gender.



20. Individual mini pies

Who doesn’t love some extra dessert? Send you baby shower guests home with their individual mini pies as a shower favor. Wrap them up in cellophane and tie with bright ribbons. Your guests are sure to remember the shower as they savor the yummy pies back home. Don’t forget to add the forks!

Mini Pies

21. Jar of honey

Tell your guests how sweet they were to come to your shower by giving them jars of locally sourced honey. Get the honey from your local farmer. These make for an irresistible baby shower favor and look really cute too. The golden delights are sure to bring a big smile on your guests’ faces.

Honey jar


Now that you have an idea of the unique baby shower favors that you can give at your shower, you are almost ready for the big day. Remember to have fun while you prep for the party. You should also make sure that all the guests come with baby shower gifts that are thoughtful for the mommie-to-be. And most importantly, make sure that they all have fun at the shower!