11 Best Creams, Oils and Lotions to Treat Eczema in Babies


Eczema, which is scientifically referred to as dermatitis, is actually a group of diseases that refer to the inflammation of the skin. Among these diseases, the disease that is most commonly referred to as eczema is atopic dermatitis, which mostly occurs in infants and children. In this article, we will primarily talk about atopic dermatitis.

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin. The affected area of the body turns red in color, with a rash ranging from mild red spots and itchy and bloody blisters. It can turn serious in certain conditions, but otherwise is pretty manageable with the right medication and proper care. The causes are often difficult to pinpoint, but they often are a mixture of family history of the illness and certain lifestyle habits, that trigger these conditions.

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As mentioned earlier, eczema can easily be treated and brought under control by proper care and of course, the right medication. In this article, we will discuss 11 best creams, oils and lotions to treat eczema in your baby and make the child’s (as well as yours) life as tension free as possible.

11 Creams, Oils and Lotions for Treating Eczema in Babies

baby eczema creams

Cortizone-10 Max Strength Cream:

Topical corticosteroid creams and ointments are anti-inflammatory ointments that help with the immediate effects of eczema, such as irritation and inflammation of the skin. This ointment is easily available on Amazon and enriched with aloe plus vitamins A and E. You can check out its price, customer reviews and other specifications here.



Metaderm Natural Eczema Cream:

Metaderm has this cream for eczema, which has 84% success and claims to bring eczema under control within 12 weeks. You can apply it on your baby’s skin twice a day, for twelve weeks to see the results. You can check out other specifications and customer reviews here.

metaderm eczema cream

Kirkland Hydrocortisone:

This cream contains aloe and claims to soothe itching and rashes, thus treating eczema irritation. This product has got a solid 4.5 rating on Amazon. To find out more about this product and read the customer reviews in details here.

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kirkland hydrocortisone


Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Lotion:

This lotion claims to be a favorite of dermatologists and contains restora, a botanical and vitamin complex designed specifically to soothe and help heal eczema affected skin. To find out if it would really work on your baby’s skin, click here.

cotizone-10 healing lotion

Puriya Cream:

This cream claims to contain amaranth oil, which contains the highest amount and best quality of squalene of any known source. This natural plant is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties, therefore proving to be beneficial for eczema patients. You can know if this cream is safe for your baby by clicking here.

puriya cream

Systematic Corticostoroids:

In case topical corticosteroids don’t work, you can refer to the use of systematic corticosteroids as a part of your medication. They can be taken in two ways- either they are injected or they are taken orally. But they are taken for short periods of time.

Anti-fungal Medications:

If any fungal infection occurs as a result of eczema, you can use antifungal medications like Tea tree Oil Therapeutic Lotion. It is an antifungal cream that treats irritation of skin and other skin related issues along with fungal infections. It has got a 4-star rating on Amazon. You can check out more on this product by clicking here.


antifungal medication

Anti-viral Medications:

These medications can be used to treat the viral infections along with eczema. There is this cream named Abreva Docosanol Cream available on Amazon. It claims to treat rashes and blisters on the skin. You can find out if it is safe for your baby or not by clicking here.

anti viral medication


If eczema occurs along with a bacterial infection, then the doctor usually provides a prescription for antibiotics medication. They can be taken according to the advice of the doctor.

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Barrier Repair Moisturizers:

These moisturizers block the moisture and prevent them from escaping from the skin, which reduces the dryness of the skin. This, in turns, reduces itching and inflammation and prevents blisters from forming on the skin.


Proper Diet:

The creams and lotions will only work if proper diet is also followed. Any food, which triggers this condition in your baby, should be avoided at any cost.

Although a lot of research has been done to compile this list, it is extremely important to consult your doctor before starting on any kind of medication. That being said, eczema can only be treated to be brought under control and not cured. However, there is nothing to worry about, as proper medication and diet can go a long way in treating this skin condition.

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