Turmeric Milk for Children: Benefits


Benefits of Turmeric Milk for Children

Scientific studies point to the fact that turmeric is capable of fighting and treating diseases in adults. However, it is also effective in protecting children. Children are infection-prone and their immune system isn’t developed or exposed sufficiently. Also, their physical need are nutritionally different from those of adults, since their organs and bones are still growing.

Turmeric is a culinary herb used widely in Asia. It contains compounds known as curcuminoids, which are antioxidants and give this rhizome its classic yellow color. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-coagulant and many more pharmacological properties. Turmeric also brings relief to children in many health issues, such as:

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1. Flu and fever

For children suffering a flu and fever, the first line of drugs is usually paracetmol. Since turmeric is anti-inflammatory, it helps control the fever. Germacrone, a compound that’s present in turmeric oil, prevents influenza from developing and can successfully treat it.

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2. Aids memory and brain health

The neuro-protective properties of turmeric influences cognitive abilities. It works with synergy with DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid derived from fish oil, to improve brain functioning. DHA supplementation is known to improve the cognitive performance of kids and their overall memory.

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3. Strong immune system

Turmeric can boost immunity due to its compound, curcumin. Even low doses of curcumin help increase the immunity of kids and the ability of their bodies to fight infection. High doses of curcumin can help control immune responses, reduces the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals and other proteins, besides other benefits.

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4. Cures digestive disorders

Being an anti-microbial agent, turmeric can fight microorganisms. It is highly effective in drug-resistant bacteria and parasites drug, which could cause a stomach ache in kids. Its anti-microbial property helps cure digestive problems among kids, apart from bringing them relief from a cold and healing their wounds fast.


5. Heals wounds faster

By making a paste of turmeric with water, you can apply it to wounds and watch it heal faster than normal. Scab and tissue formation are also faster than usual. It works like this: curcumin stimulates a protein that accelerates blood vessel formation which helps repair wounds faster.

6. It brings pain relief

The analgesic or painkilling properties of turmeric make it perfect to get rid of pain among kids. In fact, it’s supposed to be as effective as ibuprofen for pain relief. Curcumin is proved to be excellent in pain management.

7. Expedites bone fracture healing

Turmeric is also naturally endowed to protect children’s bones. Since turmeric is excellent at influencing immune responses positively, it helps heal bones faster and better. Even by applying a paste of turmeric on the affected area, the child can expect faster healing of his fracture.

8. Beneficial for oral health

Turmeric is helpful in reducing pain and swelling of the teeth by massaging the teeth with roasted turmeric. If a child suffers from bleeding or inflamed gums, children should rub their teeth and gums twice a day with a paste of turmeric powder, mustard oil and salt. To keep the mouth germ- and plaque-free, children should use a mouthwash of turmeric and distilled water.

9. Excellent for skin problems

Curcumin maintains healthy skin by increasing the level of detoxifying enzymes. Turmeric is also anti-fungal in nature which works to protect a child’s skin from infections like skin cancer, psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema.

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10. Reduces asthma symptoms

Curcumin reduces asthma symptoms by reducing inflammation. It reduces the accumulation of inflamed cells in the trachea, helps the muscles relax and prevents the airways from narrowing, while also preventing any blockage due to an accumulation of mucus.

11. It is a natural antiseptic

A natural antiseptic with antibacterial effects, turmeric efficiently disinfects burns and cuts. It even heals severe burn wounds.

12. It reduces the chances of childhood leukaemia

This skin cancer is identified by the massive reduction of red blood cells, a condition that leads to anaemia and other problems, curable by turmeric.

13. It detoxifies the liver

Being a natural liver detoxifier, turmeric prevents any internal blood clotting.


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14. It helps with childhood obesity

Certain properties of turmeric help with weight management of obese children.

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Turmeric can be safely used for children as it is a gentle product with a lot of benefits.