How to Treat Bed Bug Bites in Children


Bedbugs refer to small insects that feed on blood of human and other mammals. Bedbugs usually live in warm, dry places like upholstered furniture, mattress, and rugs. Generally, they come out at dawn to feed. Since their bite is painless, the baby is not likely to wake up when bitten. However, the bite produces an itchy rash. The baby will only wake up with itchy pink or red bumps. These bumps are usually in clusters or lines.

Signs and Symptoms of Bedbug Bites

You might see your child rubbing or scratching their legs or arms against something. It might appear as a small bruise that turns to a red bump later on. It can be on any body part, like legs, arms, chest, and even the face. Also, you might see a clustered configuration of three bites in a line, known as “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Home Remedies to Treat Bed Bug Bites in Kids

Although bedbug bite is completely harmless and doesn’t cause any blood-borne disease, it is important to give first aid or proper treatment. This is because children and babies are more prone to scratching at bites thus leading to secondary skin infections.

Here are some good remedies to treat bedbug bites in children. These home remedies assure safe and speedy relief.

  • Mix a small quantity of baking powder with water to prepare a paste. Apply this to reduce swelling.
  • Take some Neem leaves. Crush them to prepare a paste. Apply this paste over the affected areas to get quick relief.
  • Mix sandal paste with a pinch of turmeric. While sandal provides the cooling effect, turmeric performs the role of antiseptic. However, make ity a point to buy fresh turmeric and sandal powder.

Treat Bed Bug Bites

Other Treatments to Combat Bedbug Bites

In addition to the various home remedies to treat bedbug bites, there are also some other treatments that can help to reduce the consequent discomfort.

  • Allergies and Infections

Many a time, your child might develop certain allergic reactions to certain insect bites. Allergic reactions are usually identified with itching and swelling that do not subside. Or, your child might also develop wheezing or mild fever. In such cases, it is advised to consult a doctor and ask for appropriate remedy.

For minor or mild infections, occurring due to bedbug bites, you can apply an antiseptic cream. However, make sure to clean the affected area properly before application.

  • Avoid Scratching

Keep your baby from scratching the bite area. This can further increase the itching sensation and cause infections. Also, cut short your baby’s nails as a precautionary step.

  • Medicines

You can also opt for some medicines which are completely safe and recommended for bedbug bites. Some good options are listed ahead.

  • Benadryl can be administered safely to control and ease itching.
  • You can also choose to apply lacto calamine. It contains cooling effect and antiseptic properties. However, avoid application on areas near hands, eyes, and genitals.
  • If, in any case, the bites become painful, you can use mild pain killers. However, make sure to ask your doctor before proper dosage.
  • Cooling Effect

Usually bedbug bites are more common during the summer season. They can cause severe itching. It is, therefore, advisable to give a cooling effect to the affected areas. You can apply an ice pack or a cloth dipped in cold water to the affected areas. This will not only provide relief to your child’s skin but will also reduce the red bug bites and ease swelling as well.  Soothe your baby by keeping the environments cool.

Tips to Prevent Bedbug Bites

How amazing it would be if you could stop the bugs from attacking your child. Here are a few tips to protect your child by keeping away the bedbugs.

  • Make sure to keep the windows closed, specifically during the evenings to prevent the bugs from entering your house.
  • If you experience a sudden raise in the number of mosquitoes in and around your house, use a spray or other techniques to get rid of them.
  • For kids over the age of six months, it is recommended to use mosquito repellant creams. Choose a reliable brand that offers repellant creams for babies and kids.

These simple remedies and tips are all you need to treat your kids in case of a bed bug. Remember prevention is better than cure. So, keep your house spic and span, air your sheets as and when you can, and your abode will be free from these pesky disease causing parasites.