21 Natural Home Remedies for Treating Hand and Mouth Disease in Children


A number of kids under five are afflicted with hand and mouth disease. While this is not a life threatening disease, it is important to intervene and treat it before the infection spreads. In conjunction with the medication that your pediatrician recommends, you could also try these home remedies that work like a charm in alleviating the many symptoms and tackling the infection.

Remedies for Treating Hand and Mouth Disease in Children

Hand and mouth diseases are common in children below five years. At this tender age, their systems are susceptible to adverse effects of microbes and viral infections. In most of the cases, the parents rush to the paediatric doctors to get a remedy. These diseases may result in eruptions on the skin, rashes and blisters.

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The symptoms last for about a week or so, and then subside with medical treatment. However, these diseases are common and you can treat them at home using natural remedies. Read on to know twenty-one home remedies for treating hand and mouth diseases in children.

Lemon balm

Lemon balm, in dried form, is one of the most effective remedies for hand and mouth diseases in children. It is delicious and the flavour is subtle for the kids. Kids are often reluctant to take strong medicines that have a bitter taste. However, you can use this natural remedy to treat the hand and mouth diseases in children. Add a little honey in raw form as aflavouring agent.

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Peppermint is generally used for flavouring different drinks. It has certain healing powers, that you need to provide to your kids. Add a bit of peppermint to chocolate shakes or other drinks and feed it to your child. It acts fast and helps them to get rid of the disease. This is most effective for blisters and boils.


Most of these diseases are caused by viruses in children. You need a good natural remedy to deal with viruses to keep them off. Well, you may try out making a few cups of drink using elderberry. It should be taken in limited amounts, as excessive intake of elderberry may result in diarrhea in the kids.

Rooibos tea

This tea is red in color and has an African origin. It can be paired up with elderberry tea, although you can make individual drinks with it. It has powerful antiviral properties which help to fight diseases. The sweet flavor of the tea is liked by children and you can easily feed them with this powerful antiviral agent.

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Garlic is loaded with antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is a common kitchen item and you simply need to crush a few pieces and let it remain as it is in a bowl. Then add it to your kid’s soup or broth. It will be naturally consumed and the effects are wonderful. Garlic is one of the oldest natural remedies for mouth and hand diseases in kids.

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Thyme contains an essential oil, volatile in nature. It has tremendous abilities to heal diseases caused by bacteria and virus. Thyme also has certain anti-fungal and anti-parasitic properties. It can effectively deal with viral infections. Make sure you have this in your kit.


Most of the time, kids have sores in their mouths and hands. The area becomes inflamed. In these cases, sage acts as an effective remedy for your children. It has strong antiviral properties which can cure the infection in a few days. However, you need to consult a physician regarding how to use it to cure hand and mouth diseases.


At times, sores in the kids spread fast and lead to other infections. You need to prevent the further spread of these diseases. Rosemary is an effective remedy for this purpose, as its strong anti-viral nature prevents the sores to lead to further infections. It stops the spread of viruses and cures the diseases in hand and mouth in a short time.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea helps the children to relax and sleep. It contains anti-microbial features and comes handy during an infection. It is a natural and safe remedy that heals the infection in little time. The child also gets a sound sleep that is conductive to the healing process. This is one of the most commonly used natural remedies during an infection.

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Epsom salt

Epsom salt carries a number of natural minerals that help to cure infections and blisters. Mix this salt in lukewarm water and dip the infected areas on the skin of your child. You can also use this water to bathe the kids. The rashes disappear when it is carried out at regular intervals.


Redmond clay

This is a natural clay and is immensely beneficial in dealing with skin issues. They can flush off toxins from the skins of your child and helps to heal infections. It should be used after a bath, when the skin is clean. Apply Redmond clay on the skin of your child and let it work on its own.

Animal fats

Certain animal fats and bone broths are useful for treating hand and mouth diseases in children. However, they might cause irritation in the digestive system, as all the kids do not have the same resistance. Have a word with the doctor before you prepare these broths for your child. It will help to get rid of skin and mouth infections quickly.


The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties present in lavender oil are beneficial for kids suffering from hand and mouth diseases. It can also be paired up with a number of other natural ingredients for curing viral infections on the skin. It also contains certain anti-fungal properties that help to combat skin infections.

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Probiotics bolster the immune system of the body. The immune system helps the body to resist against the attack of microbes. Make sure you provide probiotics to your child from time to time to boost up the immune system. It will grow a natural resistance of the body against viral infections affecting the mouth and the hands.

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Witch hazel

As an astringent, witch hazel is being used for centuries. It has a powerful composition, consisting of calcium oxalate, which repels microbial infections. Witch hazel acts as an antioxidant and contains certain essential oils that are necessary to deal with infections caused by virus in the hands and mouth. It is one of the most effective natural remedies for kids suffering from skin infections.

Herbal healing

Herbal healing is another powerful method to get rid of blisters and rashes on skin. You need to blend one-fourth cup of elderberry syrup with 8 oz. of fruit juice or coconut water. Add one-eighth teaspoon of sea salt to the solution and freeze them. They will be turned into popsicle moulds. Serve them in paper cups.

Coconut water

Coconut water is high in sodium content. Initially, it was consumed as a rehydrating agent, later people discovered that can deal with infections as well. However, you need to provide coconut water to the kids at regularly, as it develops a strong immune system to counter the infections. It is rich in minerals that proves to be beneficial for the system.

Sea salt

Sea salt is enriched with more than 84 minerals. These are necessary to fight infections caused by virus and other microbes. It is also efficient in treating hand and mouth diseases in kids. Simply add sea salt to the drinks when you serve them to your kids. The mineral content creates a positive effect in the body when it is consumed.


This is another cool drink that you can give your child to do away with hand and mouth diseases. Mix one teaspoon of dried yarrow into a cup of boiling water and add three teaspoons of honey to it. Mix it well and add half teaspoon of lemon juice into the solution. Boil the solution well and serve it to the kids.

It is a powerful agent that keeps off infection. Both lemon juice and honey have good anti-infection properties and with the strong effects of yarrow, you can prepare the ideal medicine to treat infections in kids.


Herbal mouthwash

When infections occur within the oral cavities in children, it is difficult to treat them with medicines. In these cases, you need to prepare herbal mouthwash for them, it helps to heal infections naturally. You can use a number of herbs to make this solution, like sage, thyme, mint, lemon balm, oregano and Echinacea in the solution. Simply mix one tablespoon of herb to one cup of boiling water. Let the brew settle for around half an hour. Using this mouthwash will eliminate the oral infections.

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Herbal salve

Herbal salve can be used to treat external infection and blisters on the hands and skin. The solution can be made by blending 4 Oz. of oils, preferably coconut or avocado with 1 Oz. of bee-wax. Now add 2 Oz. of lavender to the solution and place it in a crock pot. Keep it on the lowest setting for around 4 hours and let it cool down. The herbal salve should be stored in a dry and cool place. Use it as an ointment and it will cure the hand and diseases in children.

When you have these remedies with you, the healing process becomes fast and easy. No need to go for antibiotics when you know the natural remedies. Hand and mouth diseases may be painful, so make sure you have these remedies ready at your disposal.