21 Rough and Tough Baby Boy Names to Choose From


Having a bad boy image is a kind of charm for boys. These bad won’t wield a neat look but always look rugged and edgy. Sometimes, you can easily identify them by their names. Their names are unique, edgy and trendsetters just like them. If you are looking for such rough and tough baby boy names, here are 21 best names to choose from.

tough baby boy names

Top 21 Rough and Tough Baby Boy Names


This name has a plenty of positive connotations and yet sounds bad to the bone. Jessica Simpson named one of her child as Ace.


This name is famous from the movie “In the Shadows” and Brandon Lee has played that role.


Lars Ulrich is a famous Metallica drummer. Ryan Gosling has played the role of Lars in “Lars and the Real Girl”. Lars sounds both badass and nerdy to us.


Flash is known for his speed. This name will be appealing to modern parents who are looking for an active boy name.



Nothing is more badass than naming your boy after a mythical bird which rose from the ashes. Pheonix sounds very cool and edgy.


Boris is an English name which means ‘to fight’. If you have watched MIB 3, then you would know that Boris is the badass villain in that movie.


Zane is the Hebrew version of the name John. It means ‘Gift from God’.


Damon means stoic strength. It is a edgier and tougher version of the name Damien.


Malcolm is the name of one of the four Scottish kings. Also, Malcolm the X was a rebel with a cause.


The moment you listen to this name, you can imagine a tough guy holding big guns. Gunner means ‘bold warrior’. What name would be more tough that Gunner.



Have you seen the film ‘The Incredibles’? Dash is the little boy who has the super power of running very fast.


Ranger means ‘forest guardian’. It has a cowboyish feel to it.


Yes, it’s what you think. Stone sound very harsh and severe. But these days, most of the parents are leaning towards single-syllable names.


Striker has a macho and aggressive meaning and image. It is the latest two-syllable boy name.


Just as Bear and Fox, Wolf is one of the fierce animal names. Though scary, Wolf sounds as a tough baby boy name.


It is one of the old fashioned nicknames that sounds quirky and cool even today.



As soon as you listen to the name ‘Harley’, the first thing that comes to your mind is the big fat bike brand “Harley Davidson’. This is one of the best badass names for a boy.


The name blade has an aggressive touch to it. It is a macho and unconventional name.


What is wilder than naming your child ‘Wilder’? ‘Wilder’ means ‘to cause to lose one’s way’. The name is on the rise and has made to the top 100 list last year.


A dagger is sharp, scary and dangerous. Probably this is one of the best toughest names in the list.


The name itself suggests what he does. It is the best option for people who want an out-of-the-box name for their son.

So, these were the toughest, roughest and masculine names for your boy. Think twice before naming and let us know which one has impressed you the most.